A Review of Succubus by Miss Irene Clearmont

Succubus by Miss Irene Clearmont

Succubus by Miss Irene Clearmont

There are very few novels which have history at their core. It is the telling of that history, not just in the characters, but the world itself, that is what separates them from all else. To be able to weave a story within which there is something special, something unique, that is a gift, a rare one to find.

I had encountered a work simply titled Succubus written by Miss Irene Clearmont, but at the time that it came to my attention it seemed that the opportunity to see what the story was not likely to happen. I could not find a copy, and it seemed as if the work would remain a mystery to me.

Recently, the author contacted me, the ways of the internet are a mysterious thing really, and she gifted a copy of her work for which I am so very grateful. I had hoped for a story with substance, with purpose. Characters that were captivating and drew me into the story, not letting go. I am so very pleased to say, beyond a doubt, that the author succeeded in this.

The work tells the story of:

Erotic horror and female domination, in both modern and classical form, is the order of the day in this horrific tale of men under female control from the ever inventive and diabolical Miss Irene Clearmont.

With “Succubus”, the glorious Miss Irene gives us the tale of a beauty with roots dating back to the time of Carthage – and a need to control, dominate and destroy her male victims that is equally as old.

Male victims whose essence she takes during sex ensures she maintains her youth and beauty.

The world contains mysteries and questions beyond understanding. The path of Elspeth is one that has been touched by her for centuries uncountable. A need within growing stronger, a means being searched for. But along with that comes another searching for something else which will draw them both and other together into fates unknown.

Simply the most amazing piece of Succubus literature that I have read this year. The detail in the story, the presence of the characters is just exquisite. The work is not a simple piece of erotica by any means, there is so much more to be seen within the pages. It is complex, gripping, and once begun simply cannot be put down.

The main character, Elspeth, passes along a journey from the far past to the present day and as that unfolds history is seen through her eyes in one moment, but at the next, her own need and desire pushes at the limits. The story tells of her struggle with herself on the one moment, but in the next her deeply rooted need to dominate, control, and survive.

The myths of Succubi are mixed with that of Incubi and the Lamia among others. There are some wonderfully complex myths that come into play over the course of the story and this brings Elspeth’s journey into sharpen focus.

Elspeth herself changes with time, becoming kind of a chameleon as need be in order to survive. Along the way we see her encounter her prey and then see what her belief within drives her to do. There is a good deal of dominance in her character which I thought was well told in the work. She does have needs as a Succubus, which cause problems for herself and the ends to many others, but this isn’t done haphazardly or at a whim. There is purpose, direction, and reason to a point in her actions which did hold the story at the fore of the work. There is some lovely heat in the erotica, a bit of Succubus mind control appears here and there which I thought was well done also.

The writing is solid, there are no moments of being taken out of the story, or a misstep in a word or phrase being out of place. Every action matters. Every event in important. Every character, no matter how small their role, drives the story onwards and that tells of someone that knows their craft, why they are writing the work and where they want to be when it is over.

There is an Incubus that appears in the work as well, and it is an interesting exercise to compare him and Elspeth’s natures. Both are complex, both are predators, but more importantly, it is the difference in their attitudes, what they desire most of all that separates them.

The work is told in three arcs, all interconnected and I found that in being written this way there were moments that connected back and forth which added to the overall understanding of Elspeth which I appreciated. To see how events swirled around her, what the consequences were at later points along the story was breathtaking at times.

The work ends on a twist that is quite unexpected, but in doing so leaves behind many questions and thoughts to wonder over. In doing so the work leaves a lingering impression that is wonderfully done. The strength of the work comes in the characters, their lives and the choices they make. Simply wonderfully told and more.

Five out of five pitchforks.

Highly recommended. While a bit less romantic than I normally prefer, that is well overshadowed by the strength of the characters, the power of the story, and more.

My thanks again to the author for sharing this work with me and satisfying my curiosity. Well worth the read by any measure and I wish the author all of the best in her future writings…



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    • James on June 28, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    What a nice thing for Miss Clearmont to do! And what a nice sign of the good work Your Majesty is doing, as She now attracts capable authors who wish their works be included in Your Majesty’s ever-more-complete Wiki.

  1. One evening, in a casual search, I stumbled upon this wonderful site,
    curated by Tera and containing nothing less than the most complete
    collection of estoterica and information about Succubae.

    I chanced upon my own work as listed and did not hesitate to donate a copy
    to fulfil Tera’s stated wish to read it. I am more than gratified that she
    enjoyed my efforts and want to register here my thanks for treating it so
    kindly in her review.

    However, I also wish to mention that my ‘normal’ genre is erotica of the
    most puissant kind. Though I would not hesitate to recommend ‘Succubus’ to
    anyone with a penchant for esoteric literature, much of the rest of my
    writing is perhaps not of a similar nature! Still, it depends on where you
    stand, every view is relative! If you wish to taste my writing without risk,
    my site is full of writing that can be downloaded without cost or risk.

    I would recommend the following tales as perhaps fitting the style of
    ‘Succubus’, all of them free downloads in full


    The Last Sybill (Robert Graves, Mary Renault on ancient-feminist acid)
    The Coin (A historical non-romance)
    The German Sub (A war story with passion)
    Slaves Of Xi Ling (A complex Flashman-like (and Fu Manchu) romp set in

    Once again, I thank Tera for her review and remind you that you can read
    this book for the cost of an HONEST review on either Good Reads or Amazon.
    See Tera’s details above.

    Love and kisses,


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    • TeraS on July 27, 2015 at 10:56 am

    Thank you Irene, and my best wishes always…


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