A Review of Fatal Seduction and Fatal Seduction 2 by Sierra Lee

Fatal Seduction and Fatal Seduction 2 by Sierra Lee

Fatal Seduction and Fatal Seduction 2 by Sierra Lee

A review of two works which have quite a few twists in them, not the least of which is how the stories unfold. Overall each work can be read on its own, there isn’t all that much of a connection between the two stories, save for two characters that appear in both works.

One of these is a Succubus and, sadly for me, she’s a little too obvious and a little too stereotypical for my own tastes. It isn’t that she has hooves, which she doesn’t, or a tail, which she doesn’t, but rather it is the sadly expected ends that each story rushes head long towards.

Even if, along the way, there is a twist or two to make one pause and think about what happened before…

The works tell the story of:

Fatal Seduction

Brian is used to supernatural events in Twilit Falls, but he’s not prepared for his life to take a fatal twist. A madman has captured a succubus and plans to have sex with her safely – by feeding Brian to her first. Now Brian faces an ordeal more pleasurable and more dangerous than anything he’s ever known.

Fatal Seduction 2

When a foolish college student summons a succubus, Sarah knows she has to take out the threat. But there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun first… right?

Two stories set in a town where supernatural beings live, humanity knows they are there, and what happens when the two meet in some strange circumstances. Who are the monsters and who are not isn’t the question for, in some way, everyone is.

This review combines both works in that, as a whole, the themes and characters are really the same and the two works read as two chapters in a longer story. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, but as such there is a bit of an expected outcome when reading the second and knowing what happened in the first work. It also is very clear that the main characters in both works really don’t change from one story to the next as well.

Lina, the succubus of the series, really only has her eyes as the telltale sign that she is a succubus as a whole. She is sex incarnate, obviously, appears as such, and there is no question that she is a succubus, even though that point is driven home by other characters in both works. In some ways she is interesting, and there are a lot of questions not answered as to how she came to be where she is, why she is connected with another character, and how that relationship works in the first place.

But her personality borders on being stereotypical through both works and even when the twist in each story comes through that isn’t enough to move her character from being focused on a singular purpose which is quite obvious from the first moment she appears considering that, again, other characters keep talking about it. It is the unspoken and unexplained parts of her character that attract me, but that is never played off well enough to manage something from it. There are hints, the occasional flash of a story that would be really interesting to know, but none of that comes out in the works because it isn’t the point.

The work focuses on the erotica, which revolves around Lina for obvious reasons. There is some good heat in a little bit of succubus mind control, a few flashes of her being very succubus-like and taking her sexual partners to the edge and beyond. There is even a moment where she seems to have a heart and even a soul for a moment as well. But then her real character comes out, the twist in the story appears and the foreshadowed ending comes rapidly. It becomes very hard to actually like Lina, or the other main character in the series, because they are too aloof, too scheming and too self-focused on themselves that all else is a game, a scenario to be played out, and the collateral damage is seen as just being part of the game.

The thing about that is, for me, it takes the heat out of the story very quickly and replaces it with a lot of questions that are not delved into at all. The story isn’t quite what it seemed to be from the beginning and it’s really quite well done overall when the twist comes in and the truth comes out. But when the truth appears… it isn’t all that it needs to be. I’m not really sure what the story is when the ending arrives.

The works tend to be more focused on the erotica, what Lina does, what happens to those around her, over the why of the story. It is explained, only in passing why each of these encounters happened, but it’s a bit thin for me overall. Being that these are short, hot flashes, I’m not expecting to know everything, far from that, but I was expecting a point to the story that held me more than it did.

I also was hoping for some character growth along the way, even between the two works themselves, but that didn’t happen as well. Lina is the same in both works and her “partner” is as well. To know why things happen, why they are, and how this all started would have been nice. But it is all about the erotica, the twist in the end and the rest is vague whispers of thought that left me wanting.

I’ll give both works three out of five pitchforks.

More story, more about Lina and her “partner” would have been a good place to start. Along with that, making Lina more than a stereotypical succubus with a singular purpose might have been nice as well.




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    • James on July 24, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    Making Lina more than a stereotypical succubus (still an oxymoron) would require that growth of which Your Majesty writes. With an average of 13 pages–and I am guessing 7-9 for sex–in each story, that can be difficult . . . not to mention possibly beside the point for the author.

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    • TeraS on July 27, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Possibly so, shouldn’t be so…


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