Mar 18 2015

It’s only a Naughty Devil with a lot of work…

Naughty Devil CostumeI found a costume this week that, surprisingly, I do rather like in a lot of ways. Overall the look is sexy, the style is interesting and I think it works well… The only issue is that, again, to get the complete look you have to buy the optional accessories… That meaning the dress, the gloves, the tutu, the stockings, the shoes…

This is called the Naughty Devil Costume Kit and it comes with the horns, the mask and the tail… and that’s it. Everything else is not included.

It sells for $15 US.

I looked up the rest of the costume this model is wearing and to purchase the dress, gloves, stockings and shoes would cost just over $125 US.

So, to make this costume, and to be honest, overall I really do like the look of this very very much, it would be $140 US.

I’m not sure this costume is actually worth that much considering the other, better ones, that I have looked at in the past which came with a lot more style and style to them for about the same cost.

Thinking about this a little more, I can, in all honesty, create this look in a much better way from the things I have in my Succubi wardrobe and do it a lot better than this.

As a whole, if this was a complete costume for sale, I would give it three and a half pitchforks out of five.

But of course the only thing that I should be rating are the tail, which is lousy, and the mask and horns, which I like in a sort of “at least they match” sort of way.

So… I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

But at least I have an idea to ponder…




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    May I point out to Your Majesty that one who wears the costume actually being sold–just tail, horns, and mask–could indeed be a very naughty devil?

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    Well… True… But then wouldn’t they have a bit more imagination or talent?


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