Apr 09 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 377

One of those images of a Succubus this week on the Tale where I just really love the outfit she is wearing… And it makes me wonder if it isn’t something that I can’t bring into the real world for Halloween somehow…

Succubus by yulijeon

Succubus by yulijeon

This art is simply titled Succubus and is by an artist on Pixiv called Yulijeon. You can find the original page with this art here on Pixiv.

I just adore her outfit, and, assuming she has thigh-high boots, I think I can create a look very much like this for Halloween. Yes it will take some time and yes my seamstress will be giving me some looks I can tell you… but… there’s just a lot of seductive cuteness in this outfit and that really does suit me very well…

Beyond that, I love her tail, her horns and wings aren’t silly or look like they’ve been damaged in some way and that as well adds to her beauty. Her body shape isn’t over the top, really does mesh well with her clothing… I like her hair, that little locket she wears too…

Prehaps she’s something like a guide? To help those that need to find their way to… something more?

That’s an interesting thought…




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    I’m not sure about Your Majesty with platinum hair, and changing the locket to emerald would allow for matching Your Majesty’s eyes, but, otherwise, I do believe it is quite doable and intriguing. Your Majesty will simply need to be careful about whom She is guiding.

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    I think it looks lovely My Queen, however if you wanted to get the look EXACTLY right… um might want to watch where you are in the outside world as I think too many minds might be blown.

    But as for the Guide:


    I am Zalana and I am a succubi.

    Unlike most of my other sisters, I have been given a special charge and skill by My Queen.
    Oh, I still seduce, I still feed of the passion of mortals but I also do more than that. I am a picture of innocence wrapped in a package of desire. I can be both the clueless innocent or I can be the answer to your every desire.

    It just depends on you.

    You see, I am for the special ones. The ones who bury their desires deep into their hearts. The ones who have locked up the true fire we succubi feed on and deny it is ever there. These are the ones that are told what they desire is wrong, that passion, love, desire, and strength are misguided and not useful to them.

    My Queen gave me this heart shaped locket with a key hole. The key is moving my charges to admitting they have these contained desires. When that happens the key turns, the lock opens on both my locket and their imprisoned passions, and then…. well, and then things get very interesting.

    What do you have locked inside for us both to revel in?

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    Ding. Dong.

    Trick or Treat!

    I like it.

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    Legion’s response is much better than mine, Your Majesty. That might be kept in mind for that story where Queen Tera is looking for a new poet laureate . . . just in case the last part of that story doesn’t work out any better than my reply.

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    True,,, Blonde isn’t me really… But it was an idle thought to ponder really…


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    And thank you Legion for the lovely, lovely thoughts…


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    There is one poet laureate, one heart, and that is for always…


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