Is cherry the favourite smoothie of Lost Girl?

I’ve always wanted character development on Lost Girl, and for me one character that I really, more than anything, wanted to see become more than she appeared as was Evony, better known as The Morrigan. In this week’s episode, that finally happened. Oh she was still flippant at times, rubbed me the wrong way now and then. But in all of that, there’s a few moments where her facade drops and she comes out. At that point, Evony was stunning.

It’s something that I always believed she could be, that the flippant attitude was a front and there was a strong core to her personality that could speak volumes about her. It’s sad that the only way it seems to have done so was to take her to a place that is, sadly, rather stereotypical. Still, being able to see her being vulnerable, that she can be that, that she needs someone to help her, and she can admit it… That’s a very strong scene.

This episode was, as a whole, mainly centred on Tamsin and I think that worked well overall. I will admit that some of the moments in the past were a little too “50’s drama/comedy” for me, but in spite of that I felt like I understood Tamsin a lot better at the end of the episode. She was the catalyst for some major universe changes and that does leave a lot of paths open as well. If there would be a sixth season, that could really be something to run with, but we aren’t.

With this, also came a little movement on Hades, a bit of foreshadowing, and I liked that. But with all of the time spent on Tamsin’s background there was little time invested in that save for a couple of conversations and Hades proving that one of his powers is to be a living glass cutter. There are plans within plans forming, but what they are no one knows still.

I was concerned about this episode being filler, and it wasn’t. Being so, pushing the series forwards and changing the dynamic around one of the first characters to appear in the series I think was a good idea. I just don’t want all of this to be a footnote in the next episode, or over the remaining episodes that Evony passes away off screen.

That would be the cruelest thing of all.

The eleventh episode of the fifth season, also episode seventy-two of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Tamsin gets paid, gets takeout, and then gets some doubts. Trick tells of a seduction and has some fries with that. Bo and Lauren share a smoothie, a look, and a problem while Evony discovers that no matter how powerful you are, karma is a bitch.


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This is the eleventh review of the fifth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

After Tamsin tells the truth, Bo wishes that she went to…


Sweet Valkyrie High


The episode opens with a recap of the previous episode including: Bo showing Hades that she possessed the painting called “The Vanishing”, then Hades telling Bo that a true Siren needs to sing the song the painting contains at the one they intend to banish. Lauren is then seen using her new found powers to become a Siren and seemingly banish Zee from the Earth. Lauren is then shown using Vex’s powers to manipulate Bo, revealing what she is capable of, Bo commenting that Lauren can be any Fae she wants to be. Hades is then seen gloating over the painting while Zee asks what his plans are. Hades warns Zee to leave Bo alone, but Zee asks why Hades thinks that Bo will not betray him as Zee’s daughter did. Finally, the true image of “The Vanishing” is shown with Hades commenting: “Father knows best.”

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) at Bo’s home on a couch kissing. Bo pulls away slightly and as she does it becomes clear that Lauren was feeding on Bo’s Chi. Lauren apologies for doing so, but Bo tells her that “It’s okay. I’m still getting used to that.” Bo tries to begin a conversation, but Lauren redirects the conversation towards Hades, whom they call ‘Jack’ instead. Bo muses that Hades saved Mark’s life, helped Bo to “get rid of Zee” and after a moment, Bo adds: “Confusing.” Lauren then replies: “Have you ever heard that to know your enemy you have to become them?” Bo replies: “Well, it’s going to be hard when I barely know Jack.” Lauren ponders: “Maybe that’s the problem.” Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) then enters, interrupting Bo and Lauren, and asks Bo why she called her, mentioning a letter. Bo cannot find the letter and then tells Tamsin that she has been meaning to talk to her as Trick told Bo that Tamsin was planning on “going somewhere.” Tamsin does not answer the question, instead looking for the letter. Lauren offers Tamsin some brownies, mentioning: “They’re rocky toad” but Tamsin declines. She then finds the letter next to Lauren and retrieves it. After opening the letter, Tamsin pauses in silence for a moment. When Bo asks who the letter is from, Tamsin replies: “No one.”

The scene shifts to Hades’ cell where Tamsin thrusts a note against the glass and asks: “What the hell is this?” Hades (Eric Roberts) replies: “Payment in full. You delivered me what I asked. A virtuous yet lustful girl, eyes both brown and blue. Don’t spend it all in one place.” Tamsin rips the note up, throwing it to the floor exclaiming: “I don’t want your money. Never should have made this deal.” Hades comments: “I thought you’d use the money for your little trip. You always were a runner. But there’s one thing I don’t get.” Tamsin growls: “Laid?” Hades continues: “Why a warrior like yourself insists on wasting her potential the way you do?” Tamsin smiles as she replies: “This coming from a man in a box.” Hades muses: “You know, with the right influence you could really be something special.” Tamsin tells Hades: “Go to hell” as she turns and walks away. Hades gets in a last shot by telling Tamsin: “You should be leading armies, not crying in your beer because all of the cool kids didn’t invite you to the sock hop.” Tamsin comes to an abrupt stop, then continues onwards, leaving Hades behind her.

The scene then shifts to a drive through restaurant where Stacey (Kate Corbett) is working. After serving one customer, she begins to serve the next one by saying: “Welcome to By-You Burrito, you tell us how to make it. I’m your server Stacey, may I suggest the chalupa?” As she does so, Tamsin pulls up to the takeout window in her truck and comments: “Actually I’ll take the ‘I heard you worked here with a side of ‘But I had to see it to believe it.” Stacey tells Tamsin: “As if this isn’t your fault when you stopped me from taking the hot doctor’s soul?” Tamsin replies: “Owing Freyja a soul is on you. But in retrospect that might have been a bad idea.” Tamsin then adds: “What if I told you I could balance Valhalla and get you in Freyja’s good books?” Stacy answers: “I’d say next time, lead with that.” She then strips off her uniform, tells her boss: “Stan! I quit! And I lied! I am going to tell your wife!” After Tamsin tells her “Ah! The burritos!” Stacey hands them to Tamsin, the slips out the serving window and climbs into Tamsin’s truck. Stacey then asks: “Who’s soul are we taking” Tamsin answers: “You need someone close to the succubus’ heart right? How about her father?” Stacey gasps: “Hades? I think I just chalupaed my pants.”

After the opening credits, we return to find Trick (Richard Howland), Tamsin and Stacey at the Dal Riata where Trick explains to them about Hades’ past and how he was banished to Hel. Trick begins with: “According to my research, and believe me this is all the research I have been doing lately, the last time Hades was vulnerable was when he was banished to Tartarus.” Trick then explains that event as being: “After the Battle of Titans, Zeus and Poseidon split the spoils of the Earth with Hades. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the water, and Hades drew the shortest straw, leaving him to preside over the underworld.” Stacey does not believe this, noting: “Hades is a massive player not some Jabroni.” When Trick asks what Stacey is doing in the Dal Riata, Tamsin replies: “Oh, you remember Stacey?” Stacey offers her hand, adding: “Freyja’s right hand?” Trick stares at her, then reaches out to her hair, adding: “You have a french fry in your hair.” Tamsin considers: “The Ancients aren’t exactly known for their honesty. Any chances that Hades was conned?” Trick explains: “There are rumours that Zeus tricked Hades and Hades was enticed to take the shortest straw by a woman wearing a necklace of seduction.” Trick then shows Tamsin and Stacey an image of the necklace, calling it “The Brisingamen Necklace” to which Stacey laughs: “Freyja.” After Tamsin thanks Trick, he asks them what they are up to and Tamsin replies: “Oh, nothing. Just doing a little intel, don’t worry about it.” Trick then takes back a book that Tamsin had been looking at and walks away, commenting: “Easier said than done.”

Stacey and Tamsin are then seen in the Dal Riata, still drinking as Stacey muses: “Still can’t believe that Freyja used her bauble to send huge Hades to Hel.” Tamsin answers: “Well, she lured him downtown once, she’ll do it again.” The pair then begin to leave, Tamsin telling Stacey they need to go to the Gates of Valhalla, but Bo appears and confronts Tamsin, telling her they need to talk. Bo asks them to share one drink, adding that she knows that “things are weird right now and you’re unhappy but her?” Tamsin then hugs Stacey, telling Bo that Stacey is her Valkyrie sister and “we share a bond. She gets me.” Bo tells Tamsin: “Something is going on with you and I’m not budging till you tell me.” At that moment, Evony (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and Lauren barge into the Dal Riata, Evony complaining about everything that she has been going through since she became human. Tamsin tells Bo: “Looks like your girlfriend needs you” and then storms out of the Dal Riata with Stacey in tow.

Evony and Lauren then approach the bar, Evony continuing to rant over her changes and how upset she is over them. Lauren attempts to explain there are advantages to being human, but Evony will hear none of it and demands that Lauren: “Make me Fae now!” Bo then attempts to calm things down, but Evony shows Bo her hand and exclaims: “You see this? It’s an age spot!” Lauren tells Bo: “I can’t make her Fae if I can’t run tests and I can’t run test if you don’t let me!” as Lauren looks at Evony. Bo forces the pair to separate and sit at the bar. Evony then admits: “I don’t feel well Lauren.” This shocks Lauren who asks: “What do you mean? You didn’t say that!” Evony answers: “You never let me finish.” Bo tells Evony that if she wants to be Fae then Lauren needs to run tests, but Evony becomes upset, telling Bo: “No! No more needles! I hate needles!” Bo then offers to help with Evony’s fears and touches her which calms Evony and the Bo tells Lauren: “Okay, are you ready to run some tests doctor?” and Lauren thanks Bo for her help as Evony sits calmly nearby.

Elsewhere, Tamsin and Stacey are walking, Stacey complaining that their means to summon the Gates of Valhalla isn’t working. She wonders if the gates moved, and Tamsin replies in frustration: “Stacey, they’re gates. They don’t move.” Stacey replies: “Then we’ve been banished. This is worse than being dumped by text.” After telling Tamsin that she is not going back to the drive through, Tamsin replies: “Good thing I called backup.” When Stacey turns around, she sees Acacia (Linda Hamilton) approaching who asks: “What are you two idiots up to?” Stacey is shocked, asking why Tamsin would call Acacia. Acacia asks: “This is your emergency?” Tamsin replies: “I said urgent predicament.” After Acacia demands to know what is going on, Tamsin explains: “We need Freyja to lure Hades back into Tartarus.” When Acacia comments: “I should have known. This is about Bo.” Tamsin denies this, adding: “I’m fine.” Acacia turns away, Tamsin calling after her, asking for her help, but Acacia replies: “Sorry V-Girls, I’m on another job.” After Acacia leaves, Tamsin tries to find another way to enter Valhalla, while Stacey comments: “She looks good! You think she uses Botox? It looks like she hasn’t aged a day since high school.” Tamsin pauses at Stacey’s comment and then exclaims: “High school! The only other place on Earth with a portal to Valhalla!”

After a commercial break, the scene shifts to an abandoned school, a sign on the front lawn calling it the “Valkyrie Academy.” Tamsin points at herself and comments: “Girl most likely to return to her abandoned high school.” Stacey comments as she holds a yearbook: “This place used to be the shit.” As they approach the building, Tasmin comments: “Yeah, it’s shit alright” while Stacey sighs: “Sweet Valkyrie High.”

A flashback then begins of Tamsin’s time at the Academy in the past where she encounters Stacie and another Valkyrie who she seems friendly with. They discuss homework and when Stacey comments that she colour coded her flashcards, Tamsin replies: “Colour coding means more than one colour” and Stacey answers: “But I like pink.” As the trio walk up a flight of stairs, they begin to gossip about a new teacher, one of the rumours being that whomever it is, is a friend of “Headmistress Frejya and that she used to fight in real battles.” When a comment is made that the new teacher was the head of her class, Tamsin replies: “Just like I’m going to be” and when she begins to tell about what will happen after she graduates, Stacey and her friend answer: “Take my place at Fryja’s side in Valhalla.” Tamsin then turns on them, her powers coming to the fore as she asks: “What? You guys don’t think that I can? Or are you just jealous?” Both Stacey and her friend cringe, then ask what Tamsin is doing which seems to snap Tamsin back into herself as the class bell rings and they all rush off leaving Tamsin standing alone in the middle of the hallway.

Returning to the present, Stacey comments: “This place stinks like a Woodstock port-a-potty. I met Jimmi in one. Hendrix.” Tamsin rolls her eyes and then asks how long the Academy has been closed. Stacey explains: “Decades. Things kind of went south after you.” Tamsin scoffs at this, but Stacey adds: “Own it, you’re kind of a legend.” A loud noise then frightens Stacey who hides behind Tamsin. Tamsin brushes the noise off, saying it probably was a racoon, then adds: “This place always did have a lock on creepy.” Stacey replies: “It has etiquette classes and a pep squad.” When Stacey asks if Tamsin remembers she replies: “I remember wanting to graduate to get the hell out of here.” The pair then enter an abandoned classroom which causes them both to pause which then causes another flashback.

In the past, Freyja (Michelle Nolden) enters the classroom and all of the Valkyrie stand to attention by their desks as she does so. After telling them to sit once more, Freyja explains: “After a long and extensive search for a worthy candidate we finally found a new instructor. You will find her fair but firm. She was a peer of yours truly when I was at Valkyrie Academy. Please welcome Mistress Acacia.” Acacia then enters the classroom to a round of applause, and afterwards is told by Freyja: “If you have any questions, please direct them to our head girl Tamsin.” After Freyja leaves, Acacia asks where their studies had left off and Tamsin replies: “Chapter nine. How to apply palliative care to a soul on the battlefield.” Acacia then picks up the book on Tamsin’s desk and reads the title out loud as: “Essentials of Valkyrie Battlefield Comfort and Care for the Downed Soldier.” Acacia paces for a moment, the asks if any of the Valkyrie had been on a battlefield before. When Tamsin replies: “Certainly not, but if we were, we would have the tools to comfort and care for our soldier’s soul.” Acacia replies: “You mean you’ll have the tools to use a soldier’s soul.” Tamsin answers: “No Ma’am. A Valkyrie’s role is to take a soldier’s soul and deliver it to Valhalla.” Acacia considers this, then continues: “And what if I was to tell you the true role of a Valkyrie is not to play nursemaid, but to intercept soldiers in battle and win wars?” Tamsin whispers: “You are talking about doubt.” Acacia agrees and when Tamsin explains: “We are forbidden to speak of such things here, Acacia tells the class to “dispose of these” as she drops the book into a wastebasket. As the class puts the textbooks away, Acacia begins: “We’ll start with the basics, learning the art of doubt.” As she speaks, Tamsin has a shocked expression, but then asks: “I don’t think Mistress Freyja would like what you did. I fear…” Acacia interrupts: “Fear. Fear is the enemy of the Valkyrie. A true Valkyrie is brave. Open. Proud. If that is something you are not interested in, there is a Pixie beauty school down the road.” The class bell then rings and the students gather their things together as they move onto their next class, Tamsin remaining seated as she considers what Acacia had said.

Meanwhile, Lauren is working in her lab as Bo enters and tells Lauren to take a break. Lauren smiles: “And she arrives bearing smoothies how did you know?” Bo replies: “Your pillow talk is very informative.” Bo asks if Lauren has had a busy day and Lauren replies that she is waiting for Evony’s test results. When Bo comments: “I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t let her into your little situation”, Lauren replies: “I felt it was best to keep my Conduit abilities from her until I turned her back.” When Bo asks: “Since when is turning her back part of your plan?” Lauren answers: “Why are you here again?” Bo smiles: “I am interested in what you do.” Lauren considers this, then comments: “Or more specifically what I do when it comes to parental containment. You’re here to see Jack.” Bo sighs: “Know thy enemy right?” A nurse then rushes into the room and hands Lauren a tablet, telling her it is urgent. After a moment Lauren tells Bo: “It’s Evony’s test results.”

Evony is then seen asking: “What do you mean I’m really sick? What’s wrong with me?” Lauren explains that according to her tests: “A lot.” Evony replies: “Well isn’t that a big bag of donkey dicks.” Lauren adds: “There’s a chance that if I turn you Fae it could exacerbate your condition.” Evony is confused and asks Bo: “What’d she say?” Bo manages to tell Evony: “Turning you Fae…” then Lauren continues: “It could kill you instantly.” Evony cannot believe what she is facing and tells Lauren: “You can’t fix me?” Lauren tries to explain: “It’s just with other diseases I know what I’m dealing with, but with this… I don’t.” Evony whispers: “Well, I do. I watch Lifetime.” Bo moves closer to Evony, who screams at Bo not to touch her, then cries: “I don’t need your help! I don’t need anyone’s help! I’m the Morrigan!” There is a moment of silence, then Evony whispers: “Or I was.” Bo tells Evony she’s sorry and then hugs her, which makes Evony tell Bo: “I said not to touch me.” Evony then looks at Lauren and asks: “Why didn’t you turn me Fae when you had the chance?” Lauren tries to explain that she wanted to test the serum, to be sure it was safe. There is a pause, then Evony asks: “Tested? On who?”

The scene then shifts to Tamsin and Stacey who are continuing to look for the portal to Valhalla at the Academy, the pair being frightened by another loud noise as they continue their search. As Tamsin knocks on a wall, another flashback begins with Tamsin knocking on a doorframe in the past. Acacia is grading papers and when she asks what Tamsin wants, Tamsin replies there has been a mistake as she places a paper on Acacia’s desk and explaining that “I’ve never gotten less than an A before.” Acacia replies: “No mistake. The assignment was to describe the role of the Valkyrie. What you wrote contains no individuality. No inner truths. No personal fears. Are you telling me your greatest fear is getting a C-minus? I don’t want to read another five paragraph essay about comforting fallen soldiers. If you would like to write the truth, your truth, that is something that I would be interested in reading.” Tamsin asks for Acacia to explain what she means and Acacia tells Tamsin that she needs a tutor, but Tamsin replies: “I don’t need a tutor, I am a tutor.” Acacia then dismisses Tamsin, adding that she has a meeting with “the head Mistress” and then leaves the room via a portal to Valhalla. However, just before Acacia does so, Tamsin calls out: “I’ll do it!” and she is told to meet Acacia in the Academy courtyard at midnight. When Tamsin reminds her that the school curfew is at nine in the evening, Acacia tells her: “Well Miss Goody-Two-Shoes you have a problem” and then she vanishes into the portal.

Back in the present, Tamsin turns to Stacey and whispers: “That’s it. We can’t find it because it isn’t here.” and then explains that the portal to Valhalla opens “only in the presence of teachers.” Stacey tells Tamsin there are no teachers at the school, but then Acacia enters the room from behind them and calls out: “Then it’s a good thing I came.” At first Tamsin is happy to see her, but then asks what Acacia is doing at the school. She replies: “You need someone to bail you out of your kamikaze mission.” When Stacey asks if Acacia will get them into Valhalla, she answers: “Truth is girls it wouldn’t help if I did. Freyja is dead.”

After another commercial break, Tamsin asks in shock if she heard correctly that Freyja was dead, Stacey adding: “Did she bleed out? Choke on a meatball?” Acacia claims not to know what happened, but she does point out that Tamsin and Stacey will need to “find another way to lure Hades to Tartarus.” Tamsin smiles: “So you’re in.” Acacia tells Tamsin that if they want to succeed, they will have to keep things a secret, Tamsin smiles and replies: “Goody-Two-Shoes honour.”

Flashing back to the past, Acacia is waiting for Tamsin in the courtyard as she arrives in her nightclothes, asking: “Is it really that necessary to meet this late at night?” Acacia tells Tamsin she is “impressed you came” and Tamsin replies: “I always keep my word.” Acacia then explains: “Before we begin, some might call my teaching methods unorthodox. Many of our traditions have been repressed in the past, but we were given the gift of doubt for a reason.” Tamsin smiles and replies: “To comfort soldiers on the battlefield!” Acacia continues: “Our ability to read people’s insecurities can sooth, but it can also be used as a weapon. To exploit armies. To win wars. I can teach you the old ways, but first you must give me your word that these lessons will remain a secret between us.” Tamsin agrees and then Acacia begins: “Lesson One. Doubt me. Find my vulnerabilities.” Tamsin then expresses that she cannot, but when Acacia asks: “Are you afraid or just weak?” Tamsin’s powers express themselves and she growls: “I’m not weak! You’re just a teacher, if you really were a Valkyrie you’d be doing something meaningful.” Tamsin then returns back to normal and Acacia comments: “It sounds like you are getting the hang of this inner truth thing. It’s a start.” Tamsin whispers: “I can’t do this. I won’t.” and then runs off into the night, leaving Acacia behind.

Back at Lauren’s clinic, she tells Bo that she cannot understand how Evony is “still standing” and Bo adds “or how she got so sick in the first place.” At that moment, Evony enters and replies: “That’s easy. Arianrhod. P.S., your lobby coffee sucks.” Bo asks what Evony is talking about and Lauren replies: “Keeper of Time and Karma.” When asked if she had a run in with Arianrhod, Evony shrugs: “When I was The Morrigan she said all of the bad things I did would come back to me. She cursed me.” Bo comments that when Evony was The Morrigan, she was too powerful for the curse to take effect, and Lauren adds, but when she became human, then the curse was allowed to pass. Evony looks at Lauren and asks: “Now in the words of Janet, ‘What have you done for me lately? You’re the doctor, where’s the magic hands?” Lauren begins to explain: “Doctors can’t just put their hands on you and fix you, it’s not that simple.” Lauren pauses, then looks at Bo and whispers: “Unless it is?” Bo realizes what Lauren means and tells her no, but Lauren presses Bo: “You said it yourself, his handprint saved Mark and it protected you from the Nix.” As Evony looks on in confusion, Bo tells Lauren: “We don’t know if there will be repercussions. Get to know him first right?” Lauren insists: “This is a great opportunity” as Evony barges into the conversation, adding: “Life saving handprint? Wake up you two! What are you waiting for? I want the hand job!”

The scene then moves to Hades cell, he playing solitaire, Bo and Lauren standing behind Evony as she looks through the glass at Hades and comments: “So… This is the Hades. I thought you’d have a face like a foot. How’d you get so tanned living in Tartarus?” Hades continues to play his game and chuckles while Bo rolls her eyes and asks Lauren: “Please tell me they aren’t flirting.” Hades then addresses them: “So, you must be The Morrigan.” Evony replies: “Not any more. Sad face.” Hades continues: “That’s right. You were turned human.” Evony looks in Bo’s direction as Bo explains that Lauren was going to turn Evony Fae again but “she’s still working on a cure.” Hades begins to ask Lauren about her serum which turned her into a Conduit, but Lauren interrupts by explaining: “As I was telling Evony, I needed to test it on a research subject before administering it on her.” Hades replies: “Right, right. And how is that subject?” Lauren answers: “Very good thank you.” Hades tells Evony she’s in good hands, but Evony replies: “Tell that to my sickness.” Lauren explains: “Evony has, among other symptoms, nuclear DNA damage which is accelerating her cellular senescence.” When Hades asks what he can do to help, Bo tells him: “We need a handprint. Same kind you used to save Mark.” Hades smiles: “And you as well. Remember?” Bo says nothing, and then Hades continues: “I’d love to help out but my touch only melds with the flesh of Fae.” Evony exclaims: “But you are my last hope!” Hades then looks directly at Evony and tells her: “You’ll either find a cure or you won’t but until then… Keep on fighting. It’s what you do best. I mean, you are the goddamn Morrigan aren’t you?” Evony’s expression turns determined as she answers: “Goddamn right I am.” Hades smiles: “That’s the spirit.” He then tells Evony: “Now you’ve got two choices. You either give up, or fight like hell.” As Hades walks away, Evony remains determined, raising her chin and taking on a different attitude than she had before.

Back at the Academy, Tamsin, Stacey and Acacia encounter a tracker. When Tamsin asks if Acacia is “ready” she replies: “Well, I haven’t stretched but…” then the two push Stacey behind them and move towards the tracker who they then surround and take turns punching, kicking, and otherwise beat into a pulp in short order while Stacey stands nearby wincing at the blows being inflicted. Afterwards, Tamsin comments to Acacia: “Not bad. Could have just given him a detention though” and Acacia replies: “And give up my evening?” When Stacey asks what the hunter wanted, Tamsin looks at paper he was carrying, which is a wanted poster for Feyja and turns to Acacia in confusion and comments: “Not dead.”

After still another commercial break, Tamsin tells Acacia that she lied to them, Acacia telling them: “It’s complicated.” When Tamsin demands to know what is going on, asking: “To help us or to protect Freyja?” Acacia chuckles: “You don’t trust me” which triggers another flashback for Tamsin.

In the past, Freyja is speaking with the students, explaining that she has heard rumours of: “alternative teaching” and that if anyone knows anything about this she wishes to be informed. The students all nod in understanding and then Freyja turns to Tamsin and asks her if she has anything to report. Tamsin replies that she does not, and then Freyja leaves the room, adding: “Only one more day till I choose valedictorian.”

Returning to the present, Tamsin’s powers come to the fore as she approaches Acacia. Tamsin tells her: “I didn’t want it to come to this.” Acacia laughs: “You’ve never been able to doubt me. You really think you have what it takes?” Tamsin smiles: “Do you really think you can hide the truth from me? Do you really think you can hide what you know about Freyja? You’re not capable of it.” Acacia attempts to resist Tamsin, trying to hold herself against the attack by saying that she swore to protect Freyja, and then Tamsin suddenly stops her attack, telling Stacey: “She’s here.” Acadia snaps out of the attack and whispers: “You did it. You finally doubted me. Took you long enough.” Tamsin then demands that Acacia take them to where Freyja is. Freyja is then seen hiding in a closet, looking broken and disheveled, Acacia, Stacey and Tamsin looking at her, both Stacey and Tamsin in shock at how she appears. Freyja looks at Acacia and comments: “Looks like I asked the wrong person to protect me.” When Tamsin asks what Freyja needs protection from, there is no reply.

The four Valkyrie gather and Tamsin asks Freyja: “You’re supposed to be the leader of Valhalla. If you are so powerful, why did you run?” Freyja explains: “When Hades escaped Tartarus, his mercenaries came for me. Some wanted to use me to send Hades back like you, others wanted me for ransom. Acacia agreed to protect me.” When Tamsin and Stacey look at Acacia, she shrugs: “Valkyrie sisters to the end.” Tamsin returns to Freyja and comments: “So you hid like a coward.” Stacey whispers: “I backed you all these years.” Freyja replies: “What do I care? You’re just a little snitch.” Stacey shakes her head: “And who’s fault is that?”

Stacey then has a flashback in which she is in class with Tamsin and the other Valkyrie as Freyja enters the room, announcing that she is in a hurry as she needs to “restaff a key position”. Freyja then makes her announcement of who will be valedictorian and that turns out to be Stacey, to Tamsin’s shock. Freyja then goes on to explain that there will be a new teacher for their class and then turns to leave, but Tamsin asks what happened to Acacia. Freyja tells Tamsin that “Mistress Acacia had to leave the Academy” and when Tamsin presses to know why, she is told “her teachings were in conflict with the values upheld by this school.” Tamsin objects to this, telling Freyja that: “She taught us to be proud of our powers, not ashamed of them like you.” Freyja responds that she was “lead astray” by Acacia, that Tamsin made a wrong choice, but she is “forgiven.” Tamsin approaches Freyja, telling her: “We were born to fly into battle, not to clean up after the wars were over. We’re meant to judge the righteous from the fallen!” Freyja demands that Tamsin return to her desk, but Tamsin cries out “No!” as her powers come to the fore and her wings appear. Freyja then expels Tamsin from the Academy as a result of her actions. Tamsin then turns to Stacey and asks if she is leaving as well, but Stacey refuses as does all of the other Valkyrie in the room that Tamsin looks at. Tamsin then leaves the room telling everyone there: “Remember my name chickadees”, ending the scene with her giving the finger with both hands as she leaves.

After yet another commercial, Tamsin warns Freyja: “If you won’t admit the truth, there are other ways to get answers.” Freyja confronts Tamsin, asking: “On who’s authority? I am the Mistress of Valhalla.” Tamsin responds: “Um, no, you left. You’re just a girl in a bad dress. But if you don’t want to answer my questions, you leave me no choice.” Tamsin then begins to apply her powers to Freyja who responds by using her own powers on Tamsin, adding: You would dare use your powers on me? In that case… Final exams, I hope you’ve studied.” Tamsin replies: “I was busy smoking in the girl’s room.” Tamsin begins by telling Fryja: “You can’t even fool us. How can you fool Hades?” Freyja laughs, telling Tamsin: “Did you think I actually would bend to your will? You haven’t even graduated high school.” Tamsin seems to break down, crying that she can’t, to which Freyja gloats over, telling Tamsin she was: “Just a disobedient child. Lost.” Then Acacia comments: “But not alone” as she joins Tamsin in attacking Fryja and then, in the next moment, Stacey adds her powers as well. Tamsin presses on the attack, Freyja falling to her knees suddenly, the battle ending with Stacey smirking: “Timber!” Freyja then reveals: “Hades pulled the short straw on purpose. He wanted to rule Tartarus to build an army. What better place than…” Tamsin completes the sentence with “the darkness.” When Tamsin asks what Hades wanted with Freyja, she explains: “I was just a decoy that found a powerful necklace.” Tamsin then strips Freyja of the Brisingamen necklace as Fryja goes on to add: “Hades made everyone believe that I seduced him, he knew the truth.” Tamsin sighs: “That you are a fraud.” Freyja is silent for moment, then whispers: “You have revealed my deepest fear. Now it is your duty to take my soul.” Tamsin offers Freyja her hand, telling her “No.” When Freyja stands, Tamsin adds: “The Overseerer of Valhalla should be the Valkyrie that always should have ruled.” Tamsin then turns to Acacia who smiles: “And with Hades gone, we need someone to monitor Tartarus.” Freyja smiles and then the gate to Valhalla appears and opens. Stacey then accompanies Freyja through the gate, as Acacia remains to speak with Tamsin. Acacia smiles and tells Tamsin: “My best student. Do you understand now why Hades chose you to find Bo?” Tamsin answers: “Because I’m a pushover?” Acacia sighs: “Tamsin, when will you ever learn?”

Tamsin then has a flashback to the day both she and Acacia left the Academy. As Acacia packs her car, Tamsin asks: “You’re leaving?” After Acacia says she is, Tamsin tells her that she has been expelled and that she can live with that, but not with Acacia being mad at her. Acacia shakes her head but Tamsin continues, explaining that she did not reveal anything to Freyja and she kept her promise to Acacia about their secret. She also tells Acacia: “I’ve learned more about being a Valkyrie with you than all of my lifetimes at the Academy.” Acacia tells Tamsin she is proud of her and this confuses Tamsin. Acacia explains: “You weren’t born to serve, you were born to lead. Like you have in all of your past lives. You’ll remember the rest in due time. But you better get comfortable casting doubt, you’ll need to when you lead your first army into battle.” Tamsin asks: “Lead armies? Me?” Acacia smiles: “You have no idea.”

Returning to the present, Tamsin apologies to Acacia and when she is asked why, Tamsin replies: “I fell in love with Bo. I fell in love with the target.” Acacia tells Tamsin: “I know. Being a true Valkyrie means tapping into all of your emotions good and bad. But you can’t tap into emotions you haven’t felt and you my dear have felt some very strong emotions lately.” When Acacia asks if Tamsin knows why she was finally able to doubt her, Tamsin replies with a smile: “Because you’re a weak old bitty?” They share a laugh and Acacia explains: “Because you opened up. Learned to be vulnerable. So now you are able to exploit the vulnerably in others.” Tamsin cries: “She broke my heart.” Acacia replies: “Silver lining. It made you stronger.” After a moment’s consideration, Tamsin comments: “Subservient Valkyrie. Leader of armies. Bounty hunter screw up.” Acacia laughs: “Quite the resume” then adds: “Don’t let the past determine who you’re going to be next.” Tamsin sighs: “I don’t regret loving Bo.” Acacia tells Tamsin: “Love is the key to being a great leader. That’s why Hades picked you. Because you’re loyal, strong. Because you always keep your word. I knew you never sold me out.” Tamsin whispers: “I promised him I’d deliver her.” Acacia nods: “He knew you would, and did. But he doesn’t know what you are going to do next. That must scare the shit out of him.” Tamsin tells Acacia: “But he’s unkillable. He’s un-vanquishable.” Acacia points out: “Everybody has something they want. What does he want?” Tamsin thinks a moment, then replies: “Freyja says he wants to build an army.” Acacia smiles: “Then be his perfect little General.”

The scene then moves to Hades in his cell, seemingly surprised as Tamsin appears there. Tamsin tells Hades: “I’m ready to serve, where do I start?” Hades replies: “You know, I’ve always liked you Tamsin. Before I even met you. Freyja once told me about a young rebellious student and I knew right then that someday you’d be useful to me.” Tamsin then tells Hades that she knows that he chose to rule Tartarus because he wants an army and he also whats Tamsin to “lead the winning team.” Hades replies: “Being an army General is an important job. It would require me to put a great deal of faith in you. I’m not sure you’re a good fit.” When Tamsin asks why, Hades answers: “Tamsin, I’ve always loved your spunk, but you are a terrible liar.” Tamsin agrees but then adds: “I know a fraud when I see one and buddy you’re it. So if you try to go after my friends, just know you’ll have to go through me first. Too bad you’re stuck in here. Hades then looks at the glass wall for a moment as Tamsin leaves before commenting to himself: “Is that what I am?” He then touches the glass with one hand and after a moment if vanishes allowing him to walk through and leave, the glass returning to it’s normal appearance as Hades walks away.

After the final commercial break, Bo and Lauren are seen sitting at the bar in the Dal Riata, Bo trying to comfort Lauren as she tries to come to terms with what has happened to Evony as a result of her actions, fretting over not giving Evony the serum when she could have. Bo tells Lauren that she didn’t know, and there is hope according to Hades. Lauren then asks Bo about her father, but Evony interrupts saying: “I love him. Finally someone was straight with me. I’m… sick. And I have to deal.” When Bo tells Evony that she’s impressed, Evony replies: “Luckily I have the help of a very good doctor.” Lauren pauses for a moment, then answers: “Oh, you mean me.” Evony rolls her eyes: “God I hate your false modesty. Yes, I mean you moron, now buy me a drink.” Lauren then pours Evony a drink as Evony asks: “We got this… right?” Bo smiles and replies: “Yeah. I think we do.” Evony then offers a toast: “To Doctor Lewis My… Friend. And the only hope I’ve got.” Lauren tells Evony: “I swear to you, I will never give up on you.” Evony smiles: “I know. I mean you are still chasing the slut-ubus, talk about futile.” Bo tells Evony that she’s glad Evony changed her mind, and she give credit to Hades for doing so, but Bo doesn’t want to hear anything about that. Evony tells Bo to “let it go” as he did a few bad things and “if this has taught me anything, it’s that life’s too short.” Evony then looks at Lauren, adding: “Especially for us humans.” Lauren pauses, then begins: “Yeah Evony, about that.” which Bo takes as her cue to leave and she does so.

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo walking over to Tamsin who is sitting alone in another part of the Dal Riata. Bo sits beside Tamsin, mentioning that she thought she would never see Tamsin again. Tamsin begins by telling Bo: “I changed my mind. I would rather have you as a friend than nothing at all.” When Bo tries to comfort her, explaining that she “handled this all wrong” Tamsin continues and explains that she was with Stacey because of Hades, and that she had tried to send him back to Tartarus.” Bo asks Tamsin why she didn’t tell her about this before and Tamsin explains: “I don’t know. I wanted to do this by myself. For you. For me. And I totally failed.” Bo tells Tamsin they need more information before they do anything and Tamsin tells her: “He’s building an army and he’s going to need your help.”

The last image of the episode is of Bo looking at Tamsin and whispering: “I’ve been trying to get to know him. What if he’s playing the same game?” Tamsin replies: “There’s only one way to find out.” as the episode ends.


Fade to black…


I think that this might be one of the best episodes of the season and that comes from the focus on the characters. There’s no real “monster of the week” and because there isn’t the episode is made to actually tell something meaningful. There’s a lot to like in Tamsin’s story arc here, the truths about her that came out. But even so, I felt like there was, even if she wasn’t actually around all that much, something of a change in Evony and that mattered to me more.

I’ve always felt that there’s more to her than just what’s on the surface. To see her vulnerable, actually needing to accept that she cannot do things on her own, and needing someone to help her was a hard thing for her to accept. That came out throughout the episode and it made me sigh a bit and wonder what things would have been like if Evony would have been more of a foil for Bo that she was. While I understand why things developed as they did, I just feel like there’s more to her. Wishing that I would have seen that.

There wasn’t much about the Ancients as a whole in this episode. They were referred to, but there wasn’t much time spent dwelling on them, not that there could have been considering how much time was tied up with Tamsin and Evony’s story arcs. Having Zee and the rest away for a time seemed to strengthen things and that served to confirm to me that there’s too much time being spent about them and not enough about Hades who is, after all, the real threat as it were.

No Kenzi this week, nor Dyson either. Not even a mention about what is happening with them and it was a rather present thing. I know they will return at some point, obviously, and there needed to be some characters pulled out of the episode all things considered. Still, the series is coming to a close, they have stories to tell and they don’t seem to be.

Which brings up Lauren and what is happening with her. There was a lot of dancing around her situation and while that led to some humour here and there, some progress would have been nice. At least more than the shared kiss with Bo and an “Oops.” Then comes the last bit of the episode where it looked like Lauren was going to tell Evony the truth, but then the episode cuts away before that can happen. Somehow I think that it didn’t and that is drawing out what is becoming a problem dangling over both of them.

This wasn’t a filler episode by any means, there was a point to it, things needed to happen, and in that came a lot of character growth that I have been waiting for. At the same time, there really was an info dump about Tamsin, even if it was wrapped in some moments of laughter and pain. As well, the massive changes that Tamsin brought on about the Valkyrie have to have some kind of effect on things and that brings questions. There might be answers before the end of the series, but if not, then again, it becomes a bit of plot left dangling without closure. There’s too much of that as it is.

I did say in the beginning that I feel like this is one of the best episodes this season. That’s a bit of a problem because if it has taken this long to get into stories that matter, characters becoming more… I don’t understand why. I look back on so many episodes and see so much time spent in things that really don’t move the series forwards and it makes me sigh. Still, there’s still some time and I can hope that the following episodes build on this one in as many ways as can be.

I’m not looking for the perfect ending, I’m looking for something that allows me to smile and remember fondly…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Cheerleader for the most part this episode, and I will admit the awkward hug with Evony did make me laugh. I wonder what favour the smoothies were that she shared? It is bothersome however that Lauren was more of a succubus than Bo herself was.

Dyson…In a kennel… somewhere… Missing in Action

Kenzi. Off elsewhere doing else things. It’s amazing how much I missed her.

Lauren. Some character growth, certainly a turning point in her life I think. She’s trying to cover up a lot of things and that’s not going to go well.

Tamsin: Pigtails Tamsin was cute, and the flashbacks were very funny at times, but then turned so very serious as well. Lots to like about her, so much was told and it’s about time that happened.

Trick. Trickopedia and then vanishing once more. Needs more Trick.

Evony. Possibly the most powerful episode for her in character, plot, and focus. Oh she’s still very much the self-absorbed woman she’s been from the beginning, but that’s been tempered a lot by stark reality. It’s good to see and it made me like her more.

Hades. I almost liked him when he was dealing with Evony, mostly for the blunt ‘get your head out of your ass’ talk. But there’s so much about his part of the story that just doesn’t connect up right and that needs to start to come together.

Acacia. I just felt like something was missing with her in the episode. There was the oddest feeling of her not quite being “part” of the episode, both in the past and present. That changed when she and Tamsin had the heart-to-heart talk, but even so, there just seemed to be something missing for her.

Freyja. Shell-shocked, confused, and lost. Even when she managed to find some backbone and fight, that didn’t seem like it had much, if any, intent. There was a sense of relief around her when everything came out, and then she just became weak and irrelevant. It’s a shame considering who she is and what she represents.

Stacey. It was good to see what happened to her, and then her past, how she connected to Tamsin, and what her truths were. Really her appearance in the episode was wonderful up until the very last moment when she left through the portal with Freyja and in that moment she didn’t have the same character, almost sleepwalking through the last of the episode.

With all of this, I really did want to know more about the other Valkyrie, more about their world and something more than a group of students taking notes and staring. Hints of that came out, but not as much as would be nice.

Perhaps that’s the mark of the better episodes. Leaving us wanting for more…


My Review of Sweet Valkyrie High

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.0 Pitchforks out of 5

I watched the episode from beginning to end and I was immersed in what was happening, especially with Evony. I will admit that some of Tamsin’s past I cringed while watching, especially very time she raised her hand to ask a question or answer one. But outside of those moments, the story between Tamsin, Stacey and Acacia found closure, explanation and a lot of loose ends were tied up really well. This was something special in many ways, Evony so much more so than Tamsin, but still, I needed to see what was coming next and that hasn’t happened in a while.

Bo barely appeared in the episode, wasn’t at all a succubus, and wasn’t even Boffy. As Evony mentioned, she watches Lifetime and for Bo this really was a Lifetime episode. All that was missing was Bo standing in a kitchen and some baking.

The episode wasn’t nearly as dark as a lot of them have been in the past and as such there was more of a sense of being part of what was happening. The Valkyrie effects I think were very good, and they added a lot to the episode. I’ll also add that I really liked Evony’s dress, I think it likely is the best image she’s ever had. It’s nice to see the sets, the costuming, and all that makes the episode come together.

The storylines were telling, important and it’s hard to find what otherwise would be called a filler episode in the series that really isn’t. The plots mattered, the characters grew, and there was a point to the episode. Perhaps that is something along the lines of everyone has some sort of mortality. It is in facing that where one either overcomes or gives in.

As I’ve noted, Tamsin and Evony grew an amazing amount in the episode, but there was also a good deal of development in Lauren’s arc, some in Hades’, a bare minimum in Bo’s. Of course that is reflected in how much each of these characters appeared. Still, even the short appearance of Lauren managed to tease out things about her and set up something that while we didn’t see it on the screen, certainly will make some kind of difference.

The mythos of the series grew, changed, and was turned on its head in a few places. The Valkyrie are changing, how isn’t clear, but it is there. That might mean something later on, and it would be nice to see a payoff. Tamsin’s past being revealed explained a lot about her, about Acacia and Stacey as well. It would have been nice for some closure in that triangle, but while that didn’t come out, it seemed so. While there weren’t a lot of answers otherwise, things were told that mattered and will matter going forwards.

The promise is in this episode. There’s meaning to so much here. Characters face their mortality, their fears, and their futures, as uncertain as they are.

In that comes something more and in this case, that matters.


Next Week: Judgement Fae

Bo tracks down an old foe.


It seems like the episode summaries are getting shorter again… and about as useful as they can be. But then I am being a little facetious aren’t I? That said, the question is, of course, who this “old foe” is and what, if any, point there is to them returning. But who exactly is this referring to anyway? There aren’t really all that many individuals on Lost Girl that can be said to be “foes” of Bo, considering that the majority of them either die, become irrelevant, or worse.

Massimo is dead, so he can’t be. Mayer? He’s dead as well, and really he wasn’t a foe. Aife isn’t a possibility as well, they might have her appear in the last episode of the series, but not at this point. Garuda? No. Nain Rouge? Never was a threat. The Glaive is a possible threat, but that’s really a thin one. Uma Mens? Bo seemed to have killed all of them as well.

However, there is one character that was a foe, that hasn’t been seen in a while, and, more interestingly, could come out of the woodwork unexpectedly and no one would be expecting them. That would be, at least the way I see it, The Old Ash.

Now that happens to be a very interesting idea considering all that has happened since he disappeared in the wake of Aife’s attack at the end of Season One. We never really found out what he was capable of, what his powers were, and that would, if he appeared, start to close the circle from the beginning of the series. Perhaps he comes to the conclusion that killing Bo is the only means to stopping the ongoing events and does so. We’ll see.

Now, it is still possible that it could be Zee, but I don’t consider her an “old foe” even if she’s still a threat to Bo and everyone else. Again, she’s likely to appear in the last, or second last, episode in that sort of role, but it doesn’t make any sense to have a confrontation this soon between them.

As an aside, there’s supposed to be a shower scene between Bo and Lauren. I have to admit that the first thing that came to me what I heard about that was the series was doing a “Bobby in the shower on Dallas” moment. For those that don’t know what that means, it’s a reboot in a series to change what happened in it. I know that isn’t going to happen, but it was an odd thought.

All I can hope for is that the next episode moves the series onwards, starts drawing the threads together, and, possibly, answer some long standing questions about Bo and the series as a whole. Otherwise this will turn out to be a filler episode with a shower scene to have some heat in it… Which to be honest, needs to happen as the succubus levels have been dropping to all new lows of late.

There will be, I know, some new Ancients appearing, and while that could be interesting, that along with a lot of new characters that pop in and then are never seen again makes for moments were I just want to see something better. That being some characters getting along in their storylines and moving towards their conclusions. At this point, with so few episodes left, the time counts even more. Wasting that time on moments that add nothing to the story is troublesome.

But it does mean there’s more popcorn deliveries needed.




    • avatar
    • James on September 26, 2015 at 12:33 am

    It is both fascinating and distressing that Your Majesty is finally getting so much of what She always hoped for out of LG–backstory, character growth, depth of narrative, etc.–when it is too late to fully matter in the series, certainly too late to prevent cancellation.

    It is also interesting that so many female characters in this series now seem qualified to be called “Lost Girl”: Kenzie, Lauren, Evony, Tamsin, perhaps even Freya.

    Is it possible that Bo’s oldest foe is herself? No, it is actually her head writer, I suppose . . .

    It is time to dump Miracle Gro on several million acres of throwing popcorn crops . . .

    • avatar
    • pocong on October 5, 2015 at 2:40 am

    You watch it be Massimo. You watch that shitlord rise from his fucking grave to grind the story to a screeching halt.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 25, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    In the end, when the story is told, at least that which is allowed to be, the Lost Girl turns out to be Lost Girls in more than one way…


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