Jan 14 2015

In this costume, steampunk and Succubi do not mix…

Steampunk Devil CostumePersonally I think that the idea of Succubi and Steampunk is an interesting one. I’ve read quite a number of stories where that idea really works well and I enjoyed the concept and how it was told. Unfortunately someone in the costume world thought it was a good idea… and then completely missed the point…

This is called the Steampunk Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, gloves, wings and what they laughingly call horns. The boots the model are wearing are not included, nor are the fangs she is wearing… which I do not understand as well. It sells for $100 US as well.

No. Just no. There is nothing stream punk in this costume and there is only the barest connection to something devilish as well. I do not care for the wings, the dress, and the horns? What exactly are they anyway? They almost look like cardboard cutouts thrust into her hair as an after thought. Not that it really her hair either, but there is enough not to like here without going and insulting her wig too…

As well, is the model wearing a pair of sunglasses on her head? Is that why she’s wearing fangs? Is she trying to be some kind of vampire/devil thing that I don’t even want to think about?

I cannot see a way to make this look better, and it will not be on my list of things to consider for Halloween… ever.

One desperation pitchfork out of five.

You would have to be desperate to choose this disaster. I wouldn’t by far.




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    Since, as Your Majesty has said, this is not really a steampunk outfit, and since the costumers claim she is a devil, not a succubi or even a succubus, we still do not know whether steampunk and succubi mix.

    As it stands, this seems to be the product of a devil and a vampire, whose parents were probably related, since there seem to be some unfortunate results of inbreeding at work here.

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    Why does everyone think that slapping some goggles on a costume will turn it into a steampunk costume? Honestly, she looks more like some kind of Mad Max or Hokuto no Ken style apocalypse survivor. It’s the kind of costume you’d see on someone that Kenshiro will have to blow up to save the children.

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    Because it’s a cheap way to make a costume… sadly…


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