Mar 21 2015

These are rather expensive hooves…

I’ve mentioned at several times that I really don’t care for Succubi with hooves very much. Nonetheless, it is a trope of Succubi and some similar beings. I came across a YouTube of a pair of hoof boots that I thought were very well done. Then I understood why that was when I found where they were for sale and what they cost.

If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And here is an image of the boots in question:

Hoof Boots

As an accessory for a costume, I think they are very well done and look really nice. However there is a slight problem which comes when you look here and see what they are selling for.

It’s a little expensive for my tastes… I have nothing against the quality and obviously you get what you pay for. I’m not sure that I could justify the cost in this case…

Again, that’s my particular view of things… Hooves and all…


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