A Review of the Small Town Succubus series by Ruby Wildes

Small Town Succubus: Collection #1 by Ruby Wildes

Small Town Succubus: Collection #1 by Ruby Wildes

A review on the Tale today of a lovely little series that tells the story of a succubus moving into a small town and some of the things… and people… that she gets up to. I like cute, funny and sexy stories very much, and it isn’t often that an author manages to make that theme work well.

The biggest problem is how to create a Succubus that isn’t stereotypically evil and simply throws the entire town into a sexual orgy all of the time. The way to do that is to give the Succubus something that I have always believed makes them more interesting.

Make her seductive, intelligent, and most of all, have her know the difference between right and wrong. You can have all of the mind control, succubus powers, and more you like, but if she isn’t capable of knowing that doing something incredibly stupid is a bad idea, then what is the point of the rest of the story?

She doesn’t need to be a schemer, nor does she need to be the type of character that just uses and abuses others. Call it a touch of humanity if you’d like. I think that matters.

There are several works in the series which are available separately and as a collection:

The book series summary is:

A collection of the first three succubus stories:

  • Small Town Succubus: As a new arrival to a small town, the beautiful Vanessa is coveted by everyone- particularly Shane, the local handyman. But there’s more to Vanessa than meets the eye, and Shane will need every tool in his belt to handle her! Is Vanessa’s charm more sinister than good looks and a winning smile?
  • Small Town Succubus 2: Special Delivery: Local mailman Jared has been fantasizing about the new woman on his route: the beautiful, mysterious Vanessa. But little does he know that the woman is just as interested in him- and she has supernatural charms on her side that he is powerless to resist. What plan does the succubus have in store for him?
  • Small Town Succubus 3: Doctor’s Orders: When Dr. Boyce meets a new patient in their small town, he can’t figure out why he can’t get her out of his head. But Vanessa is more than a newcomer: she’s a succubus, and she has her sights set on him! Does the good doctor have the right medicine for this naughty woman?

A small town has a new arrival. Her name is Vanessa and everyone is talking about her. She finds a job as a waitress at the local diner, meets some of the male population… and their members… She’s simply someone that can take your breath away… and something more when you fall into the arms of a Succubus.

I’ve always enjoyed stories about Succubi that are not stereotypical. I prefer the stories where the Succubus is intelligent, uses her mind, and isn’t simply a sex toy for the men to play with. In this series it’s quite clear that Vanessa, the Succubus of the series, is very much like… well… Like the Succubi of the Realm.

She’s very smart, sexy, seductive and while that is played up a bit in the course of the story, it is also very clear that she is very much in control of herself and the others that she becomes intimate with. Vanessa has some lovely aspects to her personalty in that she has the right touch of voice, mannerisms, and suggestive nature. She doesn’t simply grab someone, pull them into an embrace and then feel upon them. She has a plan, follows it, allows the sexual tension to build up slowly and tantalizing, then, at the right moment she turns up her true nature.

The way Vanessa’s powers are told, how they appear to work, has some wonderfully erotic mind control, or rather hypnotism and that’s something that isn’t played upon enough i think in most Succubus stories. She is quite Domme when she is controlling her “prey” and I use that word with some hesitation. As I noted she isn’t stupid in her methods and what I really liked was that, in the course of telling about her past, a good explanation is given about why she feeds as she does, what changes come over her as she does, and with that where her focus is.

It’s very clear that Vanessa has learned, over time, that leaving a wake of destruction in her path will only lead to her own end. She’s learned a better way, gifted you could say in a way as well. But the end result of that is when the erotic scenes come and Vanessa controls the other in the story, it is some of the hottest Succubus mind control seduction that I have read in some time.

It is never said if Vanessa has horns or a tail, but she has a very interesting change in her eyes when she is using her powers as a Succubus and that worked really well. It also works really well that the model on the cover of the series, her looks, are very close to that within the pages of the stories which puts her quite firmly in one’s thoughts as you read.

The erotica is very well done, hot at the right places, sexy when it needs to be, when it should be. The author paints the story as one long simmering build up of sexual tension in those around Vanessa which climaxes with her doing all of the nasty and sexy things that the one she is with has been thinking about since they first met her.

That building tension, the confusion that wraps Vanessa’s target around her little finger and makes them do anything she wants is what really sets this work apart. Vanessa is one of the Succubi that I really do like and one that I was very pleased to discover.

As wonderful as the series is, I think it could have been a little longer. Perhaps more about Vanessa’s past would be nice as there are a lot of questions unanswered. There are, I am sure, a lot more stories to tell in this universe and I do hope there will be more to see from this author in the future. Vanessa’s story is far from finished…

I’ll give the series as a whole four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A series with a Succubus that isn’t stereotypical, is seductive, and uses her abilities to their upmost. A touch of mystery surrounds her, but then all of the best Succubi have that in them. The pleasure is in discovering what the mystery is…




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    • James on July 28, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Since her name also ends in “a,” she sounds most definitely like a Collective succubi. I hope that, maybe, someday, this series might continue, and that this sort of story might become the dominant type within the succubi genre.

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    • TeraS on August 16, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    One hopes, and often so my heart…


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