Jul 22 2015

A costume this expensive really has to look better than this

Sexy Satan CostumeThere are two things that can take a costume from poor to lousy and then beyond that to something close to ridiculous. One is a costume that simply looks lousy. The second is when that costume’s price tag is so insanely high that why anyone would want to buy it is beyond me…

This… thing… is called the Sexy Satan Costume and it comes with the red sequin halter top, booty shorts, red sequin chaps with belt buckle, red sequin devil horn hood and red sequin pitchfork. The choker and heels are not included. This disaster… this mess… sells for $125 US.

I’ve seen some really bad costumes, some of which I have given the title of worst costume ever. I’ve been warned that by doing so I am tempting the universe to have someone design something worse and I have to admit that in this case I think that’s quite true.

There isn’t a single thing I like about this mess. It isn’t sexy, it isn’t seductive. It is however a complete train wreck in that you can’t help but look at it and the overwhelming trashiness just burns into your mind. And I’m really sorry about that, but this is a public service as I see it to keep people from buying things that should be tossed into a furnace and then toasting marshmallows over the ashes.

Seriously, that is the best thing that can possible happen in this case as there is no way to improve this whatsoever.

I’m sure I have a better looking latex skirt and bandeau top in my collection that by themselves would look far better than this. Add a pair of latex stockings, red heels, and a bit of Queen of the Succubi attitude and whomever might be silly enough to buy this disaster would be slinking away into the shadows to hide.

So, please, don’t buy this.

Zero out of five pitchforks and a place in the Hall of Costume Infamy.

Because it deserves to be there.



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