Jan 01 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 363

It’s 2015 and for the first Succubi of the Week something I thought was… interesting. Now, I don’t really find a lot of art of Asian Succubi and I’m not exactly sure why that is. It seems to me that there should be all different kinds of Succubi so why is this so? Regardless, I found a lovely work on Pixiv that I think is wonderfully Succubish…

Succubus by foxide

Succubus by foxide

This work is actually untitled on Pixiv, but I’ll call it Succubus and it is by an artist on Pixiv named Foxide. You can find the original page with this art here on Pixiv.

I just like the overall look really… The outfit is interesting, I wish that I could see more of it, she has an interesting expression and that, more than anything else, drew me to this art. I can’t quite decide if she is sad, pensive or something else…

She does have the most interesting horns and if that is her tail hovering there to the side… That’s quite different isn’t it?

The artist’s style is very striking and as a whole I think the shading and highlights brings out her shape and form very well too…




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    Real succubi have curves . . . soft curves that draw the eye over serene slopes, a pleasant afternoon’s drive . . . twisting curves leading the gaze down to a quiet rendezvous . . . heart-pounding, breathtaking curves, the peaks where time seems to stop as the roller coaster prepares to plummet at breakneck speed . . . Real succubi have curves that shape in ways that neither light nor dark can entirely manage nor comprehend . . . there is always shadow . . . always nightfall . . . always dawn and high noon . . . real curves that lead to real shadings . . . for, inside, even in the succubi’s boundless brightness at her core . . . there are curves, seductive and shocking, soft and spectacular, with all the wildness, all the shading . . . all the victories and vagaries and triumphs and tragedies and passions and promises and race and regrets . . . all real, as she is real . . .

    . . . Real succubi have curves . . .

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    Dang is this some high quality art! It almost looks photorealistic, even the bits that couldn’t exist in real life.

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    Sexy, seductive… curves…


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