Sep 26 2015

Succubus Drawing 30 Day Challenge YouTube

I came across a YouTube that shows an artist creating some succubi artwork from beginning to end. I do enjoy seeing how things come together, how artists move from an idea to the finished work, and this I thought told that story very well…


And if you cannot see this on the Tale, try this link:


And, as always, because you never know when something might happen to the video, the completed art:

Succubus by Mengtastic

Succubus by Mengtastic

I like this art as a whole very much, though I am not sure about the spiked things on her thighs. It’s a interesting idea to have her feet more like heels, it’s much better than hooves and I’ve mentioned very many times how much I don’t think much of them.

The artist seems to have given this art a kind of seventies look to it, at least for me. She has the most interesting hair and that frames a really striking expression as well. It’s also rather unique how her skin tone changes as well, which is something that really doesn’t appear often in art of succubi.

I would normally say that her horns are too large for her, but as a whole they do look right here, again, that’s something that doesn’t happen often.

Just a lovely work of art most of all…







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    Very interesting. And, if what is happening at the ends of her legs is a set of hooves–unclear, as I have never seen hooves with a logo, as on the left one–perhaps she is a Florsheim Succubus. *winking*

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    I think those spikes might just be her showing off. She seems like the kind of succubus who would flaunt her shapeshifting powers all the time.

    H: “Damn it, why do I always put the cooking sherry at the back of my highest shelf?”

    S: “Fear not feeble human, your kind and glorious mistress will lend you her aid!” *stretches tail up and grabs the sugar while growing spikes out of her thighs* “There you are love. The sweet fruits of my victorious march on your top shelf.”

    H: “Umm, thanks. You know I could’ve gotten one of the chairs though, right?”

    S: “Could your chair have grown spikes? HMMMM!?”

    H: “…”

    S: “Exactly.”

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    I have to admit a giggle my heart… Thank you…


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    Your smiles and giggles are most of the reason I comment here. You are most welcome.

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