Jul 11 2015

Two rather unique Succubus drinking glasses

A pair of oddly interesting tableware that I found recently. One is a shot glass, the other is a wine glass and between the two, I’m not sure which I like the better of them…

I found both of these at a site called Hip Flask, so obviously there is a particular focus there. You can find the Shot Glass here, it sells for $12 US and the Wine Glass can be found here, and it sells for $15 US.

I know that the images don’t really show what these two glasses look like, they almost seem like a stock image of the glass with the artwork pasted over and that’s a bit of a shame as you really haven’t a good idea of what they will look like, for one, the other is that you aren’t sure of the size of them either really.

I think, for myself, the wine glass would be what I would like, though I really do need to see what the actual glass is like regardless. I wouldn’t want something that looks cheap and I fear that they could be that way…

I do hope not. I’ll have to do a bit of investigating on that I think…



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