Jan 16 2015

So what is the Lost Girl’s favourite football team anyway?

I have to admit that, as a whole, I was rather pleasantly surprised with this week’s episode of Lost Girl. That’s not to say that the entire football plot didn’t put me to sleep, because it did. That’s not to say that I didn’t still want to see Mark get tossed out a window, run over by a truck and then set on fire with a flame thrower, because I still do. I wouldn’t mind for a moment if everyone of “the Ancients” was shoved out window on the thirtieth story of a skyscraper.

There are still a lot of problems, a lot of moments where I rolled my eyes and cranked up the popcorn machine to be able to throw more popcorn at the television. Really that’s the main problem this week in that, overall, the episode had a lot to deliver, a lot to set the ground work for, and so much of it was spent walking from here to there or wasting time on scenes that didn’t matter all that much.

Setting all of that aside, which isn’t a simple thing to do I promise you, at least in this episode the main season arc actually developed and went somewhere that actually means we might see the point to this season starting to get into gear. So while the season to this point was and has been disappointing in a lot of ways, there was the smallest glimmer of hope to be seen. The question that comes from that however, the one if they will be able to keep the good through the next two episodes and then into the second half of the season remains to be seen.

The sixth episode of the fifth season, also episode sixty-seven of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo goes back to school and gets a shocking lesson while Tamsin goes from pom-poms to footballs in the blink of an eye. Trick makes a drink that should have remained buried while Dyson tries to figure out why a human won’t stay buried as well. Lauren gets a view that she didn’t need and Mark makes a bigger ass of himself while Iris plays with sweat and her parents drink like fishes…

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This is the sixth review of the fifth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo sees that sometimes you have to have…


Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts


The episode opens with a recap of the previous episode including: Bo calling Cassie, trying to find her, then Seymour being told that Cassie had been missing for over 12 hours, then Bo and Tamsin are shown entering Cassie’s apartment and seeing blood everywhere. Trick is shown talking about his ledger of Fae names, then Iris is shown stealing the book and Dyson is shown with Vex and Mark asking if either of them know where the ledger is. Cassie is shown waking up in Lauren’s clinic, telling Lauren that she took our her own eyes. Bo is shown holding the card from her father, saying that her father is Hades and he is trying to use her for something as she looks at the gift her father sent her.

The episode opens with an image of a woman dressed in white turning the crank on the side of the box that Bo’s father sent her while music from a music box plays. The camera pans around her and then finally reveals that it is Lauren (Zoie Palmer) who is turning the crank. Lauren smiles and then Bo (Anna Silk) is shown awaking from her nightmare with a start. Bo calls out Lauren’s name in confusion, turning to look at who is in bed with her and finds Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) there instead of Lauren. Tamsin tells Bo she had a weird dream about driving her truck, Bo there with her, and Tamsin really wanting a burger but every place they went to was closed. Bo tells Tamsin: “Sounds terrifying.” Tamsin replies: “It was.”, then kisses Bo and comments that she is hungry. Bo gets out of bed and tells Tamsin: “Why don’t I make us some breakfast? Half Captain Crunch, half Lucky Charms?” As Bo leaves, Tamsin calls out: “I love that you know how I like it” and Bo replies: “That’s what roomies are for.”

The scene switches to a football stadium where Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is shown entering a crime scene with Mark (Luke Bilyk) following closely. Mark asks if Clay Jonas is there and Dyson replies: “I thought I told you to stay in the car.” When Mark tries to make a bet with Dyson that Clay will be picked first in the player’s draft, Dyson tells him: “This is a crime scene Mark, not exactly the place for an autograph.” Seeing a body on the floor, Mark asks if it is a football player he knows of and then seems shocked that it is and that he is dead. As Mark prattles on, Dyson notices next to a pool of blood a similar mark to that he put together from the three dead human bodies of the previous episode. Mark asks what the mark is and Dyson replies: “It is a triskele. A triple spiral.” Dyson then takes a picture of the triskele and then removes it using a towel. Mark comments: “I thought you said we weren’t supposed to touch anything?” Dyson turns Mark away from the crime scene, leading him away as he answers: “I said you’re not supposed to touch anything.” As they leave, the victim’s blood is seen flowing out of the puddle and recreating a similar looking triskele once more.

After the abbreviated opening, Dyson, Lauren, Tamsin and Bo are seen at the Dal Riata talking about the events that have occurred. Dyson gives Bo a picture of the dead football player and notes that he was killed the night before, being beaten to death and suggesting that the Far cult he has been tracking is involved somehow. Bo is confused and asks why a Fae cult would want to kill a human football player. Tamsin suggests that is it because the player was a “high profile target” and when asked if she knows the player, Tamsin replies with his name, Jack Marshal, his position on the team, and that he was supposed to be the number one pick in the draft in the coming week. Bo comments: “I never knew you were such a sports fan” and Tamsin replies: “I’m not, but he’s hot. I mean not you hot but… hot.” Lauren notes that the three original victims were all “in the correctional system” and the football player isn’t. Asking Dyson what the connection is he reveals that all of the victims had parts of, or the entire symbol on their bodies. Dyson describes the triskele as being a “symbol of death and reincarnation. It’s used by end of days cults.” Dyson then puts the three images taken of the marks on each of the original three bodies together to make the triskele and places his phone with the triskele in blood beside it. Dyson comments that he believes that “something larger is at play here” and then suggests their next step is to get closer to the football team and to look for further clues. Tamsin comments that they “might look suspicious at a football practise” but Bo’s solution is that they go undercover as cheerleaders. Tamsin agrees and when she notes that cheerleaders are recruited for professional teams as well, Lauren is surprised by this. Tamsin then names several NFL cheerleading teams including the Laker Girls, Buffalo Jills and the New Orleans Sensations. When everyone looks at Tamsin she explains: “I have a novelty calendar subscription.” Bo comments: “Well bust out your pom-poms TamTam cause it’s time to flirt some intel out of a bunch of horny linebackers.” When Tamsin agrees, Dyson asks: “Tamsin? A cheerleader?” Tamsin replies: “You don’t think I can’t dupe a bunch of girls who think clapping is a sport?” Dyson comments: “Well you don’t exactly scream perky.” which makes Lauren snicker, then add: “I… um… concur.” Tamsin replies: “Well, you know what I think?” before cheering: “Gimme a D, gimme a Y, gimme a… suck my balls.” and then walks away in disgust before Bo smiles and follow her out of the Dal Riata.

The scene then shifts back to the football stadium where Tamsin, dressed as a cheerleader, and Bo, looking like a coach, are seen walking towards the football cheerleading team as they practise, Tamsin stumbling at one point and Bo catching her before she fell to the ground. As they approach the cheerleaders, Tamsin comments: “I can smell their insecurity from here.” Bo replies: “I think it’s Ou de Taylor Swift.” When Tamsin comments that she “used to beat up girls like this in high school” Bo reminds Tamsin that “now you’re one of them so big smile!” Bo then calls out to the cheerleaders and introduces herself and Tamsin as being from the Valcity Valkyries and looking to recruit a new member of their cheerleading team. When one of the cheerleaders ask about Tamsin being there, Bo covers for Tamsin saying that she is from elsewhere and will be competing as well. When a comment is made about Tamsin being “too tall” for a cheerleader, Tamsin starts to become angry with them and Bo has to draw Tamsin away for a moment. When Bo asks Tamsin not to alienate the team, Tamsin answers: “She started it” and asked Bo if she can “kick her boney little ass.” Bo reminds Tamsin that she is undercover and to deal with things before they return back to the cheerleaders again, Tamsin commenting: “I could snap her neck and feel no remorse” and Bo replying: “Yes. I have no doubt.” When Bo then asks who wants to demonstrate first, Tamsin volunteers, which shocks and surprises Bo. Bo starts to suggest something “simple” but the head cheerleader Brinkley (Anna Hopkins) calls out “Round off double back hand spring back tuck” which Bo agrees to without seeming to understand what that move is exactly. Tamsin agrees, walks into position, and then preforms the move exactly, being applauded for her efforts by the team. Tamsin approaches Brinkley and comments: “You’re up Brink-truck” and when Tamsin is told not to touch her, Tamsin comments: “Whatever.” Brinkley tells Tamsin: “You want to see how it’s really done? Front flip, round off, triple twist.” Tamsin then uses her Fae power on Brinkley and asks if she really thinks “you can stick that triple twist?” Brinkley then rushes away in a panic while Tamsin turns around and walks back to Bo with a smile before picking up her pom-poms, Bo commenting “That’s just great.”

Bo then speaks with one of the male cheerleaders, Derek Finley (Aren Buchholz) who calls himself the “token guy” on the cheerleading team. When Bo comments that he’s lucky to be surrounded by girls, he replies: “Not when their cycles are aligned I’m not.” Bo asks about the murder and Derek suggests that Brinkley might have been responsible as “if you steal one of her Biore nose strips, you’re basically dead.” When Bo asks if he knew the murdered player he replies: “I kept my distance. He’s a bit of a bully. Especially to Clay.” Bo turns to look at the football team, which reveals Clay (Dwain Murphy) to be the quarterback. Bo notices that Clay is not wearing a memorial armband and Derek explains “they weren’t exactly BFFs.” He further explains that Clay has been getting a lot of attention with the upcoming draft and as such Jake, the murdered player was “harsh” to him and causing Clay problems during games. When Bo suggests that Clay murderer Jake, Derek insists that Clay would not, but adds that Jake “had a lot of enemies.” When Bo comments the Ferek doesn’t seem to be a fan of Jake’s either, he explains that Jake broke his nose the previous year and “it took two surgeries to make it look this good.” When Bo asks where Derek was when Jake was killed, Derek pauses and asks why Bo is asking about that, but Bo brushes her question off as her “just wondering.” The football team is then shown to run a play and Clay is sacked very hard, crashing to the ground and not moving. Derek rushes towards Clay as do other players and cheerleaders while Bo watches from a distance. Tamsin rushes up to Bo and comments: “I don’t think he’s getting up.” Bo replies: “This team is not having a good week.” Clay is shown twitching on the ground and then he jumps up, seemingly uninjured and walks away. Tamsin comments: “There’s no way a human could do that.” When Bo comments that she thinks Clay isn’t human, Tamsin wonders if he might be a Fae cult member and suggests that while she goes to talk to other team members Tamsin gets “up close and personal with QB1.” Tamsin walks away, commenting: “Bring it on.”

Following the first commercial break, Tamsin is seen walking into the player’s locker room. A player tells Tamsin she is: “A tall glass of water” and he “would drink you right up.” Tamsin rolls her eyes and dismisses him with the comment: “Try Gatorade asshole.” Tamsin then sits beside Clay and strikes up a conversation with him. Clay tells Tamsin that she shouldn’t be in the locker room because she being there and talking to him might spell the end of his scholarship. When Tamsin questions Clay about not wearing an armband, he ignores the question, claiming to need to be focused on the big game. Tamsin makes hints and suggestions and implies that Jake’s death was a good thing for Clay. Clay admits to hating Jake, but that killing Jake would not be good for himself or his team. Tamsin wonders about Clay’s breaking point and then leaves the locker room soon after.

Meanwhile in Lauren’s clinic, Cassie (Vanessa Matsui) awakes from a dream while Lauren is standing nearby. Cassie speaks incoherently: “Rain. More Rain. Flood. Storm. It’s coming. Darkness.” Lauren comments to a member of her staff: “No change. Still recapping the apocalypse.” and then orders some testing to be performed on Cassie’s blood.

Back at the stadium, Tamsin tells Bo that clay knows something, but he isn’t talking. Bo decides to call Lauren in order to find out if Clay is Fae or not. Tamsin suggests that Bo call Dyson as “he can smell them out” but Bo replies: “I’d rather leave the testing to a medical expert.” Tamsin comments to herself: “Medical expert huh. That’s why you want to call Lauren” and when Bo asks what Tamsin said, she waves her comment off. Lauren answers the call, asking how the cheerleading is going and Bo asks Lauren if she could do some tests on the players to see if any of them, including Clay, are Fae. Lauren replies: “Oh what? Tamsin can’t run some tests?” Bo explains to Lauren that she needs her help but Lauren brushes that off as Bo “needing a doctor.” Bo tells Lauren: “I need you.” Lauren then agrees to “see what I can do” before ending the call. Lauren then tells her assistant that she is going to lunch. When the assistant questions this, noting it is ten in the morning, Lauren replies: “Yeah. I’m the boss.” and then leaves. Back at the stadium, Tamsin asks: “You need her huh?” Bo tells Tamsin to: “Stick to flirting with the football players” Tamsin stands in front of Bo and tells her: “Flirting? I have no idea what you are talking about” and then leans in to kiss Bo before walking away.

At the Dal Riata, Trick (Richard Howland) is tending bar as Persephone (Amanda Walsh) enters and takes a seat there. Trick asks what she would like to drink and Persephone answers: “It’s been a while. How about a Coquetel.” Trick is surprised by the request and comments that he hadn’t made one in at least “a thousand years.” When Persephone comments that Trick is “making me feel old”, he replies that he is “excited” and then wonders if he has all he needs to make one. Trick then looks around the bar and comments: “Ambrosia spirits, bark from the Chuchuhuasi tree soaked in rum. I’m forgetting something.” Persephone reminds Trick of needing a boiled egg and Trick fishes one out of a nearby container. As he makes the drink, he comments: “They say that the Ancients called this drink ‘the drink of prophesy’. The original cocktail. A classic.” Persephone comments: “What can I say? I’m a classic girl.” As Persephone takes the finished drink, Trick comments that she must be new and Persephone tells Trick: “I’m just passing through. Maybe I’ll stay a while.” Trick replies that he should have Persephone sign his ledger, if he knew where it was, that he has had it for centuries and it is the first time he has misplaced it. Persephone notes: “Ancient things have a way of turning up.” as she enjoys her drink.

Back at the stadium, Lauren arrives and announces to the players that she is going to perform a random drug test on them. When one player tells Lauren that a test isn’t scheduled, she replies: “Well, that’s why they call them surprise drug tests. Surprise!” When the player refuses to do so, Lauren gives him the choice of “peeing in a cup or I can draw blood, but if you pee into a cup… I have to watch.” The player comments: “No way some tiny lady doctor is going to watch me piss into a cup.” Lauren replies: “Blood test it is.” The player becomes angry, tells Lauren: “So you like to watch huh?” and then takes off the towel he was wearing and tells Lauren do “come with me.” Lauren grabs her testing kit and comments: “You really hit the wrong girl.” As Lauren follows the player she calls out to Clay: “You’re next QB1.”

Dyson is at his gym with Mark, Dyson looking at the evidence he has gathered so far on the Fae cult and trying to put the pieces together. Mark asks Dyson if he “wants to spar” and Dyson agrees, but asks Mark to wait for a moment as he finishes what he is working on. Mark looks at the pictures and comments: “Murders. Right. You think it’s that cult you have been tracking?” When Dyson replies: “Could be.” Mark asks: “A bunch of Fae chanting in bath robes how bad could it be right?” Dyson explains: “This kind of cult comes with a body count. Heaven’s Gate had mass suicides. It was Fae, controlling humans.” Mark snickers: “No wonder you are single.” Dyson then turns to Mark and tells him to “Show me what you’ve got.” Mark then starts taking practise punches at Dyson, he commenting and encouraging Mark as he does so. Mark begins to ask Dyson if he is seeing anyone, which makes Dyson reply: “Is this boxing or brunch?” When Mark comments: “I’ll take that as a no” Dyson replies: “You know what happens to nosey people?” and after Mark takes a few more punches at him, Dyson takes a quick shot at Mark’s nose, but does not hit him, laughing as he does so. They are then interrupted by a woman who enters the gym, looking for Dyson. As Dyson replies, Mark punches Dyson once in the stomach, which doesn’t faze Dyson, as he leaves the room. The woman apologizes for interrupting Dyson, but adds that Dyson has not returned her phone calls. When Dyson asks who told her where she would find him, she introduces herself as Alyssha Wells (Lisa Marcos), and that she had nowhere else to turn to. She explains that her husband died a few weeks before and that she had seen him recently, very much alive, even after arranging his funeral and “holding his ashes” and not being recognized by him. Alyssha tells Dyson that his sergeant thinks she is crazy, but explained that this was Dyson’s case and she needed to talk to him. Dyson tries to explain that the loss of a loved one is terrible and that grief can make someone think they saw something that wasn’t there. Alyssha then tells Dyson she took a picture and shows it to Dyson which reveals that Alyssha’s husband is the person that Bo called Heratio. Dyson promises to look into things for her and she thanks Dyson, leaving her phone number with him before leaving. Mark then returns and comments: “She’s hot.” Dyson replies: “Her husband just died.” but Mark brushes that off with the answer: “So? She’s still hot.” When Dyson comments that Alyssha is human, Mark tells Dyson “That’s an old bullshit rule that doesn’t make any sense.” Dyson explains that “It does. It isn’t the way of the Fae.” Mark rolls his eyes and mumbles: “Okay, whatever Detective Buzzkill” as Dyson looks at the picture Alyssha gave him and the photograph of her husband’s dead body when it was in Lauren’s clinic.

Meanwhile, Lauren is at her clinic looking at the samples she took from the football players as Bo arrives. Bo asks about Cassie and Lauren tells her that nothing has changed, but also tells Bo that she needs to look at the sample she has under the microscope. When Lauren sees Bo she says in a surprised voice: “Wow. You look… wow.” Lauren then explains that she is looking at urine samples from the football players and calls them “fascinating” in that they “reveal all kinds of secrets about the body.” Lauren then adds a toxic solution to a set of samples, the samples changing colour as she does so. Then Lauren does so with a last sample and it does not change colour. Lauren tells Bo that she has never seen “anything like it and… it’s human.” When Bo suggests that they call Trick, Lauren tells Bo that he is on the speaker phone. Trick then tells Lauren that based on what she has told him, while Persephone listens in: “The sample appears to be from a Heraclid, which are not Fae, but a kind of human who have exceptional genes. Strong, fast and incredibly resilient.” Lauren asks what would cause “such a mutation” and Trick explains: “Heraclids are descendants of Hercules.” When Lauren asks: “Hercules, Hercules?” Trick replies: “The one and only” as Persephone leaves the Dal Riata.

After still another commercial break, Dyson is interrogating Clay about the triskele, what it means, and how many “of you are there”, Dyson assuming that Clay is part of the Fae cult. Clay is confused over Dyson’s questions and when Dyson threatens to put Clay in prison, thus missing the upcoming game, Clay insists that he knows nothing about the murder. When Clay attempts to leave, Dyson tells Clay that he know his secret which makes Clay pause. When Clay asks what secret, Dyson tells Clay he is a Heraclid, but Clay shows no understanding of what Dyson means by this. When Dyson sees this, he tells Clay: “Just means you got good genes kid” and then leaves.

Dyson meets with Bo in the stadium and tells Bo that Clay does not know he is a Heraclid. Bo comments: “Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Sometimes I think I would be better off not knowing who my father is.” When Dyson questions this, Bo replies: “No. I know he’s bad. I don’t know exactly who he is no. I was just saying.” When Dyson comments that Mark spent his life not knowing who his father was, Bo tells Dyson that Mark was lucky to find him. Bo then suggests that if Clay doesn’t know he is a Heraclid, then it is unlikely that he is in a Fae cult. Dyson agrees, but does not clear Clay at this time. When Dyson asks if Bo has any leads she takes Dyson to meet Derek. They find Derek in the locker room and Bo introduces Derek to Dyson. When Derek is asked about suspects, he is more than happy to talk about the possibilities, but Dyson turns towards Derek’s locker and then asks Derek to open his locker. After doing so, Dyson takes out a blood covered uniform with what Dyson says is the same blood that was at the crime scene. When Derek claims not to know anything about the uniform, Dyson tells Bo that he is taking Derek to the police station.

Meanwhile, Mark is at Dyson’s gym working out as Iris (Shanice Banton) enters and greets him. As Mark talks to Iris about “practising”, Iris sees Dyson’s board with the picture of the murdered football player. They strike up a conversation about how to defend oneself against an enemy, Mark talking of using force and Iris talking about using deception instead. When Mark asks where Iris heard about using deception, she replies: “My parents.” Iris then tells Mark that something “is going to happen at the football game” then draws onto Mark’s shoulder with her fingertip, making his sweat turn into a triskele as she does so. When Mark sees the triskele, he asks where Iris had seen it before. But before she can answer that question, Mark asks what her parents said exactly and Iris answers: “They said everything is going to go…. boom.”

Elsewhere, Tamsin is attending a news conference for Clay when Brinkley confronts her and warns that she will not allow Tamsin to join her cheerleading team for the game, calling Tamsin “delusional.” Tamsin replies: “I’m delusional? You’re the one that thinks she’s going to marry an NFL player.” Brinkley rolls her eyes and tells Tamsin that she will have: “a career in cheerleading is five years tops. Which gives me five years to rebrand myself as a life coach. And if I am going to have a lifestyle empire by the time I’m thirty I really don’t have time to get married.” Tamsin replies: “Wow, you’re so motivated.” Brinkley comments that she would kill to get recruited, but is counting on Clay to “put in a good word.” This makes Tamsin comment that it would be a good thing for Clay to be picked first in the draft and Brinkley sighs: “Obvi.” as she leaves the room. Clay then arrives and the press conference begins, the first question being asked about how he and the team are dealing with the loss of Jake, the player that was murdered. Clay comments that he and the team are sad, but will play nonetheless. When Clay is asked about the arrest of Derek, he is flabbergasted and insists that Derek is innocent of the murder and when he is pressed as to why he thinks so, Clay reveals that Derek was with him on the night of the murder and Derek is his boyfriend.

Following another commercial break, Derek and Bo are walking through the college dorm together and then enter Clay’s room where he is packing up his things. Bo tells Clay that she knows how hard it is to live with a secret and that he did the right thing, Clay telling Bo that he loves Derek and could not see him be held for a murder he did not commit. Clay then tells Bo that a company called Capital Sports were the people that told Clay he could not reveal his relationship with Derek. When Clay tells Bo that the company are his public relations, Bo tells Clay “they work for you.” Clay explains that “a new guy took over the firm and told me I couldn’t talk about Derek.” Clay adds that they would be watching the game that day and “if we don’t win this game my life is over.” Bo tells Clay not to worry about the PR reps and to focus on his team.

Back at the Dal Riata, Dyson, Bo and Tamsin are discussing the case. Dyson suggests that they “cast a wider net” and when Dyson asks about Clay, Bo tells him about Clay’s PR reps and their company Capital Sports which gets Dyson’s attention. Dyson then shows Bo a picture of Kevin Brown who he describes as one of the victims of the elevator crash and Tamsin identifies as Heratio. None of them understands what is going on, but Bo notes that Clay is “their number one client.” Mark then arrives and tells Dyson that “something is going to go down at the football game” and explains he got the information from a girl he met that might be in the cult. Bo comes to the conclusion that Clay’s comment about being killed if he lost the game wasn’t a figure of speech, but Tamsin notes that it is too late to call off the game. When Dyson suggest that they need someone on the field with Clay, Tamsin volunteers to “suit up.” Dyson looks at Tamsin in disbelief and asks: “You are going to play football?” Tamsin replies: “Who better than a Valkyrie to protect the players on the field?” When Dyson asks: “Don’t you think the guys are going to notice a girl in the huddle?” Tamsin replies: “A little doubt goes a long way. Plus I’m really not a sidelines kind of girl.” as she leaves the Dal Riata with Bo.

Tamsin is then seen in the locker room putting on football equipment and then growling as she leaves to join the battle. The football game then begins, the fans cheering as the teams start play. Bo watches the game for a moment, then turns to look up into the stands were the booster boxes are and comments: “Let the game begin” as she walks off. Bo then enters one of the boxes and finds herself face to face with the three possessed humans. Heratio greets her and Bo comments: “Well you just keep popping up don’t you?” (At this point it appears that Persephone does not recognize Bo, but as her real identity has not been revealed, she will be continued to be referred to as Persephone.) Persephone asks Heratio id he knows Bo and he replies: “We’ve met.” At the question: “Far or Foe” Bo replies: “In your case, both.” iris walks over to Bo and comments: “Wow, you are really pretty.” But Heratio warns: “Iris, she’s a succubus so no touching. Learned that the hard way.” Bo comments: “Still online creepdating single Oracles?” Heratio smirks: “Still pretending to be one?” Bo asks why they took over the PR firm to promote one client and she is told that “Clay is like family.” Iris adds that Clay is “famous now, his face is going to be on a protein bar. Peanut Chocolate Fudge. I picked the flavour. “Persephone continues: “The bigger Clay’s fan base grows, the better for the family!” When Bo asks why they put a bloody jersey in Derek’s locker, Persephone replies that she doesn’t know that Bo is talking about, and when Bo presses that they framed Derek for Jake’s murder, Persephone brushes that off as: “Murder. Such an ugly word. We prefer risk management.” When Heratio comments on Persephone’s “spin” she comments: “I wouldn’t have to spin if you did your job right.” Heratio, in a slightly miffed tone replies: “Things got a little out of hand.” Bo cannot believe the commentary as she says: “A little? He was beaten to death.” Heratio explains that when Jake found out about Clay’s relationship, they decided that something had to be done because there “might be an issue.” Bo comments: “So you killed Jake and made Clay keep quiet about his relationship. Real classy.” Persephone rants: “Do you think we care about who Clay spends his time with? It’s these unevolved humans that seem to care so much. But we had no idea that Clay’s announcement would make his fans love him even more.” Heratio sighs: “Ah, humans. I guess we underestimated them.” Iris adds: “Isn’t it sweet?” Persephone then dismisses Bo as: “We’d like to get back to the game.” Bo tells her: “If you think we’re done here you underestimate me.” Persephone tells Heratio to get rid of Bo and when Bo tells Persephone that she has no idea who she is dealing with, Persephone replies: “No. You don’t know who you are dealing with.” Persephone then sits in a chair and focuses her attention on the game being played. As she does so, her body begins to glow and Bo realizes that Persephone is feeding off of the emotions that the crowd is giving off. When Bo realizes what is happening, she intends to see to it that the game is thrown, but before Bo can do anything, Persephone turns and strikes Bo with a bolt of lightning which throws Bo across the room and out the door which Persephone slams closed a moment later. Persephone then turns to Heratio and asks: “Now, where were we?”

Following still another commercial break, we return to the game with four seconds left and Clay’s team being down by five points on their last down of the game. Clay’s team is in the huddle with Tamsin there, and she suggests they run a “Hail Mary” play. Clay is unsure, but agrees to the plan and the team lines up to run the play. The play results in Tamsin catching the ball in the end zone and Clay’s team winning the game. As the team celebrates, Persephone comments: “Touchdown” as she continues to glow brightly. The team celebrates, Tamsin included and when Brinkley congratulates Tamsin on her catch, Tamsin reveals herself and replies: “I just took your advice” which shocks Brinkley and she walks away in a daze before Tamsin slips away from the celebration. Tamsin tells Bo that they won, but Bo replies in pain: “We just lost. Big time.”

Meanwhile, at Dyson’s gym, Mark walks in on Dyson speaking with Alyssha. Dyson asks Alyssha if she has family out of town and suggests that she needs a change of scene. Alyssha is devastated by this, saying that she thought that Dyson would take her seriously, but she knows that she saw her husband and she will not stop looking for him. Dyson tells her that he knows she will and tells Alyssha that if she needs him that he will be there for her.

Tamsin and Bo arrive at Bo’s place, Tamsin asking what kind of Fae they are dealing with, but Bo has no ideas save that they murdered Jake and they injured her. Bo then shows Tamsin a deep gash on her shoulder where she had been struck by Persephone’s lightning. Bo tells Tamsin that she has never felt anything like it before and she can still feel the pain from it, adding “she struck me with lightning.” Tamsin allows Bo to feed on her, but this seems to have no effect on the injury that Bo has suffered. Bo tells Tamsin that she feels fine, but the marks on her shoulder will not go away. Tamsin comments: “These Fae are strong. Crazy strong.” Bo then suggests they need to talk to Trick, but Tamsin insists that Bo look after herself first. As Tamsin leaves she tells Bo: “What are girlfriends for?” and Bo sighs: “Girlfriends.”

After the final commercial break, Bo, Dyson, Lauren. Tamsin and Trick are at the Dal Riata trying to put the pieces of the mystery together. Bo begins with: “Three humans. All killed in the elevator crash.” Dyson continues: “and then possessed by some kind of Fae.” Lauren adds: “and woke up in my clinic and killed Lisa.” Trick points out Persephone and notes: “This one was here today.” and adds: “She wanted a drink. A very old one.” Bo picks up Heratio’s picture and states: “Well I went on a date with this one.” Tamsin looks at the picture and comments: “Creepfest. He’s the one that’s targeting the Oracles.” Lauren replies: “and showed them something so awful they removed their eyes.” Trick suggests: “Perhaps so they couldn’t foresee what was coming.” Dyson then asks why they chose the three humans in particular and Tamsin sighs: “More importantly, who the hell are they?” Bo points out: “They said Clay was like family” then picks up Persephone’s picture before continuing: “And she was feeding off the crowd.” Lauren asks how she was feeding and Bo explains: “Every time Clay scored the crowd would cheer and she glowed.” Tamsin wonders: “Like a Fae Stage Mom?” Trick states: “Like a proud parent.” Trick then relates: “When I was a boy. I heard stories of an ancient order that channeled their children’s energy to gain power.” Lauren wonders if the Fae that attacked Bo are connected to Clay and Trick notes: “Clay is a Heraclid, s descendant of Hercules.” Lauren notes that Hercules was the father of Zeus.” Trick explains that humans have many names for the Ancients, but they have not existed for thousands of years.” Bo wonders if they have returned and Trick explains: “If the legends are true, the Ancients are the most powerful Fae family that ever lived.” Bo sighs: “And they just fed off hundreds of people.”

The final scene of the episode begins with Heratio walking through an apartment carrying Trick’s ledger which he then shows to Persephone, pointing out Bo’s signature and name there. Persephone comments: “So she’s the one” with Heratio adding: “and only.” Persephone is not pleased that Bo found them sooner than she had expected and blames Heratio for that. Iris is standing nearby, breathing on a window and making it fog over before drawing the triskele with her finger there. Persephone yells at Iris to stop doing so, but Iris ignores her and only pays attention when Heratio asks her to stop. Heratio then asks how Bo finding them is his fault and Persephone reminds him: “The whole point of my plan was discretion.” Heratio demands that she stop “referring to it as your plan.” Iris asks them to stop fighting and Heratio insists they are not fighting, “just talking.” and Persephone tells Iris: “Your father just made a mistake that’s all. Actions have consequences. We need to move fast.” When Heratio does not agree, Persephone replies: “I’m over talking” and walks away from him. Heratio insists “it’s too soon” but Persephone tells him: “It’s not my fault is it.” When he asks about discretion, and if she is over that, Persephone replies: “Yes. I am.” as she looks out the window with Iris, Heratio joining them both there. Heratio attempts to calm her down, asking her not to be so rash and talk about it over dinner, but Persephone replies, a hard look in her eyes: “I’m thinking takeout. Looks like it is going to storm.” As she finishes speaking there is the sound of thunder and lightning flashes in the sky as the three look out over the city.


Fade to black…


I was quite surprised the turn around that happened in this episode when it is compared to the previous one. While there are problems, issues and quite a bit of bad acting that I can’t ignore, there are also some moments that were unexpected, added a lot to the episode, and went in directions that haven’t been seen in Lost Girl for a while.

It isn’t just that there was a gay relationship, which hasn’t been seen in the series for a couple of seasons now, though there is a lot of lesbian relationship focus. That alone, being important to the story and more importantly, that when the truth came out about Clay that it made him more popular was, I thought, a nice touch and for me at least I thought that spoke to the world Lost Girl is set in. It gives hope for something better, that there is understanding in that world that is more than what is seen in this world at times. Hope is a good thing and this part of the episode gave that.

With that the reveal about the Ancients, while not specific, did place a sense of threat to them. It also spoke to how petty they all are, act, and in the end, have nothing better to do than to squabble among themselves. A really dysfunctional family, if they even really are one. It’s clear they are a problem, a big one, but also there is the question of who they are exactly… and how to stop them. I have to admit that I have wondered what happens if Bo blows that candle out. If that is the solution to the problem, it is really a copout and I hope it isn’t. But… We’ll see of course.

I liked that the jabs and barbs between Lauren and Tamsin got a bit muted this episode in the aftermath of the last one. There’s a difference between realism and parody and I think this particular problem was moving towards parody. Yes there was still a moment or two of it and yes the comments made where just silly at times. But it wasn’t central to the story and that made a difference.

I’m not sure about “Hey look! New Dyson love interest!” and even with that thought, the next obvious one is that she’s connected with the Ancients somehow. Even if she isn’t I get the feeling that she’s going to be bait, or wind up dead somewhere. That’s a shame as that particular storyline has been done over and over again in this series.

I really cannot stand Mark or Iris at this point in the season and I would rather they both get “removed” from the series as soon as possible because I simply cannot stand either of them, neither brings anything of value to the series, and simply waste screen time dancing around each other or causing problems for those around them. And, again, as a Kenzi replacement, these two aren’t capable enough to tie Kenzi’s boot laces never mind try to bring her presence to the series. I still feel like this was an attempt to keep a younger audience in and it just doesn’t work for me and I don’t think it works for a lot of others as well.

But, as I have said, this episode seemed to turn a corner, find its footing, and make a real effort to move into telling a story that mattered over simply running around in circles. So why didn’t they do this sort of thing sooner? Is it that hard to keep to the core story? Is it that difficult to bring the main characters into developing this season? I can’t see that it should be. In this episode it didn’t seem to be at all. While the football was… boring really… The events that connected to it were not all that much so. We didn’t really learn a lot, nothing has been given away or told really, but there was progress in the story.

That’s something. It better continue.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Not a lot of Boffy this episode thankfully. Bo actually was thinking which I haven’t seen in a while in the series and that was a welcome change. There was some direction in her actions, she started to put the pieces together and actually gathered her family in order to do so. Those are all promising things. But once is not enough.

Dyson…How many love interests is Dyson going to have by the end of this series and how many of them are either going to betray him, wound him, or be killed around him? This is a bit of an old theme with him and that’s enough of that please? I did like Decretive Dyson returning and actually getting off the bottle and into the job again. Self absorbed, self pitying Dyson is not a good character. Giving a damn Dyson is and he was there this week.

Lauren. Some comedy relief, a dream sequence, and a round table discussion… Oh and going to lunch because she’s the boss. Some of that was cute, some of it was not so much so. But if nothing else, there was more to her this time that made a difference in the story.

Tamsin: As a cheerleader, Tamsin just… looks wrong and everyone knows it. As a football player she was something to see however. There was a lot less snark this time with her and that helped a lot to make her more fun to watch and that’s a better thing by far.

Trick. Another sixty seconds with Trick-o-pedia and a drink lesson. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it and as such it was just disappointing to see how little Trick appeared this episode considering the others that got more time and shouldn’t have.

Mark. I have a pitchfork that I don’t need anymore. I think it will wind up in his posterior. Too “cute” by far and as much time as he is getting in the series I want more from him. But it isn’t happening so all that means to me is that he’s going to be pushing up daisies sooner or later. Rather sooner.

Cassie. Fifteen seconds of moaning and then…. nothing. I would rather a lot more Cassie be seen. She’s interesting, has a personality, and fits into Bo’s group better than most do.

Heratio. Don’t care. Nothing worth caring about and he drinks like a fish.

Iris. Kenzi wannabe can’t. Has the same problem as Mark does, too full of herself to give a damn and not afraid to show it. Just unlikeable as are her parents.

Persephone. If that is your name… Another character that just doesn’t work for me at all. Drinks too much, too much of a self-absorbed thing and as such isn’t worth my time to watch when she appears.

Clay. Possibly the most interesting supporting character in the episode. I really did like him, and as things unfolded around him I thought that his decisions were… right. It felt true to who he was and that matters.

Derek. Cute in a lot of ways, really likeable, and just a lot of fun that I really liked. He and Clay make a really nice couple.

Brinkley. Bit over the top in attitude and drive, but then she’s got a plan and woe to any that get in her way. As such that really came out and was well done.

Alyssha. Really not sure what to make of her. There’s something there and I’d like to know what that is.

The other characters had their moments, some of them really funny too. As an ensemble cast I think they meshed well together and made what otherwise could have been a really terrible episode much better than it could have been. I wasn’t completely disappointed, which is an improvement on the one hand, and on the other it gave me some hope that what’s coming next will make all of the bad stuff that came before worth getting through…


My Review of Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.2 Pitchforks out of 5


Really quite an improvement from last week to this week for the series and, again, if Mark wasn’t part of the episode, or Iris for that matter, I think I would have liked things a lot more than I did. It was a more solid, interesting, better episode than most this season and really it is far past the time for this to happen. I hope it does continue because losing the way from here would be a shame.

The main cast was together more, the story focused on them more, and there was even the moments of humour that I have been dearly missing for a long time now. It wasn’t perfect, obviously, but anything is better than the last two episodes and this was that.

As such, being that it was a better episode, I was more interested in it, paid more attention to it, and stayed with it more than I have for much of the season. There were moments when I rolled my eyes, such as Mark’s appearances, some parts of the cheerleaders scene, and a few other points. But as a whole I was watching more than I wasn’t. That’s good and in doing so I think the series has gotten my attention again.

Very little of Bo being a Succubus again, which is a shame, but she wasn’t Boffy either so in that I found something positive. More so when Bo was actually thinking and reasoning out what was going on. I’ve missed that in Bo and it’s about time she started to do that again.

The stadium scenes were well done and things looked, for the most part, right. I did have a problem with the cheerleaders doing a defence chant when their team was on offence though. Another problem was the image that Dyson took of the symbol in blood kept changing on his phone and he only took one picture. And none of them matched the picture he took. That just bugged me a lot. It was nice to see the Dal again in its glory and as well Bo’s place. Look carefully,,, You’ll be surprised what’s in the background there when Bo was feeding on Tamsin.

Possibly the most interesting storyline of the season this episode. Not just the reveal about the Ancients, but more in how all of the pieces came together, what they all mean, and what comes next, or might. There are a lot of threads coming out of this episode leading into the next and I hope they are used and not tossed aside for some filler. Really there wasn’t a lot of filler this episode which made for a better story.

Not a lot of character development as a whole, really that wasn’t the point of the episode. But there was some progress in telling about Bo’s worries, her relationships, and leaving a lot of questions about everyone’s next steps with regards to that. It also asks the question about what they will do now that they have a small idea about what they are facing. With that I think will come the development that this season needs to happen.

A lot of things added to the mythos again this time and that’s good. While not a lot was explained, there are a lot of obvious things about the Ancients to wonder about and keep interest around. Also, there is some new Fae brought to the fore we haven’t seen or heard of, and then, most of all, comes the question about Zeus, his children, and what is coming next. All in all, better than I expected, but wanting more.

To have an episode that actually manages to get somewhere unexpected and surprising is good. To find out that things are more than they have seemed to be is nice too. The mystery deepened a lot this time, is getting somewhere finally and has a purpose. Can we hope for that to keep going?

I’ll be trying…


Next Week: Here Comes The Night

Bo and the gang deal with the aftermath of a storm.

Welcome back to the teaser plot summaries that tell you nothing, mean even less and make you feel like you are going to be watching Scooby-Doo. Whomever came up with this one must have looked at the episode, had a “oh damn” moment and couldn’t figure out any way to manage a decent summary without giving up a lot of the plot of the episode. As much as I would understand that, I don’t really like this sort of thing because it gives me hope that it will be a good episode and if it isn’t I will be in a really bad mood over it.

For those that haven’t noticed, next week’s episode is the last one before the half season finale airs and in all honesty I really feel like there has been only two episodes, and part of a third, that mattered. The season has been scattered, looking to find its way and I just can’t say that it has at this point managed to do so. The only hope I have is that the mid-season finale has something good in it… Like Kenzi appearing and punching both Mark and Iris’ lights out. Permanently. Or Bo actually getting back to her humanity again. Or getting her personality back. Or actually taking control of her life. You know, minor things like that. Any of them would be an improvement really.

Still, we know that the “mystery threat” is doing something, or did something, or will be doing something in this episode. There’s always a possibility that someone is going to be in trouble and in that I think comes the connection to the overall story arc for the season. If the season is supposed to be about family, then putting a dysfunctional family against Bo’s own isn’t going to go well. It might also drive Bo and her family to work together again like they did so long ago in the series… but that might be a false hope of mine.

This episode did give me some hope that things are getting better, that the season is going to improve and we are past all of the filler and mess that has been the hallmark of this season so far. Still have to get rid of Mark mind you, and the Ancients, and Bo’s Father, and… We’ll see how all of that unfolds won’t we?

As for me?

I need a new popcorn machine for Sunday I think to replace the one that I burned out this week…




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    Engineers at GE have been paired with the Department of Defense and Grumman research scientists to build you a new popper using Saturn V rocket engines, Your Majesty.

    Meanwhile, the writers of this series seem to be using Fae powers to continue to lower Your Majesty’s expectations. Your Majesty has a laundry list of problems with this episode as long or longer than any other episode this season, yet it is given a decent grade. This is a mess that probably should have ended last season with something epic around Kenzi’s departure, Bo departing with her to be her sidekick in the human world. But here we are instead.

  2. avatar

    I’m pretty happy with how this turned out! It does have major problems (most of them named Mark) but at least we got a fun story with a likable set of gay supporting characters who end up accepted and given a happy ending! Tamsin as a football player was also really cool! She’s much more of a frontline lady than a supporter. Hopefully this signals good things for the future.

  3. avatar

    Yes we are… regrettably…


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