Jan 02 2015

A Review of Adventures of a Succubus Call Girl: The Stressed Out Senator by Eden Colt

Adventures of a Succubus Call Girl: The Stressed Out Senator by Eden Colt

Adventures of a Succubus Call Girl: The Stressed Out Senator by Eden Colt

The concept of a Succubus being a call girl isn’t really a new one. The idea appears from time to time, some authors not doing much with the concept other than using it as a means to get to the erotica they want to write.

But when you can tell a story about her, peek into her life, her wants and needs, who she is… That’s something special and unique.

The work tells of:

Felicity Grace is a life coach, who helps high powered clients with all sorts of challenges. But she’s also a Succubus, thriving off of sexual pleasure, and to keep herself satisfied Felicity has a side job as a high class call girl. When an old client needs a firm hand to help him relax, Felicity can’t resist.

One might expect a story like this to be a hot flash with little focus on the characters, a plot, or really anything other than the erotica. This isn’t that sort of story. While it is short, and really that’s more the shame. Felicity’s life is told in a way that is funny and leaves you wondering what her life is like as a whole.

She is a Succubus, there is no doubt of that, but she has no horns or tail, referring to herself as human with “supernatural sexual desires” which fits her very well. More perfectly in my opinion is that she clearly states that she is not the stereotypical Succubus who harms those she is with. That immediately made me like her even more.

She isn’t simply “there” in the story, she controls what happens, acts in a way that is both funny and erotic before the work turns towards Felicity “helping” the Senator that she has been asked to give a hand. She’s slightly dominant, again something that I like to see in Succubi, but it is more tuned towards making the erotica hotter.

The work has two wonderfully hot erotic scenes in it, both of which are told in a way that allows the story to move towards to their climaxes not in a rush, but through seduction. Felicity’s actions, her own needs as a Succubus, her powers, and the effect she has on the Senator are perfectly told and paint a picture in one’s thoughts. Just excellent storytelling that I enjoyed.

Well written, the author has a way of telling Felicity’s story that is funny, hot, passionate and gives her character that is so rare to find. Really there isn’t anything that takes one out of the story and while the majority of the work is about the erotica, the underlying story about Felicity herself ties the work together nicely. The only real problem is that the work is very short and that’s a shame. I like Felicity a lot, she has an attitude and personality that I found to be attractive, which can only make me like this work more.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

Lovely heat, I do adore Felicity for who is she, and she’s someone that I would really like to read about again. But in a much longer story please? She deserves that.




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    This looks to be, at least potentially, the beginning of a series. One hopes that the author might build the series into one big, real book, where Felicity’s story can be properly told.

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    ISBN: 9781311041302. Sadly, no longer published and, as at 2015/01/02, no used copies available on the web. ()

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    It is sad that it isn’t around any more… But perhaps there is a seed of something in this that I can play with sometime…


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