Sep 02 2015

Where’s the tail and horns… seriously.

Black Devil Sexy Demon Halloween Fancy DressSo last week there was a costume that tried, not well mind you, but tried, to be at least vaguely sort of a combination Succubus and superhero… thing. Well, not to be outdone, someone else came to the idea that Succubi are creatures of the night and bats are as well. So… SuccuBat anyone?

This costume, and the name of it is obviously designed for google searches, is the Black Devil Sexy Demon Halloween Fancy Dress. It comes with the bat ears, I refuse to call them horns, and the body suit. The wings are not included and it sells for $85 US but can be found on sales for as little as $60 US.

I have to say that I like the bodysuit, it does give me some ideas. But the ears make me shudder, the wings don’t do much for me as well. There is a but however. I think that the bodysuit itself isn’t a bad idea as the basis of a costume, adding a pair of horns to this and a tail might work as would some red heels or ankle boots.

It wouldn’t be the best costume by far, but it would be at least something that would, in a way, look devilish, not really succubish however.

Comparing this to the costume of last week, I think this would be the better idea for a superhero costume if for no other reason that there isn’t much kitsch to it. Really that’s an important point as, if you think about it, the idea of being a Succubi, or a devil girl, isn’t to make people laugh…

It’s to make them come and do whatever you care to have them do…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It’s a start, not a lot more, but it is a start which is something…




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    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!
    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!
    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!
    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!
    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!
    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!
    A devil girl is NOT a succubi!

    Now that I have that out of my system . . . I would suggest that body suit as the basis for what Tail would wear should she find herself in a Puritan community . . . just add red hair, black horns and tail, a hat with a buckle, and maybe a Bible.

    I would suggest Amish, but they are still around, and it would be hugely insensitive . . .

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    The bodysuit IS really nice and I would love to see what it looks like without those ugly wings and weird antennae dragging them down. As far as Succubus superheroes go I feel that this is heading in the right direction. If a Succubus is making you laugh it should be on purpose and not because she looks like a rejected member of the Ginyu Force.

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    That, my heart, is a story that I need to think over…


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