May 20 2015

A long name for a Costume, but I sort of like it

Sexy Corset Deluxe Women Devil CostumeSomething of a costume that I do rather like in spite of the ridiculously long name it has. Perhaps it is the combination of black and red and how that happens to match up with my own mythos…

This is called the Sexy Corset Deluxe Women Devil Costume and it comes with a corset with boning, the skirt, sleevelets, and the horns. It does not include shoes and it sells for $60 US.

I like it mainly because it is the sort of thing I could wear at the door to hand out treats and not freeze in it. It’s not too over the top sexy, but there is a certain amount of attitude in it that I find attractive.

But the horns are those ones with fluff at the base, they would have to do, there is no tail, and those laces on the front of the corset, which do nothing for me, I do not like at all.

As a whole, I think it would look a lot better if the laces weren’t there really. To me they cheapen the look a lot and that need not have been.

I will add that the shoes the model is wearing do work and I’d have to dig a pair of my platform heels out, I’d likely trip over the hem if I wasn’t careful.

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks.

Call it a… backup costume… in a way.




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    I agree about the laces my Queen. Gimme some clippers and we will take care of that and use the scraps to make a wicked tail. But aren’t all of them wicked 😉

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    Wicked… naughty… One never knows…


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    I feel like the corset could do with some more black, to tie it in better with the rest of the outfit… But I *do* like what’s going on with the sleeves and the skirt.

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    The costume makes me think of a Flamenco Dancer for some reason. It may be a bit overdone and a the name may be a mouthful but I think it all works out pretty well. It feels smooth and graceful, even if it is a bit over the top.

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    I have to ponder more black really…


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    Clearly, I am too late to the party here. I’ve always known that, in my absence, others would step in as if I had never gone. *winking*

    Me? If I encountered a succubi with fuzz in the base of her horns, I would take her to hospital right away. Given how these things work in the Realm, she would probably enjoy the treatment immensely . . . and her tail would almost certainly be waving proudly when it was all done.

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    Never late, always there and thankfully so my heart…

    And, most of all, thank you for the smile…


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