Dec 31 2014

The 2014 Succubi Year In Review

For Succubi in 2014, there were, as one might expect, some highlights and not-so much so lights. In a couple of cases the moments that were disappointing, for me at least, are surprising considering what they are. As such, this year, there are really ten good things, it’s more of a mix of the good and the wishing they were…

Here, in mostly order from best thing to not so much so, are my top ten of Succubi moments for 2014…

  1. The Devil Girls – The Sinfest online comic series continues to have the Devils appearing quite a lot and in that there has been a lot of growth with who they are, their relationships in the story, and perhaps something more than that. A sense that they are not exactly what is expected of them. And I think that would be interesting to see unfold in the coming year.
  2. Anything written by John Dylena – A very talented writer who wrote quite a number of works set in his Succubus’ Sub universe. There even was an appearance of a certain raven haired red tail which just made me smile. I look forward to the coming year and what John creates in the future.
  3. Thaumatology Book Series – The Thaumatology book series by Niall Teasdale continued this year… Still one of the best series for me personally and I recommend it more than I can say… Good writing is everything and Niall gives that and more with every book released. Highly, highly recommended.
  4. Succubus by Rob Hicks – An adult themed comic book that started this year and while the first issue was very much adult themed, there is what I think is a group of really interesting characters. Possibly the most interesting is one that is only mentioned in passing, but really want to know what they are like. Next issue is supposed to be appearing soon…
  5. Dangerously Chloe – Dangerously Chloe, at least for me towards the latter part of this year, lost me in that I just found the comic to be going off the rails and in directions that had less to do with the main character. Things just felt very random this year and I found that I wasn’t looking in on the series as much as I used to.
  6. Lost Girl Television series – I had high hopes for the return of Lost Girl and its final season, but I have to say from the first three episodes that I feel like the series has lost its way and not in a good way either. Kenzi no longer being part of the series to me feels like the heart and soul has been pulled out of it leaving wilted remains behind. I don’t have much hope for the rest of the season, and it being spilt into two parts won’t help as well I think. I hold out hopes that the series will not end on a trope at least, or Bo being alone, for if it does, then the entire series has no merit and that shouldn’t happen.
  7. Any Succubus Themed Book – I found that this past year that just about any writer with the slightest idea about Succubi was releasing a book about them… again. That wouldn’t bother me so much, except that so many never seem to see Succubi as anything but sex dolls or evil incarnate. That gets old, really fast for me. I think in the past year there have been only twenty books that I really did like a lot. Considering that something like 400 books came out in 2014, that’s a lousy ratio. As well, many of these books are less than 20 pages in length, still more less than 6 pages. And in all of those cases they are charging $3 for them. That, most of all, gets my tail up. It isn’t anything like fair play and I wish that there would be a legitimate listing by Amazon of the books they are selling with regards to their length. At least there would be some warning that we are being taken… in more ways than one. Maybe I need to get off my tail and write my own works to show what Succubi really are.
  8. Ancient Succubi –A film released this year in the United Kingdom that made me cringe when I watched it. Really it has so very little to do with Succubi and I didn’t care for it one bit either. If you like pain and suffering, this might interest you, but otherwise I just don’t Succubi in this film in anyway shape or form.
  9. Sleepy Hollow – This series had an episode this year with a Succubus that appeared as a minor character. While there was some good things about her, as a whole the series moved into the usual trope of the Succubus being more demonic than anything else and as a whole was a cardboard character with little or no value to her. Could have been a little better, but being that she was there for a single purpose in the series, that wasn’t going to happen and she isn’t likely to return again either.
  10. Any Halloween Costume with any connection to Succubi – This seems to be an ongoing thing really. It’s getting worse and worse by the year for costumes and I fear that its not going to get any better. Honestly I should try designing my own costumes and selling them for all of the junk that is out there. It’ll never happen of course, but I am so tempted.

And as for my site… A few highlights for the year that Succubus.net had:

  • The Tale has over 1.3 million views in total.
  • The Tale has over 2,600 posts on it.
  • The SuccuWiki has surpassed well over 11 million views.
  • The SuccuWiki contains 3,085 articles on Succubi.
  • The Gallery of the Succubi has over 4,300 images of Succubi.
  • The Tale and this site had their seventh anniversary in November.

None of this would be possible without the love and support of my family who make everyday brighter for me.

I wish you all a Happy 2014… May your coming year be happy and wonderful for you all…




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    Your Majesty has only neglected what for many of us–including the best of the authors on your list–was a shining light for succubi again this year: Your Majesty and Her fine, creative, diligent work. Thank You far all of that, and happy new year.

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    David G

    Happy New Year!

    And what sir James said.

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    Here’s hoping your year is a fun one too!

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    Thank you all and a belated Happy New Year to one and all!


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