Jan 01 2015

Happy Succubish New Year by JHB

My heart, being my heart, sent me a lovely work for New Year’s and, for the first Tale post on this 2015, the honour is his and the thanks is mine…



Twelve months of warm snuggling since this clock last tolled.
Eleven steps from the party where I spirited you away.
Ten fingers through your hair now that you’re safe in my hold.
Nine sweet, soft kisses in strategic places make your mind soft clay.
Eight buttons undone, then your shirt hits the floor.
Seven other pieces drop before I have you as I wish.
Six pillows break your bedfall, and you mine; you’re moaning “more . . .”
Five senses overloaded, leaving you wild-eyed and feverish.
Four limbs pinned down, me on top, drawing you in.
Three feet of red tail, wrapping around you, the tip tracing your spine.
Two green eyes glisten, becoming your world. I touch your chin.
One voice, all that you hear, whispering, “I’m so glad you’re still mine.”

Happy Succubish New Year.

With thanks and love always…


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