Snoops – Part One By TeraS

I was chatting with my heart the other night and he commented, when I showed him a rather poor movie with succubi in it, that it might be used by some sort of Succubi Central Intelligence Agency as a means of torture …

Now, pondering that a little further, one could imagine that the Realm might, possibly have such a thing as a succubi spy service …

And so, the question becomes … What’s that all about, anyway?

This might be a story worth telling …

Part One
By TeraS

Usually, matters of state in the Realm include meetings in the Throne Room, where Tera and her Eternal, Keith, find themselves attending to—and being attended by—the mechanisms of the Realm’s bureaucracy. This is not, as many know, where Tera likes to be. For the most part, she tends to make decisions wherever and whenever the mood strikes her, even if, on occasion, it is someone else’s mood that does the striking. This drives the bureaucrats and ministers insane more often than not.

Of course, Tera is the one that does the pondering … and deciding, in the end. So it was when a little known branch of the Realm bureaucracy came into being: the Succubi Necessary Observational Operations Perspicacity Service, which Tera so named so that she could call them the SNOOPS (an acronym that makes her giggle every time).

The entire thing began when the Queen was posing, in the nude as it happened, for a purple-tailed, chocolate-skinned succubi who fancied herself an aspiring artist. Now, really none of this was all that odd—Tera was always trying to help those in the Realm, and elsewhere, find their talents and bring them to the fore. However, the fact that there was also a green-tailed succubi in the same room, holding a steno pad and quill in her hands, might have been seen as slightly different even to the none-too-observant … or those that might be drooling off in a corner, watching Tera’s tail drape over her curves, hiding them … slightly … sort of.

Even if that wasn’t strange enough, the conversation would most certainly reach out and tap them on the nose and turn their attention to it as a whole. The aspiring artist looked out from behind her canvas, brushed some of her pink hair away from her eyes, and commented: “Tera, it’s a good idea … really.”

Tera’s tail moved slightly: “Really, Deirdre?”

The tossing of a brush in Tera’s general direction was accompanied by: “Darn it! Don’t move!” The red-tail then arched an eyebrow in reply, which made Deirdre blush: “Sorry … Just … don’t move. It’s tough enough trying to paint you as it is without that darn tail teasing me.”

Tera’s reply was in a soft purr: “I have the oddest sense that you have me here, like this, so I can’t walk off as you try to convince me of your good idea.”

“Tera, you’d walk out of here, nude or otherwise, if you wanted to.”


Deirdre peeked out again, then ducked back: “So, getting back to my idea.”

Tera sighed lightly and waited patiently for Deirdre to paint a little more before she continued to speak: “You want to create a little group of succubi and incubi who will be working as spies.”

“That’s a bit harsh.”

“All right: snoops.” The artist looked at her Queen, waving a brush at her: “And that’s a bit too light.”

“Perhaps. Still I like the idea of them snooping around rather than spying on others. But that’s all semantics, isn’t it?”

“Yes. But they’ll be in danger, in places that we normally aren’t. They’ll have to act in ways you’ll not be happy with, Tera.”

The royal eyes narrowed: “Such as?”

A brush was dropped into a metal can to soak off the paint: “Acting stereotypically evil.”

“And that is where I have the problem. That’s not how our kind is, Deirdre.”

Deirdre picked up the canvas she was working on and turned it onto its side: “I said ‘acting.’ That doesn’t mean they’ll actually do something evil. And really, let’s face it, if we have someone being the girlfriend or boyfriend or lover of someone … unpleasant … they can always mind control them a bit to believe anything.”

Tera hummed, then replied: “You know, I’m sure that I can manage quite well in …”

The purple-tail looked over the top of the canvas: “No, Tera, you can’t. You haven’t got the smallest bit of being ‘not nice’ in you. Also, you have a problem in that you can’t lie. So, you aren’t exactly what would be called prime spy material.”


Deirdre mirrored her model’s eyebrow arch: “Okay, I’ll give you that. You are a huge snoop and pain in the ass.”

The brunette smirked: “Thank you.”

“What did I say about moving?”

The room was silent for a time, save for the sound of paint being drawn over canvas, before the green-tailed succubi looked up from her pad. A long sigh was followed with, “Tera, it’s not a bad idea. We do that, in a way, right now. This just makes it formal.”

The Queen’s eyes shifted to look at the blond, Asian succubi: “You cannot be serious, Nadia.”

“We have been threatened before, been lucky to get out of things, not without, I’ll add, a lot of problems. We’re better served to get out there, have some warning of what’s coming and, if we have to, deal with it before it falls on our doorstep.”

She closed her oh-so-green eyes: “And this will cost?”

Nadia answered that: “Some space to call their own. Some support from beings that are aligned with you, Tera. Most importantly, we’ll have to find the right people in the Realm to get involved in this.”

One of the things about Tera is that she’s not exactly slow to make a decision, and that was true in this case, as well. “Go make your plans. Get back to me about who you want to talk to, though I have my own ideas about that. Find a quiet out-of-the-way place in the Realm to set yourselves up. Oh, and, for the record, even if this isn’t, you aren’t going to have a formulaic, snoop-looking building. Have some taste, will you?”

Deirdre nodded: “Won’t go nuts … Promise.”

“I’m not concerned about that. I am concerned about you keeping your mind on what you will be responsible for. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are putting your Brothers and Sisters into harm’s way.”

Nadia commented: “You know, in the event that something went wrong, Tera, you’d have plausible deniability.”

Tera pursed her lips slightly and then her tail pointed in the direction of Deirdre’s painting: “Are you finished? Or rather, have you gotten what you wanted?”

Deirdre’s reply was a nod and then a nibble of her lip as Tera rose from the chair she had been sitting in and slinked her way over to have a look at the painting.

Tera looked at the portrait with a quizzical expression: “I do hope I don’t look that way.”

The canvas was completely blank, as pristine as when it was first created.

Deirdre smiled: “I can’t do portraits worth a damn. I can, however, fake it well.”

The red-tail picked up a red robe, draping it over her shoulders: “I hope you don’t with your snoops, Deirdre. I will hold you responsible for anything that happens to them.”

“I know.”

Tera’s green eyes bore into Deirdre’s soul for a moment, then she replied: “Nadia will be working with you from here on. You’re too brash and she’s too strait-laced. I only hope that will keep you both from doing something incredibly stupid.”

Nadia dropped her notepad at this surprise: “Tera!”

Tera smiled at her: “I know that you both are in cahoots in this idea of your’s. So, you might as well take some responsibility, as well.” As the two looked at each other, their sovereign tied her sash, adding: “You forget that I know exactly what you are both thinking.”

Desire tried to explain: “Tera …”

A wave of the brunette’s hand: “No, it’s fine. But it is also a lesson for the two of you. There’s no such thing as ‘plausible deniability’ for me. So don’t make a mistake; remember that I’m watching.”

The two slightly chastised succubi nodded as Tera started to leave. However, before she did so, she looked over her shoulder and smiled: “You’ll always be the Snoops to me.”

After their queen left, Nadia asked: “Where are we going to start?”

Deirdre smirked: “I think we find some suitably named succubi and incubi and ask if they want to join an exclusive club.”

Nadia giggled: “The Snoops?”

“Yup. The Snoops.”


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    • James on May 18, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    A fun start, Your Majesty.

    And it occurs to me that the Queen posing for a portrait could be a story all by itself . . .

    • avatar
    • legion on May 19, 2015 at 12:44 am

    I remember this idea when you did a story about code name Succubi that was along the same idea lines. As James said, a fun start but that doesn’t surprise me coming from you.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on May 19, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    The portrait story is started, but undone…

    And this story is a bit different Legion in that the other one didn’t have an actual Succubi in it…


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