A Review of Hotel Desire by Anya Merchant

Hotel Desire by Anya Merchant

Hotel Desire by Anya Merchant

There are some story concepts which are interesting. For example, one of the more common ones is a hotel of some kind which brings out lust in those within its walls. Many times that is caused by some sort of supernatural force which makes the main characters rush off and jump into bed, or anywhere else, they can.

By itself, that can be an interesting story, assuming that there is more to it than the sex. But that can be hard to resist in a lot of ways. When that happens, the story turns into not much more than a series of hot flashes, barely connected together.

Then one has to be careful where the story goes. Especially when some taboos are involved because that can be the point where the heat and story lessen to nothing.

  • Title: Hotel Desire
  • Author: Anya Merchant
  • Length: 105 Pages
  • ASIN: B00THZ090U
  • Publishing Date: February 11, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

When Tom and the woman who raised him stop off at a strange hotel on a trip across the country, they discover that temptation comes in many forms. Underneath the hotel’s tastefully decorated interior lies a curse of powerful lust magic, which causes everyone inside to burn with intensely forbidden desires.

Tom’s masculine essence is what the hotel desperately needs, and he finds himself having to fend off not only the advances of beautiful ghosts, succubi, and sorceresses, but also the sexy needs and seductive passes of a woman even closer and more familiar.

Tom and his mother find themselves at the Hotel Desire where things take unexpected turns. Tom’s attentions turn to one thing only, and it becomes very hard for him as a result. Magic abounds and the one in control never wants them to leave. But how far do things go for Tom as a result?

The thing about this work is that it reads very much like a porn movie that happens to have a supernatural, or magic, focus to it. Overall, some of those scenes have some good heat and are interesting because of it. But there comes a moment in the story, and it happens a lot, where the main character gets into situations with Angie, his stepmother, that are cringeworthy. There’s a lot of focus as well on the attributes of the women Tom encounters, especially in their busts, and that gets old very quickly.

As the story develops, there were a number of uncomfortable moments where I didn’t kind any heat, didn’t see the point, and found that the reactions where just too ‘porn movie’ for my taste. While I understand that Tom is the only male in the building, and every other character is female, and the building is made to arouse Tom and make him be entwined in all of the creatures desiring his lusts, there’s far too many.

As a result, because there are so many female characters wanting a piece of Tom, the erotic scenes are short, to the point, and as a result the story is rushed through from encounter to encounter, not giving a lot of time for character development, or a real plot to unfold. There’s a strong feeling of stereotypical ‘get to the sex’ writing here and that didn’t work for me.

There is a short passage in the work where a succubus appears. She is never given a name, but as is explained, she is a vital part of the reasons why things are happening at the hotel. But there’s no pay off in that reveal. She appears, has her way with Tom, disappears and is never seen again. If she was so central to the work, it would have been nice to know something about her, make her more of a force in the story or something.

The writing is very brisk, there’s very little time to think about what’s going on as a result. Even when the erotica comes to the fore, again it is rushed through, going from start to finish in a page or two before Tom moves on and the entire thing starts again. Again, there’s a strong feeling of this being too porn like and that’s a shame. But what really is difficult to read through are the scenes between Tom and Angie. They are uncomfortable not just in what happens, but how it is written. I wish the author would have not had so much focus on the two of them and what they do together. There were a lot of instances where Tom or Angie find themselves in situations with the beings around them, and others, that could have supported the story quite well on their own.

The work needs a lot of editing, mainly to make the story more than it is, to slow down the events, to draw out the erotica to more than being a series of very quick hot flashes that don’t go anywhere. The author has written other works that I feel are much better than this and as such that’s the most disappointing thing of all.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work reads like a over the top porn movie and as such I just didn’t enjoy it very much. Some of the situations between Tom and his mother made me cringe as well. As much as the underlying concept seems to be a good one, the number of sex scenes bury any real story.




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    • James on September 15, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    Somehow, I expected the story written by U.R. Knickers to be the obvious cheap porn.

    Of course, this is worse than cheap porn, worse than the missed opportunity in Ms. Knickers’ story, this is a squandered premise: if the author had dispatched the other seductions more quickly, left out the hints of incest, and focused on the succubus behind it all, that might have been a story.

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    • TeraS on January 25, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    That’s an interesting thought my heart and one well taken…


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