A Review of the Dark MMF series by Sol Serano

My Incubus Wants to Share by Sol Serano

My Incubus Wants to Share by Sol Serano

A review this time of a rather oddly named book series in which an Incubus in one of the characters. While I do see why the series is named as it is, because of the erotica, I think it’s a poor title and there needs to be a better series title than M/M/F. That seems more than a little unimaginative sadly.

Sometimes the secrets you keep can hurt you. They can hurt others as well. When that secret involves an Incubus that is, overall, more of a brute than anything else, that’s a real problem in a lot of ways…

  • Title: My Incubus Wants to Share
  • Author: Sol Serano
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B00Q7W0172
  • Publishing Date: November 26, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is about:

Marly a spicy, red-haired, art gallery manager has discovered the area’s next great painter, and the love of her life, Kevin Laciter. He, the starving artist, leaves his lover Stephan behind to be only with Marly. She is his love, his muse, and with her he finds success only imagined. But Marly has a dark secret, a dark friend, an incubus with whom she shares everything, including her body. When she insists he go so she can pursue her relationship in peace, her incubus lays out the terms. She must share the love of her life with him, just one time, and he will go.

Marly has a secret and it’s been with her for all of her life. An incubus, named Viktor, lives in her home and has been her protector, lover, and more over the years. Falling in love, she asks Viktor to leave and he agrees, but first he wants both Marly and her love.

The first work sets up a lot of Marly’s history, her relationships, and that of her lover Kevin and his as well. There’s a good deal of time spent in the story telling about Marley’s thoughts, what she fears and worries over, and what her goals are. When Kevin appears, it’s clear that Marley is in love with him, professionally and personally, and that connection between the characters comes through quite clearly.

Things are complicated however by Viktor, an Incubus that Marley has had in her life for many years. In the same way that Marly needs Kevin, she needs Viktor as much, considering that Viktor has been the only one who has been able to satisfy her needs. It’s a rather complex relationship which is told and when Marly asks Viktor to leave her, things begin to go wrong. Viktor turns towards being stereotypical and that’s a shame really as before Marly’s request he seems to be in love with her. Hurt, and quite badly so, Viktor makes a demand of Marly, to share her with Kevin, and Kevin with Viktor. promising that afterwards Marly would be free.

There is a short bit of erotica, a hot flash, which does work, but seems less well done than the proceeding story that was told. It is a bit brutal in some ways, but in the story works well to bring the story towards its climax. When that arrives and the last line of this work appears, it’s clear that Viktor has other ideas and the series continues from that point onwards.

The writing, in a lot of ways, makes the erotica almost unnecessary for the point of the story isn’t so much in what Viktor does as it is what Marly does. As the focus is on Marly and what happens around her, that makes a good deal of sense. It’s a good start to the series and offers the promise of a story that’s more than just erotica.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

My Demanding Incubus by Sol Serano

My Demanding Incubus by Sol Serano

A good start to the series with strong characters and a mystery that needs to unfold. In telling that story things become more complicated and in that happening, the work offers more.

The second work reveals some of Viktor’s needs, Marly’s as well, and Kevin’s own truths that cause all kinds of problems for everyone. Sometimes the choices made are bad ones. The problem is that at the time you don’t see that and when you do it can be far too late to do anything about it save submit.

  • Title: My Demanding Incubus
  • Author: Sol Serano
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • Publishing Date: December 2, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is about:

Kevin is out of sorts unable to deal with Marly’s beast. He issues her an ultimatum as old as time – me or him. Though her love for Kevin is real, she knows it will only take a little more time to whip her demon in shape. She will get things back to normal, and then win Kevin back. She chooses her incubus.

Marly realizes quickly, her beast is gaining strength, and has more than a few demands. She is having a hard time getting him under her thumb. In a last ditch attempt, she seeks a new man for her beast to enjoy, sure he will be placated. What happens next is a flurry of heated activity as Marly and her new found friend, Bryan, betray themselves to do the beast’s bidding.

Things are getting worse for Marly by the moment as her relationship with Viktor turns from her being the one in control to her being submissive to his needs. Marly is forced into bringing another man to Viktor when Kevin turns away from her, believing that doing so will make things right. But the truth tells a different story.

Again in the second work the focus is on Marly’s continuing story, what she is suffering through, and the losses she is encountering. She’s less and less in control of things and her world, and own existence, is coming apart slowly but surely. There’s a clear aspect of denial in her mind over what is happening and when she attempts to take back some control she finds that Viktor doesn’t like that thought.

The confusion within Marly is very strong and gets worse as the story goes on. Viktor uses quite a bit of emotional, and otherwise, mind control in this work to get his way, succeeding for the most part. Marly finds a man for Viktor, brings them together and then falls under Viktor’s spell. There’s another hot flash of erotica which drives the story forwards and doesn’t feel out of place.

There is a lot of character development in this work which I enjoyed. Marly had to change in this story and it’s clear that she does, going from one extreme to another and back again. Kevin is a lesser presence in this work, though he does have an effect as the story goes onwards. Viktor himself really only becomes more dominant, more controlling and more needing of Marly in this work and that’s a shame.

Viktor was a more interesting character in the first work because there was some mystery around him. There was something changing, a secret to be figured out and in this work that really isn’t explored very much. He is a force in the story, controlling much of what happens from the shadows, but otherwise there isn’t much development for him save that he is the dominant one in the relationship.

As the bridge work, it is a good story and it provides the path for the plot to follow in the third work well. There’s hints of what comes next, but not so much so that it telegraphs the third work thankfully. As well written as the first work, there’s a bit more time spent in the erotica than the story and, for me, I found that a bit disappointing. There could have been more told about Viktor, who and what he really is, but that’s not told here and I think it might have been.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A story of control, who has it, and what that control can do to another. A bit lost at times, but by the end it did manage to find the way forwards once more to the third and final work in the series.

Seducing My Incubus by Sol Serano

Seducing My Incubus by Sol Serano

The third work is, over all, the strongest of the series because it is mainly story, The hardest thing in a story to reveal is the why things are. Next to that is dealing with the way and drawing the story to a conclusion that makes sense and isn’t a cop out.

When dealing with an Incubus, the thing to keep in mind is that they need something. If you can figure out that need and how to control it, then you can control the Incubus as well. If you can, somehow, manage to control yourself of course.

  • Title: Seducing My Incubus
  • Author: Sol Serano
  • Length: 27 Pages
  • ASIN: B00S93LKQS
  • Publishing Date: January 14, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is about:

In this, the third in the Dark MMF Series, finds Marly crushed, spent and defeated. Her incubus, Viktor, has become too strong for her to control. The more she gives, the more he takes. After collecting herself after the disastrous encounter with Bryan, Marly makes the discovery that she in fact has the power to seduce her incubus. In this super hot tale, Kevin joins Marly and together they reach an understanding with Viktor that will fix everything forever.

Marly comes to the end of her rope as Viktor’s powers over her seem to be almost complete. He is no longer the caring creature he was, now demanding and dominating over her. Breaking free and running to Kevin, she realizes what she needs to do and with Kevin’s help she might just have Viktor returned to his place once more if they can us Viktor’s needs against him.

In this last part of the series, Marly goes from the depths of despair towards being back in control of her life and in doing so she comes to realize several important things. One is that she loves Kevin dearly of course, but the other is that to have power over someone isn’t simple and to gain that power back takes understanding of why that power exists and how to use it.

The story is a bit of a roller-coaster as Marly finally figures out what she must do in order to bring Viktor to heel and to put him in his place once more. There are some nicely hot scenes of Marly discovering that control and using it to gain the upper hand in the relationship. The same can be said, in some ways, in how finding her power once more also effects her relationship with Kevin. Marly changes, changing into someone that’s slightly different from the beginning of the story.

I didn’t care all that much for Marly at the beginning of the series but in this work she becomes a lot more attractive personality-wise. In doing so she also changes her own being and that’s an interesting transformation to see unfold.

Kevin is a stronger presence in this work and that helps a lot because not being in the story leaves a hole in Marly that is quite apparent. When Marly figures that out, then their relationship is stronger, the story is better and I felt that the tone changed too.

Viktor is both the aggressor and the victim in this last part of the series, but it’s hard to feel anything for him considering how drunk on power he was in the second work and how that continues in the third until Marly figures things out. Past that point, and more so towards the ending, Viktor is a sad, lost creature who has echoes of what Marly had been through. While somewhat justified, the ending was a bit sad as a whole and made me wonder why things went the way they did.

If felt as if Viktor didn’t really think when he became stronger, losing himself in the power he had and in doing so only served to make things worse for everyone, especially himself. It was a shame as while Marly and Kevin’s characters developed, Viktor wound up at the beginning. I expected something more, but didn’t see that.

Again the work is written well, tells a strong story and has a very good erotic hot flash in it. But again there’s a lot of Viktor’s background left untold, the implications of what happens in this work are not carried onwards after the erotica is past and the short aftermath is told. It ends on a point where there could be another work in the series to take things a little further. I’m not sure if that would help or hinder things, but leaving things where they ended. for me. was a bit disappointing.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The series as a whole does tell a very good and strong story which I liked overall. There are a lot of questions about Viktor that are never answered, some of which I think would have made for some interesting reveals about Marly herself. In spite of that missing fragment of the series, it’s a strong piece of writing with a bit of erotica to make it better.

For the series as a whole, I’ll give it three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The series starts well and has a good promise but it stumbles through the second work and in the third the series ends too abruptly. More character development, a shade more background to all of the characters and a bit more focus on story would, I think, made this work stronger as a whole.




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    • James on March 27, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    It seems to me, based on Your Majesty’s review, that Marly does grow in this series, and finds out that she needs others–in this case, Kevin and Viktor–in order to be a complete person. It is a pity that, in order for her, and Kevin, to become more complete, Viktor, it seems, must become less so. Perhaps that is why the author made Viktor an incubus, thinking that, as a not-real person, he didn’t require real development.

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    • Pocong on March 28, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    I wouldn’t say that Viktor has no development, just that he develops into a bad person. Him becoming a worse person as he gains more power over Marly and Kevin does make sense according to what we know about the guy. Still, it’s painful to watch and does leave you feeling like he could have been better. I kind of wish they had played him as a kind of Byronic Hero rather than as an animal.

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    • TeraS on March 29, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Sad but true it seems my heart…


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