A Review of Succubus of Lust by Reed James

Succubus of Lust by Reed James

Succubus of Lust by Reed James

A work that is mostly a collection of individual sex scenes with very little plot or story to connect them is, for me, a rather huge turn off. I really do not like reading works like that because, honestly, it becomes boring, repetitive and most of all, that boredom just makes me want to finish the work as quickly as possible.

Sometimes as well, it is hard to enjoy a work when it appears in the middle of a series and some things are taken for granted by the author. Mostly that you have read the other works, but more that they need not tell you a lot about what’s going on. Considering that the plot is, really all sex, that does make its own sort of sense I suppose…

The work tells of:

Kyle’s life changed when he awakened the sultry Genie Aaliyah from her thousand years of sleep. He’s married to Aaliyah and Fatima, spent a night of passion with his girlfriend Christy, and the busty Chyna is his first concubine.

But that’s not enough for Kyle’s harem!

He’s fallen in love with the sensual and graceful Fumi. But she hides a dark secret—she’s a succubus. And no mortal man can withstand the depths of her appetites. Danger and lust swirl about Kyle as he takes Fumi on a date.

And while Kyle dates Fumi, his girlfriend Christy meets with her Witch Coven. The lesbian witches are hunting for Aaliyah, and Christy has no idea that her boyfriend is involved with the Genie as she casts a scrying spell to find Aaaliyah.

Kyle is building himself a harem and in doing so he finds himself going out with Fumi. While this sounds like fun the truth is that Fumi is s Succubus, and things might be getting more complicated for Kyle and sooner than he thinks.

This is the fifth work in a series in which the main character Kyle has a genie and is getting all of the wishes he asks for. As it is the fifth work in the series, and the rest really has nothing that interested me in them, I only focused on this work alone because the character Fumi is, or appears to be, a Succubus.

Fumi is Asian, she has blue and black hair and in a lot of ways seems to be the image of a hentai or similar Succubus, though really in this work that never comes out fully. There is a lot of tangential references to what she is, what she could do, and what might happen if Kyle “takes” her. The one thing that really was over the top was Fumi’s addiction and you can guess what that might be about.

While there is some plot, and it is very little to be honest, the work really seems like a hentai turned into a story or, more accurately, the plot of an adult film that revolves around one man being swarmed by a series of fantasy and other women. The problem with that concept is… the lack of plot and focus on sex alone makes for a series of hot flashes that, at least for me, really were not all that hot.

I look for plot and erotica in some kind of balance or at least in a way that each strengthens the other, but that just didn’t happen at all in this work. Part of that I think is the author assumes that readers have read the rest of the series and as such there isn’t a lot of exposition about what has happened, why is it happening, and so on. There is a very quick setup in the beginning and then the work goes into sex scene after sex scene.

There are several things in the story itself that another editing pass might have caught, one of which is so silly that when I came across the mistake my reading came to a screeching halt as I tried to figure out what exactly the author was trying to say because it just didn’t make any sense at all.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Just really didn’t enjoy this work at all. It read very much like an adult film, lots of sex and the bare minimum of plot and that hurt things in a lot of ways. Of course it is possible that not enjoying the work is due to not having read the rest of the series, but that in itself cannot do much to make something I didn’t enjoy a lot better than it is. The author has done other works better than this and that’s the larger shame honestly.




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    • James on September 29, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Let’s face it: it is very difficult to write a story one-handed, and even more difficult to edit when all the blood has left one’s brain. The thing is, while getting paid for sexual gratification is an ancient profession, I’m not so sure that one is meant to sell sexual self-gratification . . .

    And Succubus of Lust? Seriously? Isn’t that about as big a twist as Airplane of Flying or Diet Coke of Quenching? A succubus of childcare, or a succubus of psychiatry . . . those might be interesting.

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    • TeraS on January 25, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    And now I must write a story about a succubus of psychiatry dealing with a neurotic member of the Succubi…


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