Mar 09 2015

Lost… But hoping…

There isn’t a story here today to be shared.

There isn’t another story of the Realm, a bit of fluff, a moment that needed to be told.

I’m lost. I’m feeling very lost and the reasons for that loss I won’t be sharing here…

I don’t know, if ever, I will be writing again. It might be a long time away before I find in myself the desire and need to be creative once more… But at this moment… I just cannot find it within myself to.

What this means is that Mondays will likely have nothing here. I don’t want to put something else in the place of this day, so I won’t be. I may full well just put a single word here and nothing more.

I might do nothing. To be honest at this moment I just don’t know what I will do or won’t do.

The rest of the Tale will go on, as things are, for quite some time to come. There are many weeks and months of posts I’ve accumulated and if nothing else, at least that will be here.

But otherwise?

I just don’t know at this moment…

My apologies to everyone… I just need some time…




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    Because you obviously need them My Queen.

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    hugs to you many many of them

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    …Dearest… while I can only speculate blindly on what has transpired, know that this is far from a time when you need to apologise. Whatever your reasons are, they are most certainly valid ones for taking some time away from here.

    I won’t presume you’ll be in a state to give voice to any of this for quite a while, if ever… but in the event of that, I know I’m not the only one who would gladly try their best to aid you somehow. So if you do feel like talking somewhere down the line, you know how to reach those who care for you. :: huggles ::

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    I am sorry to hear read this. My heart goes out to you.

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    Don’t even worry about us over here, we’ll all be fine. Take all the time that you need to recover from whatever it was that happened to you and know that everyone here cares about you as a dear friend. Good luck Tera, we’re all here if you need any of us.

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    Thank you all, truly more than any of you can know…

    It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.


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    Prayers, hugs, and wishes for you and all yours.

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