The Lost Girl doesn’t seem to have a big enough umbrella…

The most amazing thing happened this week on Lost Girl. There actually was an episode that held my interest, told a decent story, told a lot about the pasts of many of the characters and, most of all, actually focused on the overall season arc above just making a silly side trip into irrelevancy. I almost thought we had moved back into the second season of the series and the most interesting thing is… the source of this story actually comes from an episode in the second season that comes back to haunt Bo and everyone else.

It is rare, at least in this season, that a fact, a moment, something that was a major plot point in the past comes back and is used in a way that isn’t over the top, or dumb, or, in the worst case, tossed aside or changed from what is known to be true in the series. The episode made a lot of sense, for the most part, and in that I thought that the series had finally found its footing this week. I’ll even allow that Mark didn’t make me ill when he appeared, for one, and that the overall situations and events in this episode fit together fairly well for the other.

There was a lot of the old season chemistry between the characters, something that has been a bit on and off as a whole. But with all of this, I still find myself wondering what this would have been like with Kenzi there. How things might have unfolded with Hale being present. I found myself thinking about the “what ifs” a lot in this episode. But more so I wonder about the “what will” to come in the mid-season finale next week and the second half of the season to come… eventually. There is a lot of questions to be answered, a lot of mysteries to be explained and, with any luck, that will happen sooner rather than later. I really hope for the next episode to be something amazing.. if not then after this episode, that will just be devastating a point to pause on as, in truth, this episode makes s very good mid-season finale on its own.

The seventh episode of the fifth season, also episode sixty-eight of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo gets lost in a storm and breaks Tamsin’s heart. Dyson gets involved in a marriage crisis and takes one for the team. Trick sees ghosts from his past while Vex gets a hint of his future. Lauren has all kinds of surprises happen while Evony’s past returns to rain on her parade…

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This is the seventh review of the fifth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out that after the day ends…


Here Comes The Night


The episode opens with scenes from the previous episode which include: Dyson discovering the mark of the Ancients that was left at the murder scene of the football player, Bo looking at the images of the three dead humans and Dyson commenting that they were all possessed by some kind of Fae. Trick is then shown serving Zee, the female Ancient, her drink at the Dal Riata. Alycia Welles meets with Dyson, telling him about her late husband who she saw very much alive, and then Bo meeting Heratio, the possessed husband and confronting him and the other Ancients. Iris tells Mark that something will happen at the football game, Bo realizing that the Ancients are feeding from the crowd and then Zee attacking Bo with lightning. Trick then calls the Ancients the most powerful Fae family that every lived while Iris is shown drawing their mark and then the three Ancients looking out their window at the city as lightning strikes and thunder crashes.

The episode begins with images of a rubble covered street, many wrecked cars and many walking wounded and injured crying out in pain as emergency vehicle sirens wail. Bo (Anna Silk), Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) walk through the street, appearing to have been caught in the disaster as it happened, but not seeming to be injured. Bo and Dyson approach a wrecked car and after a short struggle with debris, help free the trapped passengers and driver. Tamsin tells Dyson and Bo that the tornado is continuing east through the city and that there are ambulances in a safe zone nearby. Tamsin tells Bo that the scene “is a battlefield and I’ve seen my share” Bo replies that she has never seen anything like what has happened and Tamsin comforts Bo, telling her “As long as we are together we can take on anything. You’re my girl” as she embraces Bo. Bo begins to speak to Tamsin, saying her name, but when Tamsin replies: “Yeah girl?” Bo turns away and comments: “Never mind.” Bo then notices something in the distance and begins walking away from Tamsin. Approaching an oddly bare section of road which some kind of pattern marked into it with dirt, Bo walks to the centre and then stops. As Bo whispers: “Oh my Gods” it is shown that an enormous triskele has been left behind in the aftermath of the tornado’s wake.

The scene then switches to the apartment where the three Ancients have taken up residence, Zee (Amanda Walsh) standing on the balcony and gloating at the destruction she has caused. She calls out the names of the Oracles Pythia (Aniela Kurylo), Dedona (Sagine Semajuste) and Cassie (Vanessa Matsui) before striding towards them. She attempts to rouse the three who are laying on a sofa mumbling to themselves, Zee telling them: “It’s almost time.” and then pulls on each of their chains calling them “Oracles” and “Oraclettes” and “My little eyeless wonders” Zee then walks away from the three, looking out the window to see dark clouds forming over the city and blocking out the sun as they do so. As the room darkens, the three Oracles gasp, stand and then pronounce in unison: “Only in the darkness can we see the light.” Zee then smiles and replies: “Ready. Set. Bo.” as lightning strikes and thunder booms in the city.

After the abbreviated opening sequence ends, Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is seen working at her clinic as vast numbers of walking wounded arrive seeking treatment. A news report catches Lauren’s attention which reveals that lightning is continuing to strike over the city and that there is no answer to why the disaster has occurred. Bo’s assistant Sam (Gabe Grey) comments: “Apocalypse anyone?” and Lauren replies: “Someone is trying to send us a message.” and Sam jokes: “Oh good because we’re not equipped for the end of the world.” Sam then tells Lauren that Cassie is missing and that they have room for only one more patient as another patient arrives and then Bo, Dyson and Tamsin appear, Bo commenting: “How about three?” Lauren asks Bo what is happening and she tells Lauren that the Ancients are behind the disaster, that they saw the Ancient’s symbol which Tamsin describes as “like a big ass crop circle. At least we know they aren’t subtle.” Dyson reminds Tamsin that they do not know where the Ancients are, and tells Lauren that he is working on that problem. Tamsin then suggests to Bo that they “recheck the streets to make sure no one is left behind” and when Bo looks at Lauren, she tells Bo to go. However, Dyson stops Bo and expresses his worry that “someone is going to use this chaos to try and take Lauren’s serum.” Bo then decides to stay, and tells Tamsin and Dyson to be careful. Before Dyson and Tamsin leave, Tamsin kisses Bo, Dyson just nodding at Bo before he follows Tamsin out of the clinic. Bo then approaches Lauren who is looking at a patient, the two sharing a look as the power fails in the clinic and darkness falls. A moment later the emergency power comes on, Sam comments “About that apocalypse” and Lauren calls out that they have everything under control and no one should panic. Lauren then tells Bo: “It’s Evony’s cryobox.”

Elsewhere, Trick (Richard Howland), Vex (Paul Amos), and Mark (Luke Bilyk) are at the Dal Riata as the storm continues, Mark commenting “I love storms” and Vex replying” Oh! Enthusiasm!”, Trick calling for a bucket as the roof begins to leak on the bar. Trick then reads from one of his texts: “Zeus was so frustrated with the human’s piety that he flooded the Earth to destroy mankind. He used Hera’s messenger Iris, the rainbow god to do it.” Vex asks Trick: “When you mean Gods you actually mean…” Trick continues: “Fae. So powerful that, a long time ago, humans worshipped them.” Vex asks: “Hold the lift. If Zeus and his Ancient bunch are reeking havoc on our colony skies, why am I stuck here in Cheers with you lot? I feel like I’ve picked the worst lane in the shittiest traffic of all time.” Trick calls Vex fickle and then tells Vex to go and get him some candles. After grouching about this, Vex then goes off to find Trick some candles.

Vex is then seen in the depths of the Dal Riata, examining some of Trick’s wine cellar before taking one of the bottles and drinking from it. Mark then appears, warns Vex that he will be blamed for the missing liquor and Vex puts the bottle back. What follows next is a series of sexual innuendoes referring to the length and size of candles before Mark drops out of sight and gives Vex oral sex, Vex gasping and moaning as Mark does so. After he finishes, Mark kisses Vex as the scene comes to a close.

Dyson is then seen at his gym, wondering where the Gods would be as Tamsin enters and comments: “Big fluffy white cloud in the sky duh.” and also asks: “Do you have any cream cheese?” which makes Dyson chuckle. Dyson comments that Tamsin “smells good wet” and hands her a towel. Tamsin tells Dyson: “Streets are under control, surprisingly no fatalities” and Dyson muses over why the Ancients would send a tornado over the city. Tamsin wonders: “Maybe it’s not about the tornado, it’s about the aftermath.” When Dyson wonders about the “destruction and chaos” Tamsin replies: “Blackout. Not the wakeup on Saturday morning at the Four Seasons kind.” Dyson notes that he has checked the previous addresses of Zee’s human body and the PR firm the Ancients had taken over, but both were empty. Tamsin then shows Dyson a flyer she found which Alycia Welles had posted asking for information should anyone see her husband alive. Dyson comments that he told her to leave town, but Tamsin tells him she saw her husband alive after an elevator crash, it if was her, she’d be looking for answers as well. Dyson then asks Tamsin to find all of the posters and take them down as well as looking for any evidence of the Gods and removing them as well. Tamsin comments that she is going to “check the clinic” first, but when Dyson begins to comment, Tamsin blurts out: “I’m not jealous of Lauren!” Dyson then explains: “Bo’s a succubus. There’s always going to be other people. It’s in her nature.” Tamsin replies: “It’s not the other people I am worried about. It’s just the one.” Dyson gives Tamsin a long look, then starts to leave, Tamsin asks where he is going and Dyson tells her that he is: “Going to see about a girl.”

Back at Lauren’s clinic, Bo watches Lauren as she frantically tries to keep Evony’s cryobox working in spite of the lack of power. Lauren cannot understand how the device cannot keep working when it is on three backup generators, Bo tells her: “With Evony nothing is ever enough.” Bo then asks: “Please tell me this thing is about to unleash a lifetime supply of FroYo.” Lauren, in a frightened voice tells Bo: “Try one of the oldest and most dangerous Fae ever to walk the Earth.” Bo sighs: “Lovely” and asks what they should do. The device then announces that it will shut down in ninety seconds and orders an evacuation. Bo looks at Lauren and says: “Evacuate it is.”

Following the first commercial break, Bo and Lauren roll Evony’s device into an isolation chamber and then lock the door. Lauren tells Bo that all of the patients are being moved away and any ambulances coming have been sent elsewhere. As the countdown comes towards its end, Bo and Lauren are armed and waiting to see what happens next. As the count reaches zero the container springs open and there is nothing to be seen within the device. Bo comments “Huh” and Lauren replies “Are you freaking kidding me?” The pair enter the chamber and then Lauren calls out: “Evony Fleurette Marquise I despise you!” Bo looks at Lauren and answers: “Yet you continue to work for her. This is for her, to make her Fae again!” Lauren looks at Bo and sighs: “Yeah. It is.” She then walks over to a radio and turns it on in an attempt to mask their conversation from Evony’s listening devices. Bo wonders if they “should save the generator power for something more important” and Lauren embraces her and they begin to slow dance to the music together. Lauren explains to Bo that Evony could be listening and then she explains to Bo: “I know what I am doing. You need to trust me. I’m getting to live my life long dream. Treating humans, Fae, conducting research and nothing has anything to do with turning Evony Fae again. I don’t work for anybody but myself.” Bo answers: “You know how to seize an opportunity.” Lauren replies: “For some of us, life is shorter.” Bo is silent and then answers: “Then let’s make it count” as they kiss.

Elsewhere, Dyson knocks on the door of Alycia Welles’ home and the door is answered by Heratio (Noam Jenkins) who asks: “Can I help you?” Dyson asks what he is doing there, but before he can answer, Alycia (Lisa Marcos) appears, calling out “Kevin” which seems to indicate that Heratio is masquerading as Vincent Welles, Alycia’s late husband. She recognizes Dyson and when Heratio comments to her “Oh, you know him.” Dyson explains: “I was assigned to your case. I thought I would check in.” Alycia then rants about how the police would not allow her to see Kevin’s body and all she had was an urn of ashes, but Heratio calms her down before tells Dyson that there is no need for him to be there and no need to investigate further as he is “home safe, no thanks to you and your department I might add.” When Dyson asks where he was, Heratio makes the excuse that he woke up on the side of Highway 6, stumbled around and then “found Alycia.” Dyson considers this and then asks if he could take Heratio’s statement about what happened, and at first Heratio declines saying that “we were about to make some hot cocoa” but Dyson replies: “Well, I’d love some.”

Tamsin arrives at the clinic and calls out Bo and Lauren’s names as she looks for them, moments later finding Bo and Lauren in bed together, standing there and looking devastated. Mark is then shown working at the Dal Riata and when he walks past Vex, Mark asks: “Help me unload again?” which makes Vex spit out the drink he was having and reply: “I beg your pardon?” Mark then asks Vex to give him a “quick hand” which confuses Vex even more as he asks: “Now? Right now?” Mark answers: “I’m sorry are there other dishes in the future that I don’t know about?” Vex seems relieved and agrees to help Mark with the dishes, adding that he thought that Mark was “referring to what happened in the Keg Room.” Mark is confused by this, but before the discussion can go any further Evony (Emmanuelle Vaugier) enters the Dal Riata and comments to Vex: “Dim lights does wonders for this crowd, except for you, your eyes still look sunken in.” Vex then introduces Mark to Evony, adding: “Her only redeeming feature is her filthy rich husband.” Mark shakes Evony’s hand and when she makes a comment about Mark’s complexion, Vex whispers: “Dyson’s offspring” to which Evony comments: “Explains the face.” Evony then comments that she loves storms now that she is human and they make her all “quivery.” Vex then uses his power to draw Evony away and confront her, commenting: “Not over role-playing are we Mrs. Robinson?” When Evony makes a snide comment about Mark, Vex’s obvious anger about it makes Evony comment that Vex has a crush on Mark. Vex remains Evony that as a human she is not meant to be in Fae territory, but Evony tells Vex that: “Once Fae, always Fae.” Evony then tells Vex to come with her, but Vex refuses, saying that he does not take orders from Evony any longer. She replies: “I need you. Power outage means you know what is on the loose.” Vex seems shocked as he replies: “Has he killed the monopoly man?” but Evony tells Vex that her sugar daddy is safe and well. Evony explains: “I had it stored at my clinic” and Vex sighs: “You wanted to gain control over your little serum.” When Vex asks about Lauren, Evony replies: “What she doesn’t see will definitely hurt her.” Bo and Lauren are then seen in bed, Bo musing that she wishes they could remain in bed together. Lauren replies that “since tonight is about seizing the moment” she should “pop open” some champagne. Lauren gets out of bed and leaves the room to find Sam standing in the hallway, turned away from her. When Lauren comes close, she sees that Sam has been attacked and is dead, his body falling to the floor as Bo arrives on the scene. When Lauren tells Bo that Sam is dead, Bo answers: “Evony wasn’t lying after all. There is a monster. And it’s invisible.”

After another commercial break, Dyson is interviewing Heratio with Alycia sitting beside him. Alycia tells Dyson that when she saw her husband at her front door she thought she was dreaming. After sharing a kiss with Heratio, Dyson asks Heratio to give his statement about what happened and as he does so, Heratio makes several mistakes from his initial explanation to Dyson including getting the number of the highway wrong, but Heratio brushes this off as “being a bit out of it.” When Alycia leaves the room, Dyson tells Heratio that he knows who he is and when Heratio tells Dyson to keep his distance, Dyson replies: “Murders, kidnapping Oracles, destroying the city. This all stops tonight.” Heratio smirks: “I’m not done playing house yet.” Alycia then returns and offers Heratio some marshmallows which he calls his favourite, and when Alycia asks what he and Dyson where talking about, Heratio replies: “I was just telling Dyson I was about to kill you” and then takes hold of Alycia by her throat. When Dyson demands that Heratio release Alycia, and calls him “Zeus”, Heratio turns to Dyson and tells him: “My name is Hera” before sending a cloud of gadflies to attack Dyson, calling them a “crowd pleaser.” When Hera turns to kill Alycia, she screams and drives a dagger into Hera’s stomach, adding: “Vincent hated marshmallows.” Looking at the wound suffered, Hera comments: “This damn human body”, turns to Alycia and tells her: “I’ll be back for yours” before stumbling away and the attack on Dyson ends.

Back at Lauren’s clinic, Bo and Lauren are creeping through the hallways in the dark. Lauren frets over the deaths of Lisa and Sam, but Bo reminds Lauren that neither death was her fault, but Lauren explains: “I haven’t felt this guilty since my Karen Beattie days.” Bo comments: “Seriously? Now? Now you decide to tell me about your former identity?” Lauren blames it on her trauma, and Bo replies: “Hey, whatever I can get. Karen Beattie all over me.” Lauren tells Bo: “It was a long time ago, people died it was my fault.” Bo replies: “I guess we have more in common than I thought.” Bo then tells Lauren to leave and she will “take care of this” but Lauren refuses. Bo insists saying it is too dangerous for Lauren, but Lauren replies: “I might not be as strong as you and Tamsin but that doesn’t mean that I can’t fight.” Lauren then finds a fire axe and adds: “I’m not scared anymore.”

Dyson arrives at his place with Alycia. After asking her if she’d rather stay at a hotel, and Alycia telling Dyson that she feels safer where she is, Dyson sets up a place for her to stay. Alycia asks Dyson what happened at her home and Dyson replies: “He’s not Kevin any more.” When she asks who he is, Dyson answers: “I don’t know. But I’ll help you find out.” After Alycia sits on the cot that Dyson has set up for her, he leaves the room, closing the room behind him.

Returning to his evidence board, Dyson attempts to put the pieces of the puzzle together and is then surprised by what appears to be Bo, who tells Dyson to be quiet as Alycia is sleeping. Bo calls Alycia “pretty” and then asks who Alycia is. Dyson explains that she is “a human that needs protection.” Dyson comments as well: “Strange. Usually I can smell you coming from a mile away.” Bo asks: “Do I not smell like me?” and after a pause, Dyson replies: “Yeah. You do. Must be the storm.” Bo asks if she can tell Dyson a secret and Dyson replies with a bit of confusion: “I didn’t think we had any.” Bo then tells Dyson: “I think about you. Everyday.” Dyson tells Bo: “I think about you too.” Then Bo tells Dyson: “I just can’t be with you right now.” Dyson nods and replies: “I know. Same old game.” Then Bo wonders: “Maybe it’s time we changed the rules.” Dyson is surprised, telling Bo: “This is a bit of a curve ball” then Bo answers: “I’ll give you a curve ball.” Dyson then winces, Bo asks: “What? Not attractive?” and Dyson grunts: “No. A bit on the painful side.” They begin to laugh, but then hush each other so that they do not wake Alycia. Bo then promises to be quiet, but adds: “Can’t promise you will be” before the two kiss.

Vex and Evony are then seen at Lauren’s clinic, Vex not doing anything while Evony rummages through Lauren’s lab trying to find the serum. When Vex asks what good the serum would be without Lauren’s help, Evony replies: “She’s not helping me, she’s using me and I let her because I thought I didn’t have a choice. Now I am taking things into my own rapidly wrinkling human hands.” When Vex asks if Evony knows another doctor that treats Fae, Evony tells him: “I will find one. A witch, a druid, a sorcerer with a rope for a belt if I have to.” Vex seems to be transfixed by something on Evony’s chest and then comments: “What is that? Is that a skin tag?” which sets Evony off one a rant in which she tells Vex that is why she needs to become Fae again. There is the sound of something crashing and breaking which frightens them both. Evony tells Vex: “If it gets close, you remember what to do.” Vex chuckles: “How could I forget? It’s how you and I met.” Vex then continues: “You were a shattered little mess” to which Evony agrees she was and then adds: “And you saved me.” As Evony continues to search, Vex turns away and leaves at the exact moment that Evony comments: “Of course the serum is behind a bush. When will I learn?” Turning around, Evony calls out Vex’s name but he is no longer there, Bo and Lauren there instead, Lauren holding the serum and asking: “Looking for something?” Evony commands: “Give.” but Lauren replies: “Your monster killed one of my doctors and you have the nerve to come in here and try to steal my work?” Evony warns: “When that thing finds us, its going to eat you both alive and then it’s going to use me as a toothpick. Because I’m the skinniest.” Bo confronts her, saying: “We’re done taking shots in the dark” and asking how to stop the monster before it does any more damage. Evony tells Bo that “nothing on this Earth can kill it. No chemical, no weapon. Not even lumberbutch over here.” There is the sound of thunder and then Bo whispers: “I have an idea.” Evony asks what the idea is and Bo turns to Lauren and asks “how are your throwing skills.” Lauren replies: “It’s on an 82 percent on a good day.” Bo calls that good enough and then adds: “Question is, what does it want most?” The two then look at Evony who shakes her head and moans: “Oh… no” and Bo replies: “Oh yes.” Eveny tells Bo that she doesn’t know what she is dealing with, adding: “And I’m not talking invisible monster. With the Ancients back we are all ground meat, steak freaking tatar and hold the capers because there won’t be time for condiments!” Lauren offhandedly replies: “What? Some dusty old Fae? What makes you think they are so dangerous?” Evony is quiet a moment, then reveals: “I don’t think, I know. I used to date one.” The Oracles are then seen walking together in a street and repeating over and over again: “Only in the darkness can we see the light,”

After still another commercial break, Evony is seen walking in an alleyway and commenting to herself: “Sure… I don’t mind being the dangling carrot. The rain is great for my human hair.” She then calls out: “What are you waiting for? Come and get me! For the love of Mike Nichols. NOW!” There is a strange sound and Evony turns around, starting to taunt the unseen being with: “Oh come on I had to share a room with my sisters growing up. At least you got your own.” Bo and Lauren then appear and Lauren throws her fire axe at the being, striking it. Evony comes close and tells of: “You kept me in the dark for so long. It was your turn. I was a big girl Eros. You should have just told me how you really felt instead of stringing me along. Humiliating me. I loved you. And you chose that doormat Psyche. Evony then kisses Eros before drawing back and telling him: “And I hate to lose.” There is the sound of electrical arcing and then a bolt of lightning strikes Eros and kills him, leaving nothing behind save the fire axe which clatters to the ground. Evony then walks away, saying nothing as she passes Bo and Lauren. Lauren asks Bo: “Did she say Eros? The Greek God?” Bo replies: “Zeus’ lightning. it takes the power of an Ancient to kill an Ancient.” Lauren comments: “I guess everyone has their monsters, even Evony.”

Elsewhere, Trick is in his lair looking though his texts when Isabeau (Alisen Down), Trick’s late wife appears to him. She greets Trick and tells him it is good to see him, saying that he is in “fine form” and she “misses him too much.” Trick remarks that he has been fooled by visions before and Isabeau claims: “It is different this time. It’s true. I’m true. We’ll be together again. Soon.” As Isabeau moves to kiss Trick he asks: “What do you mean soon?” Mark then enters the room and calls out” “Holy orgy Trick” which reveals that Trick is surrounded by the three Oracles, Trick exclaiming “This isn’t real!” and pushing Cassie away from him. The Oracles then pronounce: “You are not the light. Only in the darkness can we see the light” then they leave, continuing to speak their phrase over and over again. As they leave, Dyson appears and asks if Trick is alright. Trick asks; “Has anyone had an unusual interaction with someone today? Something perhaps sexual in nature?” Both Dyson and Vex raise a hand and Trick continues: “It’s what I feared. Oracle visions.” Trick explains that the Oracles try to arouse others in order to get close to their lips and extract their truth. Vex asks if the visions are a “ruse” but Trick explains that “within each vision the Oracles are required to deliver truth in order to extract truth.” Mark makes the comment: “I didn’t see Kate Upton today. Why didn’t the Oracles come to me?” Vex questions what he has in common with Dyson and Trick and Dyson replies “Bo. Her blood. It’s in each of us.” which reminds Vex that they all did so in order to defeat The Garuda. Trick then speaks the Oracles words “Only in the darkness can they see the light.” Trick comes to the conclusion that the light is Bo’s blood. Vex comments: “That storm wasn’t meant to flood the Earth. They just wanted a power outage.” Dyson continues: “So the Oracles could see what they needed to. If Bo is the light at least we kept them off her track for a while.” Trick explains: “Zeus is known for giving Oracles their vision. He sent them. He wants her truth but why?” Vex then asks how the Oracles choose who they appear as and Trick explains: “Oracles are all knowing. They appear to us as the person our heart most desires.” This revelation makes Vex pause and when Mark asks who Vex saw, Vex does not answer.

Elsewhere, Bo arrives home and sees Persephone still alight. Bo approaches the candle and then calls out Tamsin’s name but she does not answer. Bo then turns around and the three Oracles are standing next to her. Bo is confused a moment, but then her expression changes to a smile.

Returning from still another commercial, Bo sees Dyson and asks him if he has had any luck finding the Ancients. Dyson replies: “No. I was looking for you. Sometimes it feels like that’s all I do.” Bo asks Dyson what that is supposed to mean and Dyson continues: “You chose me first for a reason. Everything we’ve gone through, everything we’ve sacrificed. That was love. And it’s still there. It doesn’t go away.” Bo replies: “No. It doesn’t. But it changes.” Dyson replies: “It does. But know that I will always be there for you. I am strong for you.” Bo asks “Dyson, why all this now?” and then Lauren appears in the place of Dyson. Lauren tells Bo: “Because now is all we have.” Bo realizes that something is wrong as she whispers: “I’m pretty sure I was just talking to Dyson.” Lauren replies that Bo is tired, they both are and she blames Bo’s confusion on the blackout. Bo declares: “This isn’t real.” Lauren presses: “It is true Bo. I’m true. As long as we’re alive as long as we are walking the Earth we cannot be together.” Bo smiles and replies: “Looks like Lauren, smells like Lauren.” Lauren offers: “I even taste like me. Give it a try.” and then walks towards Bo. The lights flicker and Bo hears a man’s voice saying: “Don’t be afraid.” Bo whispers: “Dad?” and then the three Oracles are revealed once more. Cassie moves towards Bo to kiss her, but Cassie does not manage to kiss Bo as Trick intervenes and separates her and Bo. Bo then collapses to the floor as Trick moves to help her and the Oracles leave. Bo asks Trick what happened and Trick explains: “The Ancients sent them for your truth. What do they want with my Granddaughter?” Bo then tells Trick: “My father is Hades.” This shocks Trick and he stares at Bo in disbelief, whispering “That’s not possible.” Bo continues: “He took Aife from the Dark Dungeons and brought her to Tartarus. I saw where I was born Trick. In Hel. Persephone, my stepmother, told me to take that candle from my father. She told me to light it for her family. What if lighting it brought them here?” Trick continues: “And it caused the elevator to crash, allowing them to take over human vessels.” Bo replies: “It’s time for us to meet the other side of the family.”

Elsewhere, the Oracles return to Zee and she comments: “It took you long enough.” Zee grabs Cassie and holds her close, drawing what the Oracles have learned from her. Zee whispers: “She has it. She doesn’t even know.” Cassie then begs Zee: “You changed me. Used me. Showed me things that made me take out my own eyes. I’ve given you everything you have asked for. Now please, let me go.” Zee stares at Cassie for a moment then offers: “Okay. You can go” before she pushes Cassie over the railing of the balcony and Cassie falls to her death, screaming as she does so.

After the final commercial break, Mark and Vex are seen playing a game of drinking ping-pong. Mark asks why Vex left Evony and Vex explains: “Well, she had to face the music once and for all. Eros broke her heart, and instead of dealing with it all those years ago, I helped lock him up. And she’s been her evil self ever since.” Mark asks if Evony was the one that Vex saw in his vision and Vex replies: “My heart has been locked and chained and dropped to the deepest darkest ocean.” Vex pauses a moment, then adds: “I haven’t got a bloody clue what my heart wants anymore.”

Bo is then seen at home on her cellphone, speaking with Lauren and asking her to tell both Dyson and Tamsin that she is okay, but needs time to figure things out. As she finishes her phone call Tamsin appears and asks Bo if she should leave her alone. Bo says no, because she lives there with Bo. Bo asks Tamsin if she is okay and Tamsin tells Bo that she isn’t. Bo tells Tamsin they need to talk and Tamsin tells Bo that she knows what she is going to say, adding that she is “okay with it. As hard as that is, I’m okay with it.” Bo is unsure what Tasmin is talking about and Tamsin continues that she knows Bo is a Succubus and that she needs to see others, “Even if those other people happen to be Lauren. I know where your heart truly lies. It’s with me.” Tamsin then begs Bo to tell her that it is true so she knows it is. Bo is quiet for a moment, then replies: “Tamsin… I care about you. More than you know.” Tamsin whispers: “But?” Bo then continues: “And I know it seems like we’re a couple, because we live together and we take cases together.” Tamsin looks at the floor and whispers: “And we sleep together.” Bo tries to explain: “I think Tamsin, deep down, You feel the same way.” Tamsin chokes out: “Don’t patronize me. I’m wise beyond my lives. Don’t tell me I’m making this up. Don’t tell me me I’m stupid.” Bo insists that she isn’t and tries to explain that living with someone and being with them all of the time can be confusing. Tamsin cries that she is not confused and that she is in love with Bo. Bo explains: “Tamsin… I love you. I do. But not like that. I’m sorry.” Tamsin is devastated and asks: “So. Lauren is good enough. Dyson is good enough. Even Rainer is good enough. What’s wrong with me? Why not me! What’s wrong with me!” Bo tries to tell Tamsin that there is nothing wrong with her, but Tamsin tells Bo: “You know I thought that finally in my last life that I had found the one. Your eyes are both brown and blue.” As Tamsin says this, the power comes back on and the lights in Bo’s home flicker back to life once more. Tamsin then turns away from Bo and starts to leave, Bo calling her name. Tamsin tells Bo not to follow her and when Bo tries to stop Tamsin from leaving, Tamsin pulls away violently, yells “Don’t!” and then walks out the door.

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo standing alone in her home, then turning around and looking at Persephone’s candle. Bo then leans down and blows the candle out, looks at it a moment, and then leaves the room. The candle remains unlit for a few more seconds and then it relights, the candle burning once more.


Fade to black…


The thing about Lost Girl is when the series becomes focused on the season plot, when all of the extraneous material is pushed away and all that remains is story, character, and meaning, that’s when an episode appears that matters. It really sets out, clearly, just how much the series is harmed by having plots, characters and moments that don’t matter a lot. As a whole in this episode there was very little that wasn’t important, didn’t drive the season onwards, or come to tell something important that was needed to know.

There was really a lot of information packed into s single episode and as a result there were some moments that I felt were a bit short for what they were to show, while others, such as the long, long, long, long drawn out slow motion walk through a disaster scene at the beginning, took up more time than they really needed. It felt like there wasn’t a good balance between substance and art at several points and that could have been done better.

I’ve noticed over the last three episodes, including this one, that there are a large number of scenes where nothing is said, the characters are simply walking from place to place and then, finally, something happens. In this episode, as an aside, I noted about 7 minutes of… nothing. While it looked good, otherwise I just didn’t see the point to it otherwise.

The episode set out a lot of things that were new, such as the names of two of the Ancients that have been questionable for some time now and with that brings up an interesting question to think about, and hope they explain. If Zee is Zeus, and all signs seem to say so, then why take a female form? For that matter, why would Hera take a male form? Keeping the mystery around the Ancients is all well and I understand why that is. But there seems to be something off about the characters in that they don’t seem to ring true if they are who they seem to be. Further, the reveal about Vex being smitten with Mark I thought was well done, though the faux sex scene I think really didn’t need to be done. That seemed to be a bit over the top and really the sexual innuendo that came before that moment was much better, much more “Vex” and worked better for me. It would have been just as telling to have all of the looks passing between Vex and Mark, knowing what happened, and to see where things unfold to.

The calling back to the second season when Bo’s blood was injected into Dyson, Lauren, Hale, Kenzi, Vex and Val was a surprise and I really was glad to see the call back to the past in the series. However, there is a bit of a problem with regards to the Ancients and what they did. There’s an overwhelming mistake made, actually two of them, in that the Oracles did not actually take Bo’s truth for one, and for another, the hubris of Zee to kill Cassie and thus, it seems, make the Oracles no longer useful. After all of the effect they have gone through, one would think that they would be more focused and careful about what they do and why they do it. But, being it seems “arrogant” beings, this will be their downfall of course. Or it should be, but there is every indication that Bo will use that gift her father sent her, turn Dark Queen, and then go on a rampage… which would be disappointing.

I was a bit disappointed in the rehashing of Bo’s relationship triangle, then square, then triangle again. The “truths” given from Dyson, Vex and Trick were well told and made a lot of sense. The scenes with the attempt at finding Bo’s truth worked well overall, having a good mix of trepidation and pain and need that told much about not just Bo but Lauren and Dyson as well. But that’s where the problem lies. Why not Lauren? She has Bo’s blood in her as well, and she was accessible by the Oracles, so… why not her? For that matter, why not Kenzi or Val? I do understand why the latter two, but I don’t see why Lauren wasn’t targeted and her truth taken. To brush that off as her being simply human seems like a cop out. A waste. Disappointing really.

The one character who’s story was told the best I think was Evony. There has always been a lot of questions about her, her past, where she came from. how she and Vex met and how their relationship came to be what it is. Surprisingly, the reveal about her dating Eros was a surprise and very unexpected. But that left so many unanswered questions, the main one being how did Vex and Evony trap Eros in the first place, and how was it that they kept Eros imprisoned before the device was built that held him in the current time. Beyond this, now that Eros is dead, or seems to be, what happens to Evony now? I don’t think I want to see her become all good, that would be too jarring. Nor would I like to see her be no different than she is. I think, if nothing else, that Evony should become the foil to Bo that I think she should have been from the beginning of the series.

If the prior episode turned a corner, this one took the season to a place it hasn’t been before. To some quality writing, a story that meant something at the end, and a glimpse of the mess to come. What does Zee do next? What does Hera do? Is Alycia a target now? Will she be turned into the playing of an Ancient? While these are all good questions, the most awful one is what will Tamsin do now that she has been rejected by Bo? There are quite a number of cliffhangers in this episode which makes me ponder something.

Why wasn’t this the mid-season finale? There’s actually a lot going for this, it would be a very strong hook to keep interest up in the series to the next half of the season too. Which means there are only two possible outcomes for the next episode. It will be better and have a better cliffhanger, which I hope it does… Or it won’t. Both are troubling possibilities in either case.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… While there were a few moments for Boffy to appear, as a whole this episode was about Bo’s relationships, what she wants, and what she has to look forward to. There was a good deal of character building, which has been rare in the series to date. There was some rehashing of her past, of her ongoing inability to make a choice and, most troubling, the lack of being able to see Tamsin’s issues coming right at her and dealing with them in a way that wasn’t a repeat of every other time the love triangle has come up.

Dyson…There’s still that possible love interest in Alycia for Dyson, though it’s quite clear where his heart is, with Bo. Still to see “hero” Dyson trying to protect Alycia was good and that hasn’t happened in a while. I like Dyson when he is complex and more than “just” being present. I think that in this episode some of the old Dyson came back at last.

Lauren. Finally Lauren took control of her relationship with Bo and did something about it. This is something that has been needed for some time for her. Some funny lines, not quite Kenzi in quality, but not awful either. I think it would have been interesting to see Lauren’s truth… I’m not sure she knows what that is exactly.

Tamsin: As much as I liked the relationship she had with Bo, making the triangle a rectangle would have been a train wreck and it was starting to turn into one. Tamsin really went lovesick puppy this episode and that just made the confrontation between herself and Bo that much more tragic. She’s obviously hurt and what happens when a Valkyrie is in so much pain? This does not bode well I think.

Trick. Trick-o-pedia did happen, to an extent again, but with that came a moment to see Trick and Isabeau together that I did like. Yes it was a vision and yes it wasn’t true. But it was nice to see the moment, even after what came next.

Vex. Overall he seemed a lot more like the Vex we know and love. I liked that his truth wasn’t expected and offers some interesting possibilities that would be neat to see unfold. The reveals about his past with Evony as well told much more about Vex than we knew, but also brings up some really troubling points such as his real age. Vex has to be a least a thousand years old. More, I wonder if he is a child of the Ancients as well.

Evony. Overall, the most we have ever learned about her and I liked that a lot. Like Vex however the question of how old Evony is becomes more unclear and if she is a child of the Ancients as well is a question unanswered. But it would be interesting to find out.

Mark. He was, as a whole, much less of an ass this episode and it made me wonder why it was they they couldn’t have made him likeable from the beginning? Was it really necessary to introduce him as an ass and leave that being what we remember most about him?

Cassie. Saying the same thing over and over again. Then being killed by Zee. Her tragic life comes to a close and… it’s just sad.

Pythia and Dedona. Darkness. Light. Blah blah blah.

Heratio/Hera. Still really don’t care about him… her. Bit confusing, but then the entire Ancient plot line is that and then some. Her story isn’t over yet, but I wish it was really.

Zee. If that is your name… Still doesn’t work for me, still seems to be a Evony wanna-be. Too over the top, too arrogant and too much by far. If this is Zeus, that is a story I want explained and just saying that Zeus can take any form isn’t going to be enough.

Alyssha. I really hope she isn’t just going to become Hera’s new hang out. She’s a bit too emotionally over the top still, but I think that will calm down. I do feel like in the next episode she’s going to kill her husband’s body if it isn’t already dead and in doing so, give the means to kill the other Ancients.

Isabeau. I really, truly, want Bo to meet her Grandmother. I think that’s something that needs to happen before the end of the series. Just a dream this time, but… perhaps.

Sam. Another one bites the dust. Or wall. Or floor. Really a waste I did like him all things considered.

Overall the acting was good, the story kept my attention and I think, really, it was the best episode of the season. It could have been better, there’s no doubt of that, but when all else you have seen in a season to this point has made you only want to watch the second season again, it’s good to prove that good stories make for good television.


My Review of Here Come The Night

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.8 Pitchforks out of 5


As I have noted before, this was the first episode this season that I really paid attention to and, in truth, you needed to otherwise things went by rather quickly and you would be left behind. That actually was a good thing in this episode because while there were some moments when time slowed and things were revealed, the comparison with the frantic events around the characters did a lot to sell the story as a whole.

The content of the episode, the character development, the answers to several mysteries was well done and I think that all worked well enough, though some of the dialogue was hard to understand at times. I didn’t care for the much too dark opening sequence however. The attempt at making the day turn night just looked wrong and did not do anything for the scene. Something better could have been done with a really cloudy day I think, and if there was on the day of the filing, then they really overdid the effects during post-production.

Bo wasn’t a Succubus in this episode, not that it was really necessary that she needed to be either. She wasn’t at least, full on Boffy which was a pleasant surprise. Still, the question that I’d like to see answered sometime is just how different Bo is from a “normal” succubus anyway. I think that Succubus Bo is just around the corner, because, of course, when she turns Dark she has to go “all out succubus” in that event. I hope not, but I just know that the writers can’t resist that trope with her.

There were moments in the episode where the interplay of light and dark worked well and I liked those moments. But as well, there is that opening sequence, which is far too dark, the use of too much dark and rain to obscure what happens, and… it really was just too dark most of the time and that hurt the episode a lot I felt. The moments of candlelight over the faces of Bo and the others when their truths were revealed were special and felt right in many ways. I just wish the series would bring more light to the episodes so we can see things better.

As this was, overall, the best, most involved, most interesting plot and storyline of the episode, it gets one of the few five ratings for that. There was so much learned in this episode compared to the rest of the season so far that it pains me to look back on the season and regret how much time was wasted on dead end plots, moments and throwaway events. Having to jam so much into a single episode takes away from the whole, but as well it offers so much.

The same is true of the main characters in the series. We learn so much about so many and that doesn’t happen very often. The reveals explained a lot about why some are as they are, what others want, and, for many, what they both fear and need. Again, a single episode that gave more than any other so far this season. But a lot of information, thankfully not in an infodump format, and it goes by in a flash. Too much wasted time again it seems that caught the season up needing to explain what will be, i’m sure, important in the future.

The series mythos, in short, exploded this episode. The Ancients, who they are, the Oracles and their search, the truths of Bo, Dyson, Vex and Trick. The past of Vex and Evony, the questions about Lauren and Tamsin. The story of how of all of these stories came to be, how it creates this universe and what it all means, really mattered this time. Solidly telling in how this was done and it provided some answers that many have been waiting for. Really good to see and it is, really, about time.

I can count on one hand the number of episodes that changed the landscape of the series, I think this is one of them in a lot of ways. For this season certainly, this is a turning point episode and one that leaves a cliffhanger that works really well. The problem is that this isn’t the mid-season finale. So what comes next, and can it be as good as this one was?

We’ll know soon enough…


Next Week: End of Faes

Bo and the gang attend a party with a mission to take down a new enemy.

I’d like to know, exactly, who it is that comes up with these plot summary teases? ‘Bo and the gang’ just makes me think of ‘Kool and the Gang’ and it really shouldn’t. Or for that matter I shouldn’t be thinking a Scooby Doo adventure either. I can remember when the summaries weren’t go awfully short and silly. It’s a shame that whomever is doing them doesn’t have a better imagination. Or ability to write well. Either would be an improvement I think.

The only thing that I can hope for, and it is a very thin hope, is that Bo might appear in a really amazing dress in this upcoming episode. It’s a thin hope, but some of the teaser images that have popped up in the last few days do give me some hope. We’ll see how that goes of course.

The episode title I think is a bit of a red herring though. I’m not expecting the end of the Ancients plot nor do I expect all of the characters to come out of what I expect is an oncoming disaster in one piece. With any luck Mark will take a dive off a baloney or something. Really anything will do. For that matter “Zee” if that is your name, I do hope gets what’s coming to her and her “family” shortly as well. I really feel like all of this first half of the season should be driving towards Bo’s Father finally appearing, but that has been danced around so much and teased so often that really expecting that will happen in the coming episode I think is asking for a bit too much.

But, thinking this further a bit, what if Bo is “doomed” and her father appears to save her for his own reasons? Or maybe that jack=in-the-box is going to be used and Bo will go “Evil Bo” again. Either thought would be better than most I think, and as a mid-season cliffhanger, they aren’t bad ideas really.

Still, I am expecting a lot of scenery being chewed by the Ancients, a storyline that I fear will be a lot of “pause” and not a lot of action. Nor do I expect anything but Boffy to appear in the episode either. Because Bo being a Succubus can’t possibly happen. Not the way the stories are being written at least.

And this is the problem with there being, finally, a really good episode. It shows what the series is capable of, should be doing, and then it doesn’t. It comes back, at least for me, that this season’s purpose, so far, is just to get the episode numbers up for syndication. There could have been at least three better episodes so far and that really bothers me. Still, we have another half season to go.

So, the only thing I can hope for is that the second half focuses on the overall story of the series and we come to a conclusion that isn’t cheesy or stupid… or worse. This next episode will either make me really want the next part of the season to start, or to wish that it didn’t come back. I’ll have to hope for the former I think.

It is a hope, I admit. But then there’s always that until there isn’t.

Popcorn not withstanding.





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    • h on January 23, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    Lauren doesn’t have Bo’s blood. Only the fae characters got Bo’s blood.

    The only reason the Ancients are eyeing Lauren is because of the photo Lauren had of Bo in her lab.

    • James on January 24, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Nobody says Your Majesty needs to hope for anything in particular at all. Part of what makes Her special is that She always does.

    I could have gone a lifetime without Mark going down on Vex. Is his role to go through all of Dad’s friends before the series ends, and, if so . . . blechhhh.

    And I think there could, in fact, be a very abrupt end to the Ancients story, with part two of the season being “What do we do with Bo as the Dark Queen?” Maybe Evony becomes the heroine . . . nah, just kidding.

    Has Your Majesty monitored who writes what episodes? It almost seems as if there have been some new writers who were not given an appropriate sense of the story arc by the show runner, who may well have taken this reigns of this episode (and next) personally. Just a thought.

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on January 26, 2015 at 1:42 am

    Quite right H… That’s my mistake as I missed that when I was looking back at that episode… Thank you for pointing that out!


    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on January 26, 2015 at 1:43 am

    My heart, the hope is for a good story… And really this should have been the mid-season finale…


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