Aug 15 2015

A Blonde Succubus art YouTube

Another art in progress YouTube on the Tale today, one with a Succubus that strikes me as being a bit forceful in her attitude and personality I think… Possibly with a touch of being a vampire in her as well…


And if you cannot see the video on YouTube, try this link:

This artist also has placed the completed work on DeviantArt as well, and you can find this art on DeviantArt as well here too…

Blonde Succubus by Bloodyvampyre1987

Blonde Succubus by Bloodyvampyre1987

I’m not quite sure about her horns pointing in the direction that they are as it seems rather dangerous to me at least. She seems, in a way, to have the same sort of teeth as Morrigan Aensland as well, which makes me wonder if she’s more vampire than Succubus in a way. Really like her eyes, they are quite striking and as a whole she seems to have a dominant personality about her that I like too..

I’ll have to see what kind of story can be told about her I think…



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    It seems to me to be a bit of myth confusion here, unless there are meant to be battle succubi, whose sole purpose is killing. But, then, wouldn’t that be accomplished by seduction? What would have to have happened to a group of succubi that they were going to kill their prey without absorbing the life force and/or soul?

    In this case, if that is the goal, these horns could actually provide a lethal blow just before the prey was close enough to kiss. On the other hand, this would happen to those whom the succubus wanted to kiss, as well. Would she go through life never having kissed anyone?

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    Possibly a story in that to ponder you know…


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    I have been pondering that . . . but I am thinking it may be a sad story . . .

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    Possibly my heart… But hope springs Eternal…


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