Jan 28 2015

A costume that is masquerading as a Devil and isn’t…

Devil Masquerade CostumeI rather like going to masquerades and the right costume for them, to me, is very important. However, sometimes the costumes that suggest that they might be for such things are never quite that which they claim to be.

This is called the Devil Masquerade Costume and it comes with the dress, panniers, the gloves and that’s all. It sells for $65 US.

Did you notice what’s missing?

A pair of horns for one thing. And some tastefulness for the other. It’s quite the train wreck really, looking very unfinished and really unflattering I think. But there is something else missing that’s rather important as well.

There is no mask either.

So, in truth, what this really represents is a collection of other items you are supposed to purchase in order to attain this level of tackiness…

Not that you would want to I think.

I would have a far better costume by finding one of my strapless dresses, a pair of horns, a tail, and a pair of kitten heels…. Oh, and a mask that I wouldn’t be holding in one hand all of the time either.

To say this entire concept needs help would be putting it mildly and honestly it is something that is better left behind on a costume search…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

However, on the plus side, I have given myself an idea for a…. special surprise for my Eternal so that has to be a good thing…

Or it will be…




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