A Review of Enthralled by the Incubi by Adriana Belle

Enthralled by the Incubi by Adriana Belle

Enthralled by the Incubi by Adriana Belle

For most stories about Succubi and incubi, there seems to be the underlying need to have them, at some point, do evil of some description. This happens far more often than not I find that to be very stereotypical. However, there is another view which holds there is good in them, a purpose, and if that comes out in the work, it does make for a much more enjoyable story.

There can be erotic moments, passions unleashed, but most of all, if there is an offer made to give that which one desires in their heart more of all, and provides… It is so much more.

The work tells of:

Eva Addison has lost herself completely to a muscular blacksmith with piercing green eyes, and as punishment she is moved out to a country manor, never to see him again.

She finds a mysterious ring that summons three incubi, bound to fulfill her every desire. That night she finds herself being pleasured in ways she never thought possible, but she still can’t get the blacksmith out of her head, and her sensual new servants devise a way to get her back to the muscle-bound man who was her first love…

Eva, in the wake of finding her love against the wishes of her family, finds herself taken far away and isolated. Exploring her surroundings, she finds a ring and discovers that it is the key to summoning a trio of Incubi who promise to give her that which she desires above all.

This work has a lovely mix of romance, need, want and desire and the addition of the Incubi, who are Jerael, Samael and Viciel, allows for that to be played upon in some very interesting and unique ways. What is especially welcome is that the Incubi, as a whole, are not “evil” and in being so there is not very much that it stereotypical about them. They do have horns, tails, and so on, but that is more window dressing to their characters than anything else.

While the Incubi are used to give the work some heat, some direction, and in the end, provide a lovely and wonderful resolution to the story, they don’t actually overwhelm things. The work is told from Eva’s perspective, through which it is clear that she has but one thing in her mind and one desire that even the attentions of Incubi cannot quite match.

There is a bit of a ‘Wayward Heights’ feel to the story, being set as it is in the past. But along with the tone comes the means for the Incubi to, as a whole, make dreams come true. When this happens, when the final piece of erotica comes, it is quite different how the Incubi react, what they see and do, but more over, they do as they said they would and that makes for a neat ending when it comes.

All of the characters are fully realized in the work, having their passions, needs, fears and, sometimes, secrets to tell. The plot itself is held to, carries on with little deviation, and it makes for a romantic story that I did enjoy.

The work ends on a… I’ll call it a pause. One story comes to a close, but a connection is made towards the next. However that does not appear, the story fades away quietly after all is said and done.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Romantic, passionate and true. A lovely little story about need and what some will do to make that need be fulfilled.




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    • James on June 17, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    I believe I have already mentioned that horns and a tail do not make someone evil. One of the best people I know looks quite good with them!

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    • TeraS on July 27, 2015 at 10:41 am



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