Sep 09 2015

I’m not sure it’s Red Carpet material with that pitchfork

Red Carpet Devil CostumeThere are, as most who have read my rants about costumes, very few of them that I like enough to actually consider. The biggest problem is, of course, just how tacky the costume looks more than anything else.

Sometimes there is a costume that just reaches the possibility of being considered and them of course, there has to be one thing that makes me cringe. More times than not it is that lousy pitchfork that the websites keep trying to push… over and over again.

This is called the Red Carpet Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the horns the model is wearing here. The pitchfork and shoes are not included and the costume sells for $55 US.

Just to get it out of the way and into the trash bin, the pitchfork is lousy, shouldn’t be considered and I wouldn’t touch it with my tail… or any other part of my body.

The horns are kind of cheap and not that classy really, but they aren’t completely a mess. I do sort of like the heels the model is wearing, but really with all that red black just doesn’t work well…

I do like the dress, quite a lot really and I think that’s because it has a classic look to it. The material on top I’m not too sure about, I’ve never been thrilled by ruffles and the like, but… It’s not that bad as a whole.

I will admit, to be clear, that I have a smashing side-slit long red dress that puts this to shame and this costume doesn’t come even close to that. As an option however compared to a lot of the other trashy junk that is sold, I think this is a lot better…

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

And now I need to find my dress and heels…



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