Feb 04 2015

The name of this costume is as bad as the costume is

Red Devil High Collar Long Sleeves CostumeI wonder sometimes if the lack of imagination about a costume comes from the costume itself or if it is the name of the costume that does it. It’s like the question of the chicken and the egg… Which came first? In this costume’s case… neither would be the right answer I think.

This is called, and I am serious, the Red Devil High Collar Long Sleeves Costume. I have to say that at least they aren’t missing out on a lot of descriptives… Save for lousy or ugly that is.

The costume comes with the romper, the pitchfork and the horns. It sells for $25 US, shoes not included.

Honestly this ranks into the worst 10 costumes I have seen. There’s so much eye burning ugliness in this disaster that it pains me to try and start describing just how bad it is.

Pitchfork? Lousy. Horns? Look like sparkly rabbit ears. The zipper in the front is “eye-catching” and I use that term very loosely. It is only that for the way it screams “cheap!”

As a overall look, there isn’t anything sexy about it. The high collar is so silly in the first place and then the entire style of the costume seems to say that no imagination was needed save a vat of red dye to colour the costume.

This is one of those disasters that has no possible means to making it better… Save for tossing it into a fire and watching it burn for amusement…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I don’t need to say to avoid this do I?




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