Apr 01 2015

This costume is missing something and will never find it

Sexy Red Devil CostumeThere are lots of costumes that I have looked at that are missing something… Some more than others, but it is, as I’ve seen, a theme… Here’s another example of that…

This is called the Sexy Red Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the horns and the tail. It sells for $56 with only $25 charged for shipping and handling at one of the places I found this.

It’s just… well tacky is probably giving it a compliment, but that is about the best description of this that I can think of. The horns are lousy, the tail looks like an afterthought and the dress itself, especially that glitter bow are too ugly for words.

I can do a lot better with a red strapless dress, a pair of horns and a tail than this and I won’t feel half as silly… Well, actually not at all as silly as I would in wearing this disaster.

I can’t see a way to save this, nor really would I want to try as it would make more sense to put the time into something a lot better than this.

As well, I think that charging almost as much in shipping as the costume itself is a bit on the tacky side as well.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I’m not even sure why this exists to be honest…




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    So, how does Your Majesty really feel about this when not mincing words? *winking*

    Your Majesty never addressed exactly what was “missing” in this costume. May I suggest it is the “sexy”? May I further suggest that, given the size and ugly shape of the horns, a more appropriate name might be the “Hideously Deformed Giant Red Earwig” costume?

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    Well, I wouldn’t have said no to her, though I certainly would not describe the dress as a sexy succubus costume.

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    I think the missing begins at the sexy really… It’s gets worse from there…


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