May 04 2015

Technical Difficulties… Sorry…

There should be a story here today, but there isn’t. I’ve suffered a rather huge issue with my Mac and, sometime today, my Eternal will be visiting a Mac repair shop with the hope of bringing my Mac, named Tail of course, back to life.

As such there isn’t anything here today because I really have problems writing on a laptop. I won’t bore you all with the reasons, but needless to say, it isn’t just the typing that is the issue, it’s all of the stuff on Tail’s hard drive that I can’t get to at the moment…

None of it is lost, thankfully, and I hope that sometime next week she’ll be back in my hands and back to herself once more…

So, as they say…

Please stand by…




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    Ack! Wishing a speedy recovering for tail.

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    I’m very sorry to hear that My Queen. But glad to hear that nothing was lost. I hope that tail is able to be repaired swiftly.

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    Clearly, my comments aren’t needed here, so I am going out to pitchfork some computer spirits on Your Majesty’s behalf . . .

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    Macs are certainly capable of… peculiar things, Dearest. I know from personal experience.

    But hopefully whatever’s afflicting Tail isn’t too dire, and that she’ll be restored to working order as swiftly as possible.

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    Don’t worry about it! I’m sad that I can’t read it yet, but stuff like this happens. Here’s hoping your eternal won’t have to win the Mortal Kombat tournament to get it fixed.

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    Tail is back, thankfully, but she needed a vast amount of repairs…

    I shall be dipping into the Realm Treasury a bit…


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