Mar 28 2015

A bit of a different Succubus art WIP YouTube

A slightly different style of Succubus art today on the Tale that I found on YouTube. I think she’s lovely and in her own way makes a neat Succubus…

And if you can’t see the video here, try this link:


And here’s an image of the Succubus in question:

Succubus by Kyle's Deam Space

Sort of a mix of myths and legends here I think overall… Certainly she’s nothing like any other Succubus art that I have seen. I get a slight daily webcomic vibe from her as well and I wonder about that…

Love her hair, that little hint of a smile and her eye is rather captivating too… I wonder what her name might be…



  1. avatar

    Amazing how an artist can create such a work of art out of a lot of static and the mantra “This video has been removed by the user” . . . *winking*

    Hi, my name is Little Lil’–no not that one.
    She is my idol; I’m just more for having fun.
    That’s why I took a chance to sneak
    into that Garden, trance that snake . . .
    And I’ll drive that Evie just so wild before I’m done.

  2. avatar

    I’m a sucker for that classic image of Lilith with the serpent! I think this may well be the cutest depiction of that picture I’ve ever seen. The snake is also really cute, though I wonder why it’s lovestruck with the viewer.

  3. avatar

    The magic might be lost to YouTube’s finickiness… But the emotions are found in your words my heart…


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