Sep 19 2015

The Succulent Succubus… Japanese erotica… Really?

This will be, I am quite sure, a rather confused bit of commentary on the Tale today. That’s mainly because I came across a YouTube of a piece of Japanese erotica called The Succulent Succubus. While this is only the trailer, and to be honest I don’t think I need to see the actual film as such, it pretty much is what I would call “meh with a side order of meh.”

But, of course, you can decide…

And if you cannot see this on the Tale, try this link:


As a whole, the entire thing really does nothing for me at all, but… I have to admit that the Succubus does look at least interesting… Which is saying a lot I expect…

Asami Succubus

The summary of the film is basically that Momo has a short time to live and a succubus appears and offers to give her one wish. But afterwards the succubus gets to take her soul. Seeing this to be a good deal, Momo asks for “a small bit of happiness” which of course the succubus twists the meaning of. This means that our heroine has a number of sex scenes, some with the succubus of course, and things “develop” from there.

This is a porn film of course, which means that there isn’t much in the way of plot, or really anything else. But in spite of this, the succubus has her cute moments at the beginning of the story. But it isn’t much of a movie about succubi and in truth it seems to be more of a “genie in a lamp” story overall.

I did like the actress that was playing the succubus, she’s rather nice and some of the outfits she wears look quite nice on her. Of course the acting is well and truly over the top, but I suppose that gives things a bit of charm… But it doesn’t overcome the rest of the film, or the trailer for that matter.

Nothing to see here if you are looking for something succubus-themed really. Which really isn’t a surprise…



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