A bit of Succubus art on YouTube

Back to some lovely Succubus art on YouTube today on the Tale… I think this particular Succubus is rather interesting and certainly she is eye catching as well…

And if the YouTube does not play on the Tale, please try this link:


And, as always, an image of the completed art, in case YouTube removes the video:

Succubus by Soul Fisher

Succubus by Soul Fisher

This art is the work of an artist on YouTube called Soul Fisher and I think it is a mix of two opposing things about Succubi. The first is that they are, obviously, sexual beings, but the other is the question of what they are to the one viewing them.

The most interesting part of that latter question for me in this art is that her wings seem to be almost angel-like in quality and, as a whole, that’s something that doesn’t appear often with Succubi…

She does make me wonder about her name, her past, and what it is that she is smiling about exactly… A story to wonder about sometime I suppose…



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