A Review of the Incubus Inc. series by Gloria Thicke

The Incubus On Campus: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

The Incubus On Campus: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

A review this time of a cute little series of four works about an Incubus named Jordan and some of his adventures. The series is called Incubus Inc., and it’s quite a neat piece of writing save for some nitpicks that I had with the stories.

The idea of a company of Incubi that goes out and about fulfilling sexual fantasies isn’t really a new one, but what is different in this series is that the story told about Jordan I thought was quite complex and interesting and tied things together well. That’s always a good place to start…

Sometimes even an Incubus needs a fresh start and a new outlook… Or a kick in the tail at least to realize it.

The work tells of:

Jordan is an Incubus. And you know what they do!

He’s with Incubus, Inc., and they’re there for ladies in need. Ladies like shy Molly, a BBW who doesn’t know she’s one, having endured a pretty awful fiasco with one boyfriend. Now she’s lonely on campus, but that’s about to change, now that the incubus is on campus!

Jordan is an incubus with a succubus for a boss. When Angela tells him that he is getting stale and forces him to change his ways, Jordan discovers that sometimes change is a good thing.

Really a fun start to the series as a whole. I liked Jordan, Angela and the other incubus that appeared, Damien, quite a lot. It’s a bit hard to figure out if they are actually “evil” or “stereotypical” at the beginning of the work because it really isn’t spoken of very much. However by the end of the work, and what gift that Jordan leaves for Molly, it seems clear that they do in their own way good and I liked that a lot.

All three, Jordan, Damien and Angela, have their true forms and then things take an interesting twist. They don’t simply shift into the person that the other wants… They sort of wrap themselves in the form on that person. I though that was a unique way to deal with shapeshifting and it’s one of the more unique methods that I have read in some time. They all have tails, horns, and red skin. I wasn’t too thrilled with sharp teeth, but that’s part of who they are and so it is here.

Being that the three of them are part of a “office” for lack of a better word, there a really amazing sense of a long term relationship between the three of them and along with that comes a lot of what seems to be office politics and that I just couldn’t help but laugh about when it happened.

There’s quite a lot of story and series set up which didn’t feel like an info dump. There’s a good deal of story between Molly and Jordan as well before the erotica appears in the work. When it does, it is a quick hot flash that works quite well, adds to the story as a whole and I liked that the story didn’t go too far over the top in the erotica. In not doing so it made the rest of the work matter and that was important for the series overall.

Given the length of the series, the first book needs to have focus, set up the main characters, and clearly explain how things are. In this work that was all laid out well in an enjoyable little tale that had a good deal of humour, fun, sass, and heat. A solid start to the series.

The one thing that I wish could have been told more was Angela’s position and what kind of past she has with Jordan and Damien. I think that would have added some depth to the characters and that would have been good.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

The Incubus Does Cosplay: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

The Incubus Does Cosplay: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

A nice start to the series, good heat, interesting characters and there’s a solid story underpinning things. A good place to start and gave a lot of promise to things going forwards.

In the next book, Jordan’s travels continue as he learns that not everything, and everyone, is exactly as they seem. For an incubus, that really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Sometimes humans do the oddest things and when they do even an incubus can be surprised and learn something from that.

  • Title: The Incubus Does Cosplay: The Adventures of an Incubus
  • Author: Gloria Thicke
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B00PITD5M8
  • Publishing Date: November 11, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Jordan the Incubus has a new assignment. And this one involves cosplay, dressing up like your favorite comic book character or hero. Ashlyn’s at the comic book convention feeling pretty unsure of herself, even with her BBW warrior princess wardrobe. So imagine her surprise when a hot guy approaches and proposes playing without the costumes on!

Jordan gets his next assignment from Angela and it’s not at all what he expected. Dressing up to impress in a new way he finds out that there are all kinds of fantasies out there to explore.

The same structure used in the first book reappears in the second, Jordan gets his assignment, looks for her, gives her a wonderfully hot night and then vanishes once more. It is actually well thought out as in doing so the story gets into a rhythm and all of the storytelling happens in a way that leads towards the erotica well.

In this work Angela appears at the comic book convention, almost but not quite looking like a succubus and having quite a lot of fun with it too. This does cause a small complication for Jordan, which I liked a lot as it added a bit more story to things. Damien also appears at the beginning and end of the work and in doing so it’s clear that there is something else going on with him that is hinted at, but not quite explained. It’s reasonably clear what the problem is and it’s a lovely thought.

The scenes in the convention are well told and looking at things from Ashlyn, the one that Jordan has been assigned to’s perspective is fun too. It’s nice to see her emotions when she sees him with Angela, how that hurts, but also how things turn around for her when Jordan approached her.

Another quick hot flash of erotica, but one with a warm fuzzy felling to it that I liked. The one thing that seems to be a bit sad however is that every time that Jordan has been with someone, they’ve fallen asleep right afterwards. I wish that wouldn’t be the constant means to get from the erotica to the next part of the book, but that’s how things are.

The end of the work sets up things for the next work in the story much in the same way that it did in the first work. It’s a bit more complex and revealing about both Jordan and Damien however and it read better than in the first work.

Well written again, one or two small word errors, but they didn’t wreck the story. There’s still a lot left unsaid and to be seen and I like that as it kept my interest in the series going forwards. There was some good character development as well and that also interested me.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

A lovely look into fantasies, desires and what happens when some of them become real.

The Incubus Is A Billionaire: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

The Incubus Is A Billionaire: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

In the next work, things take a turn towards one of the more popular themes of late in erotica. Overall that could be a really bad thing in a lot of ways because that’s becoming a very strong trope. Still, there’s a chance for things to be different, there are both succubi and incubi involved after all.

Sometimes having all of the money in the world isn’t enough. It might make you the envy of others, it might give you a sense of power, but otherwise it doesn’t mean much if you aren’t up to what someone’s fantasies are.

  • Title: The Incubus Is A Billionaire: The Adventures of an Incubus
  • Author: Gloria Thicke
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QH1KLK0
  • Publishing Date: December 1, 2014
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Jordan the Incubus is at it again! This time, he’s an eccentric billionaire who gets helicoptered into Kat’s life. She doesn’t know whether to believe him or not when he tells her she looks just like Marilyn Monroe. But maybe she’ll be a bit more convinced once she and Jordan take it to the corner office!

Jordan’s next assignment is to sweep Kat off her feet. Feeling a bit like a fish out of water, he manages to draw Kat to him and give her something wonderful. But with all of his successes there are problems brewing ahead for he and his world.

What’s most interesting in this work is that it is finally, clearly, said that the succubi and incubi of Incubus Inc. are not, at all, stereotypical. They are between heaven and hell, they believe in the joys they can bring to others and, more importantly, by doing so they make the lives of those they touch better. While this was suggested through the series, it was good to see this finally stated, clearly, as it explains a lot and sets up the fourth work in the series to come.

I wish that this had been more clearly said sooner in the series, if only fleetingly, as the detail that the work goes into about why Angela is in charge, the choices she made and more, they all set up a really dynamic concept and it’s one that I really do like a lot.

Again, as in the previous works, the work is divided into similar chapters which lead towards the erotica of the work and then the story continues afterwards. In doing so, again, there’s a lot of character development that happens with Jordan, Angela and Damien. There’s an interesting relationship triangle there and seeing that develop over the series kept me interested in the series.

It’s quite funny to watch as Jordan attempts to deal with his new reality, the trials and problems that it brings, but as well the impatience that he shows at times was hilarious. It adds a neat flavour to his character and through him the others as well.

When the erotica comes into play, it’s a nice little office sex scene with a little bit of a twist in it that I thought worked well. While it does read a bit like many of the other billionaire erotica works, it isn’t quite the same and I was glad to see that. If it had been that would be disappointing for how well this author wrote the other works in the series.

Written well, there wasn’t anything that took me out of the story, and as such it had a good voice to it. I was somewhat put off by the billionaire theme however and my dislike of that trope did colour my enjoyment of it. But that couldn’t overcome my love of the background of the succubi and incubi that I adored here.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

So much story revealed, so much setting up for the stories to come. Really a solid work that opened the story up and offered much.

The Incubus Plays Doctor: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

The Incubus Plays Doctor: The Adventures of an Incubus by Gloria Thicke

The last work in the series, at least to this point when this review was published, is a bit of a let down. That’s mainly because at the end of the story there are several cliffhangers, a promise by the author to continue… and it didn’t.

There is a saying that tells doctors to heal themselves. Sometimes that’s true of incubi and succubi as well. The question is, however, to be able to figure out how to heal when it’s love that is causing you pain.

It’s a hard cliffhanger to leave a reader in suspense over.

  • Title: The Incubus Plays Doctor: The Adventures of an Incubus
  • Author: Gloria Thicke
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 6, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Jordan has managed to end up in the hospital due to some not-so-divine intervention. And he’s convinced he knows the cure for what ails him. What Jordan has in mind for his health care provider and her sexy BBW nurse side-kick could be just what the doctor ordered.

Things went a bit wrong for Jordan after his last assignment. Winding up in the hospital he gets into a situation where things aren’t going his way. But that will change, given time. As for his two friends, time is running out for one, and the other can’t do anything about it.

There is a lot more erotica as a whole in this work compared to the previous ones, but that’s not really a criticism. In fact, things are compressed in the story so far as the erotica is concerned to make room for more story. The erotica is, like the other works, a quick hot flash, well told and enjoyable, but compared to the rest of the story, it pales.

There’s an amazing amount of story being told in this work. While a lot of the story centres on two people that Jordan meets in the hospital, and that focus is at times cute, funny, and delicious, it can’t hold a candle to another story that has been building up since the very first book. In this work something very important is revealed about Damien, about Angela, and more important still, what the effect is when they fall into love.

There’s more emotional connections, development, and story in a few short pages about Damien and Angela that I really wish that more time had been spent on that part of the series story. As it is, we only get a taste of the issue, what could happen and then the work, and series, come to a close. The author then promises that the series will continue, but as of this review it hasn’t and that’s a real shame.

What the author suggested was coming, what it would tell of, really would have been great as it would have placed Damien in the forefront of one work and Angela in another. There’s so much mystery and story behind these two characters that hasn’t been touched on and it really needs to be. There’s every chance that the author will at some point continue and I hope that they do because ending the series like this is a disservice to their writing, their characters and what they have created. While this is a shame, it isn’t enough to lower my enjoyment of the work like such things have in the past.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Not the best way to end a series, or pause one really. So many questions left behind that need to be answered somehow. I feel like there is a truth that will come into play that changes all of the main characters in the series and I hope to see that sometime. Story matters and this author showed that they knew that. The story should continue to its conclusion.


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    • James on March 29, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    My, oh my! Your Majesty is now reviewing entire libraries in a day!

    I am intrigued by the author’s fascination with BBWs, and wonder just a bit what that is about.

    As for the problem with the ending, Your Majesty has already pointed out that this will be a significant change in emphasis and direction for the series. This may be difficult for her, ass it would be for just about any author. We can only hope that, with time, she will overcome it.

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    • TeraS on March 29, 2015 at 10:05 pm


    Well… Not quite one day, but close my heart… I have hopes that the promise given appears, because it is really a good idea or rather ideas… But like all things… We shall see…


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