A Review of A Willing Plaything by Rafaela Valdez

A Willing Plaything by Rafaela Valdez

A Willing Plaything by Rafaela Valdez

I’ve sometimes wondered what a group of Succubi in a kind of Dungeons and Dragons story would be like. How “evil” would they be? Would they be more practical? More thoughtful? What would the group be structured like?

But of course being that it would be sort of D&D in nature, that means chain mail bikinis, buxom warriors and Succubi having their way with them. All in all, if the right mix of laughter, erotica, and uniqueness was in the story, it could work really well… Sometimes it can.

The summary tells of:

Siofra’s ninth adventure in an underground succubus sex magick lair. Siofra’s long-awaited ninth adventure takes her underground, where horny devils live, hoping to use her eagerness and energy to refuel their dark magickal needs. Who’s playing who?

Siofra is a Paladin on a quest, one that involves finding her way through a dungeon and confronting a group of evil succubi. However she finds out that the succubi aren’t exactly evil, but they all know exactly what they want from her.

The work reads very much like a Dungeons and Dragons encounter in a lot of ways. Siofra is a Paladin, wearing a chain mail bikini of course, and she encounters a group of succubi who use a bit of mind control on her before they have some fun with her.

The odd thing about the work is that the succubi seem to speak in a very modern sort of way which did give me some pause as the story progressed. The tone seemed to be slightly Valley Girl in accent which just seemed weird as a whole.

That said, the method of mind control that the succubi use is quite interesting and how Siofra was effected by it, how her attitude, wants and desires change as a result is nicely subtle at first. It isn’t that she suddenly wants to have fun with the succubi, it’s more than her own needs get ramped up over time and then when Siofra is suitably trapped, the complete submission to the will of the succubi comes. And for that matter, so does Siofra and the succubi.

None of the succubi are actually named in this story, though there is a cute little passage about a new succubus “learning the ropes” that I just adored. The group as a whole is unique, each succubi having their own personality and sexual drives which they each draw from Siofra over the course of the story.

Siofra isn’t quite the normal oversexed female Paladin in chain mail, there’s a bit of magic she’s been stuck with that the succubi take full advantage of and really some of what transpired as a result of that was hilariously funny.

The work is well written, the erotica is nicely hot with an undercurrent of both mind control and dominance that I felt came together really well. At the close of the work, the view of the succubi was I thought perfect for what they did over the course of the story. The story does leave a few plot paths open at the end for another work, but as a whole it does end on a good note and I did like the story overall very much.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I think I would have liked names for the succubi and perhaps a bit more mind control being used on Siofra. Perhaps the succubi need to visit her? What would be the effects of a group of succubi entering a town in this world? And would Siofra help them or simply become their pet again?

I think I would like to see that.




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    • James on January 27, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Alas, since the summary mentions this is Siofra’s ninth adventure and yet, apparently, the first with succubi, I fear that they are simply the MacGuffin du jour, and will not be returning. Still, we can hope that the author would see this review and take a hint. I’d cross my tail, if I had one.

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    • TeraS on January 28, 2015 at 10:27 am

    One can hope my heart at least, as unlikely as it is…


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