Sep 17 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 400

For the 400th Succubi Image of the Week, I am, in a way, indulging myself a bit. Some time ago I helped in the funding drive for John Dylena’s graphic novel of his Succubus’ Sub series. I never shared the cover here on the Tale and so, for this milestone, the artwork of the cover will be how I mark things…

Succubus' Sub Graphic Novel Cover

Succubus’ Sub Graphic Novel Cover

The cover says it all really, but more importantly, at least in my eyes, it gives a hint of what John’s series tells of and why I enjoy his writing so much. Sometimes the questions of how you got where you are aren’t as important as the ones that you touch along the way…

Thank you John, for this and more…

The stories told, the joy I have in knowing you, of seeing all that you have accomplished, and, in some small way, to be able to be a part of that… I cherish that always…




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    It is a wonderful story, and a lovely graphic novel, and this week is a great week for that image, which Your Majesty helped make possible in more than one way, I think.

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    I’m really happy that Mr. Dylena’s work took off the way it did! Truly great Succubus stories almost never get the attention that they deserve and it’s nice to see the internet acknowledge all the the hard work he put into the writing. Good on you too, Your Majesty, for helping to make it happen.

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    A small part my heart… But along the way, a dear friend found…


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