Rain and Sun By TeraS

On this day, something for my heart and his Beloved … Given in joy, love, and thankfulness always …


Rain and Sun
By TeraS


There are, at times, changes in the weather, even in the Realm. Not every day is sunny, not every night is cool and calm. There are moments when the snows fall, the wind bites, and, of course, there comes the rain now and again.

Sometimes the rain is barely there, a little speck of wet that lands upon one’s hair or skin, an instance that reminds that there are moments in time where things are not so bright, so sunny, so clear. But it also brings a memory of summer picnics, sharing with the one loved, and the laughter when the little brushes of weather danced around the lovers.

Other times, the rain drizzles upon the ground, making little specks of sound as it lands on the grass, the paths walked, the roofs protecting those that seek shelter beneath them. Along with the slight chill in the air and the coolness of the rain comes the knowledge that things will grow from the rain, be made stronger, more vibrant, more alive.

On occasion, the rains come heavy, loudly, full of the power of nature expressing herself. They bring the good from before, but they also bring change. There are things that are bent, twisted, altered from what they once were. Some of those things are never quite the same again, the rains having made their mark. Others are just … gone. They exist no more, they are ended, only to be remembered.

In all of these moments, in the good, bad, or otherwise, there is, however, one singular constant that remains: shelter; the small bit of comfort that one holds in among all of the chaos which gives that bit of comfort and security. For some, the protection it gives seems minor, inconsequential, really nothing of note as a whole. They do not seem to see the value, the gift it is, what it offers to those that have the need. For others, it is both everything and all they need; that place of calm and safety, a moment where one can catch one’s breath and gather themselves before facing the rains once more and then continuing onwards.

In life, there are those that we think of as being our shelter. In truth, the word shelter doesn’t quite express what they are, really. It’s hard to explain how much it matters when they say hello, share a thought, talk about the good and the bad that may be in life. There are those in the world that have light in them, that show others the way from the darkness, the storms, the moments when it is not the easiest of things to manage to find shelter among all of the rains that come.

Some of those rains are real. They fall upon us and cause things to transpire: a leaking roof, perhaps a basement flooded. They create a feeling of loss, a moment of despair, a sinking feeling that can, sometimes, make one curl up into a ball and just want to go away for a while.

Sometimes, the rain is within: the thought that one might not be all one could be; the idea that one isn’t good enough, doesn’t do enough, cannot be enough. They are those little voices that keeps pointing out your flaws, your missteps, making everything worse and, in doing so, causing the rain to keep falling down upon you.

In all of this, in all of the things that come and all of the moments that are, there is something to remember: in all of the rain, there comes the sun. And, in those that give us the light to see, the shelter given is that of the love shared.

There are those in our lives who, in more ways than they can see, have given us a way from the rains back into the sun once more. They do so not by their actions—as inspiring as they are—not through their thoughts—which tell of their wisdom true—but more by the love they have. It is knowing, truly, just by seeing who they are, how they hold each other always, knowing … always.

You see, sometimes the rains wash away the one thing that matters most of all: our ability to see. Our vision is blurred, indistinct, and we discover the way from beneath the clouds and rain cannot be found. When we find those that have the light, share the path, help to find the way, it is something cherished, loved, and held dearly.

On this day, we celebrate the moment when two souls joined in the presence of the Goddess. We celebrate the light that was doubled and then again in that moment. We give thanks for them both, always, for their way back to the light when it was so hard to find in the rain.

The rain is only for the moment. The sun is for always.


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    • James on June 1, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    *Many grateful huggles and much love to both of you from your heart and his Beloved*

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    • TeraS on July 27, 2015 at 10:10 am

    *snugs tightly*

    Blessings always for you both…


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