Jan 13 2015

A Review of Taken by the Incubus by Austin Dixon

Taken by the Incubus by Austin Dixon

Taken by the Incubus by Austin Dixon

The beginning of a story is the opening seeing what might be. The ending of a story however can be either a means to satisfy a reader’s curiosity or leave one with a ending that makes you wonder what the point of it all was.

I don’t expect happy endings, though I do prefer them. I do expect a story that gives as much as it takes. Some can do this… Some can’t.

  • Title: Taken by the Incubus
  • Author: Austin Dixon
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 17, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The summary tells of:

The Incubus was a cruel creature. If it couldn’t have me, no one would, including myself.

Jason has always been able to see things that others can’t. The eyes of supernatural creatures have followed him throughout his life, and one pair of those eyes has turned lustful. Can Jason survive the erotic attentions of a hungry demon?

Jason tells of his life, of being visited in the night by an Incubus, and what the consequences of that encounter are.

This work describes itself as being “horror erotica” and in this case there is quite a lot more erotica than horror. As a whole that was honestly a good choice to make as the work tells a captivating story about one man’s encounter with an Incubus, but it also tells about Jason’s past, his feelings, and in the end, what choices he is forced to make.

Jason is described well, his wants and needs, his feelings and actions, all of them combine into a story about trying to understand that which is impossible and then finding oneself captured in that discovery. There is confusion, acceptance, disbelief and lastly the horror aspect appears.

The erotica itself is well told, and it isn’t simply thrown into the story for no reason. There is purpose behind each encounter and as Jason gives more to the incubus that erotica heats up as well.

The incubus is never named, which at some points in the story feels very odd. While he is a sexual being, in the end he is also somewhat stereotypical in his actions and purpose as well. It’s quite clear where the story is going long before the ending arrives and that was a bit disappointing because the ending is one that left me unsatisfied as a whole and I really didn’t want to be.

The writing is passionate, the characters are very clearly told and have a good deal of depth to them. It isn’t all about the sex, though it does stand out very well. It’s a journey from bliss to an ending and for all of the buildup to the climax of the work… I felt like in this case there should have been more.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A well told hot flash, which this is, shouldn’t close on an ending that drains everything away. It really shouldn’t.




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    Clearly there were problems with the ending, Your Majesty, and I do wish Your Majesty had said more about that.

    As for the incubus being unnamed: that could be a powerful device, but it must be carefully balanced.

  2. avatar

    Problem is too much said reveals too much my heart…


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