Mar 26 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 375

One of the more unique creations of a Succubus that I have found for this week’s Succubi on the Tale. I wonder if she is more of a warrioress than a Queen… Perhaps one that seeks to defend those that are hers against others…

Considering her expression, that must be a long, hard, battle indeed…

Succubus Queen by Michael.R

Succubus Queen by Michael.R

This art is titled Succubus Queen and it is by and artist on Pixiv called Michael.R. You can find the original page with this work here on Pixiv.

This is really one of the most unique pieces of art that I have seen that shows a Succubus going into battle. So many times those kinds of images don’t have a lot of emotion in them or a setting which gives perspective on what the Succubus has been through or is facing. I think in this art there’s a lot of emotions that encompass her.

There’s a shadow in her eyes, her poise, that seems to say that she’s been through much, but remains unbound and true to her kind.

As any Succubus Queen should be.




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    Besieged but unbowed,
    her life for all her daughters,
    she’s Succubi Queen.

    It seems to me that, when her Realm is threatened, a Warriress is precisely who the Queen should be . . . and is.

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    I really dig the lighting and the almost alien features that she has in this picture, especially the awesome blue “cracks” across her hips. It’s a really nice visual representation of the alienation she feels due to having to take on the role of a warrior when she’s a lover at heart. It gives a sense of the weight of her responsibilities and how much difficulty she has in bearing them.

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    She can hope and try my heart… Promise.


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    *kissing Your Majesty’s horns*

    She does so much more than try, I promise.

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    Thank you my heart… always…


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