Mar 14 2015

A Chess Player meets a Succubus YouTube

There is an anime called Kyonyuu Fantasy which has Succubi appear as some of the characters in the story. Now, I haven’t seen the entire thing myself, I’ll do so at some point, but it was something that I came across on YouTube and as is shows the… rather endowed Succubi characters in the series…

And if the video can’t been seen here on the Tale, try this link:


The summary that I found is rather… interesting… as well…

Ryuuto Hende, a soldier with unbelievable luck, is assigned to a province where a succubus is and the local “first lady”, happens to be sexually frustrated.

It is described as a comedy and from the little scenes in the YouTube I found I can see that. I hope it is a bit more than I am expecting it to be though… We’ll see.



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