Jun 13 2015

An interesting Succubus game transformation

I came across a YouTube of part of a video game that I have never heard of called Summons War. Now the game itself doesn’t really appeal to me all that much, but there is, in a way, a Succubus character transformation that caught me when I came across it on YouTube…

And if you can’t see the video on the Tale, try this link:


And, as sometimes YouTube makes videos vanish. here are two image of the Succubus herself, one at the beginning of the video and one at the end when she has been transformed a bit…

The video calls this character Selena, which I think is a lovely name for a Succubus, but I have to admit that her outfit gives me something to think about…

Her stockings have given me an idea to work on for perhaps a bit of a different look this year for the Queen of the Succubi at Halloween… Latex of course for one, but the rest will take some thinking and considering I think.

Regardless of those thoughts, I think she’s really cute, her outfit has the right smexy and as a whole she is a wonderful Succubus…



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