A Review of Succubus in Scarlet by Xan Asher

Succubus in Scarlet by Xan Asher

Succubus in Scarlet by Xan Asher

I think that the one, certain thing, that happens to a lot of Succubi in stories is that there seems to be always one specific being that traps them, turns them in Succubi and then hides the truth from them. Then comes that moment when the Succubus in question meets the “one” for her and, of course, they try to drive her away from happiness.

The thing is, love, in all its forms, never can be denied. Even if the the two in love have the hardest of times figuring out what that love is.

The work tells of:

Julia St Germaine traded her immortal soul for life as a succubus.
 She has everything a woman could want … fast cars, diamonds, eternal beauty and a killer body … literally.

All that and Azhael, her demon conduit to the next world. Azhael is determined to keep her on the unholy straight and narrow, dragging in sexual energy and souls to the world of Other.

But the vampire overlord Rafe Tomas is determined to avenge the death of his friends. Friends whom Julia has killed in the course of her succubus duties. 
Rafe wants vengeance. He wants Julia dead. He also wants Julia herself. The sexual heat between them is incendiary. But Julia knows the only thing denied her is true lust, let alone love.

Can she find a life with Rafe? And even if she can, will Azhael destroy them both first?

Julia is a Succubus, she’s been one for a very long time. The thing is that while she is Succubus and takes the life from others… she focuses on vampires only. There’s a reason for that, one that reflects on her past. And one can never manage to escape their past… no matter how long ago that was.

Julia herself is a stunningly beautiful Succubus, very dominant in nature, sure of herself and what she is capable of. There isn’t any sign of horns or tail in the story, but her voice, her seduction of Rafe, the heat within her at their being together speaks volumes about her character. But it isn’t just that which made me adore her. It’s the connection she has with her long past family, their ancestors and how that connects into the story as a whole that brings her to a unexpected level for me. There’s so much I like about her character that I can excuse, for the most part, her bull headedness and one track mind when it comes to Rafe.

Rafe himself is, in a lot of ways, a mirror image to Julia. He’s every bit as dominant, every bit as sexual and powerful. Being a vampire of course he feeds in a different way and that did bother me through most of the story. At least until the conclusion when many surprises occurred, some of the reasons for why things are were explained, though not fully, and many of the questions about him were explained.

It is the climax of the story, when a surprising reveal comes about a minor character that tied up a lot of loose ends, made things right, in many ways, and brought the story to a very satisfying conclusion.

But before the story comes to a close there are some very hot, erotic scenes which showed, quite well I thought, the pitfalls of being a Succubus when you finally find someone that you care about and want to be with. Save all of the blood letting that occurs between Rafe and Julia, it was amazingly written and I loved every moment of it. It wasn’t overdone by any means thankfully and it strengthened the story overall as well.

Really a wonderfully written story, the characters are gripping in their pasts, their present, and what they go through in the story. It’s really an excellent page turner with some very hot erotica mixed into a story of discovery, the meaning of family, and finding one’s soulmate when you didn’t think you had a soul.

As a stand alone story, this would have been lovely and everything I could ask for. But the way it is framed, it is presented as the beginning to a series and… that never happened. There is every opportunity for that to be/ But it didn’t. More’s the shame really as all of the world building, situations, and events easily lead towards that. It left me wanting and saddened when I couldn’t find more to this than there was.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

It is a shame that, as of this review, the series never materialized, the story was left untold, and that’s unfortunate. It really shouldn’t have turned out this way. It’s far too good of a story to end where it does with so many things left unsaid and a mystery…




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    • James on March 27, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    There have been a lot of these in Your Majesty’s reviews lately: series that began, but never materialized. It is a bit sad, but somewhat understandable, as it takes time and resiliency and effort. On the other hand, if one is going to sell stories, then it is more than a hobby. Maybe such an author would be better served to not sell part one until part two is well along . . . or even completed.

    And, if the story isn’t advertised that way, but just suggests it, that sound to me like the lazy way out of writing a proper ending.

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    • Pocong on March 28, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    To be fair, a lot of people who sell these series are hobbyists who are doing these as side projects. Often times they end up starting a project but having to shelve it because life gets in the way. Hopefully the author will come back to this one later, after things quiet down for them.

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    • TeraS on March 29, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    At the time they all want to go forwards, but don’t and really it has gotten to the point were a lot of the series that appear I am starting to wait until I see more than one or two books released…


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