Succubi Image of the Week 390

If I can find an image of one of the Succubi where her tail is being expressive, that just gives me a lovely smile. I found such a work of art for this week’s Succubi. Her tail makes me smile, but the entire image is just wonderfully fun too…

Devil by Evulchibi

Devil by Evulchibi

This art, called Devil, but in my mind I call it Hot Stuff, is by Evulchibi. I found this work here on DeviantArt and you can find this artist’s page here.

I love this work in so many ways really… Her tail is simply adorable, seeming to have just the right comment to make over what’s happening here. I like that she looks human, save for her horns, which aren’t too large, and her tail, which gives her more presence than if she was not quite so human in appearance. A simple bikini just is the right look, and her expression framed by her hair just seems to say “I’m completely hot… come over here and I’ll show you!”

I will also admit, because it is very obvious, that the one thing that I adore most of all is that she does, in a lot of ways, remind me of the Succubi me…

And she’s always hot stuff you know…




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    • James on July 9, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    Hey, Your Majesty!

    You see they try to keep me on ice;
    but it won’t work. My virtue is vice
    and my heat just simply can’t be stopped.
    Admit it: I’ll bet your eyes just popped
    when you saw me, for all of me, and my tail.
    While you’re more tan, and I’m a bit pale,
    our tail-selves probably share many kinks.
    Let’s twine them up, then a few more links
    will turn all our tingles into quite the fire.
    Right here, right now, dear Queen . . . let’s stoke that desire.

    *Kisses from Hot Stuff*

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    • TeraS on July 27, 2015 at 11:08 am



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