Mar 07 2015

Some Video RPG Succubi are not what they could be

So there is, apparently, a video role playing game called Loren the Amazon Princess. As part of this game, at one point, you happen to come across… a Succubus.

And if you can’t see the video on the Tale, try this link:


Here’s an image of the Succubus herself, her name is Jul… Actually I do like her name as I think about it a bit…

Jul the Succubus of Loren The Amazon Princess

Jul the Succubus of Loren The Amazon Princess

It’s a shame really that there are no other images of her, and really for the most part she’s there for a moment and then vanishes… But I like her name…

There could be something in that…

Regardless, she’s somewhat of a stereotypical enemy, but there is a bit of mind control in the storyline and she does at least look the part… And I do like her tail actually…

Just wish she was more than she is…




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    Jul was a major disappointment for me, particularly because she’s one of the few characters in the game that you aren’t allowed to start a relationship with. You can form a meaningful relationship with amazons, dark elves, and Ken from Street Fighter but you can’t talk it out with the one succubus? It just feels like such a waste…

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    At some point, there will be a game that actually has a good Succubus in it… No, really there will be…


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    Tera, sweetie:

    You seem to find this human useful, so I am borrowing him to pass a message to you. He’s not too bad . . . well, for what he is.

    That was the prob with those game designers, too. So human, so limited, such dweebs . . . *sighing* . . . anywhooo . . . they just could not get a grip on the full extent of who I really could be, so I just decided not to hang around.

    Yes, that means I can alter the reality that I’m in, and I can do the same for yours, dear. Someday, when you least expect it, I’ll show you just how much you’ll enjoy it . . . whether you mean to or not . . . and I’ll even show you how useful real horns, like mine, can be.

    And, if you are as good as I think you will be, I just might show you how to make the best use of a human like this one. *wink*

    Toodles, babe!

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