Dec 28 2014

A Review of Suck My Succubus by S.M. Suttry

Suck My Succubus by S.M. Suttry

Suck My Succubus by S.M. Suttry

Some of the combination beings that are part Succubus are ones that I can’t quite understand. I won’t list them, but there are many times when I read a story when that happens and I wonder what the point was. There isn’t a lot about the Succubus part of the character, it’s used as a means for some erotica and then being a Succubus is tossed to the wayside.

Still, to find a combination that is interesting and leads towards a point, or a story, that manages to hold my interest is something I appreciate. The only thing is that the story has needs and they should be dealt with well..

  • Title: Suck My Succubus
  • Author: S.M. Suttry
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00J57CWBE
  • Publishing Date: March 20, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Eve’s 21’st birthday doesn’t start out so well… What’s a girl to do when she finds out she’s part of an old clan of werewolves and that she must mate to maintain the bloodline? Eve isn’t just a werewolf, either. There are dark forces within her- sexual forces- that drive her to keep moving. Most of all, Eve wants to know where she came from and what she is. In this journey of discovery, she will meet and feed from the sexual energy of those that are unfortunate enough to cross her path.

Eve discovers what she is, sort of, who she is, sort of, and tries to find the answers she seeks… sort of. She tries to make sense of it all, encounters someone that she is intimate with, and then learns a secret about them that gives her some hope.

Eve isn’t a succubus, at least not completely so. She’s mainly a werewolf, but the Succubus part of her is very strong and is something unexpected when she is first forced to shift her form. The experience is horrific in many ways, emotionally and otherwise for Eve, but it also gives her the smallest amount of hope that she doesn’t have to be like the other werewolves she encounters.

When she meets with someone she met at work, and then learns two important things about them, she discovers something that she thought she lost. Hope. In that comes love and understanding and I liked that part of the story much more than the opening of the work which I understand needed to be the way it was, but didn’t do anything for me. Violence isn’t something that I enjoy and there was a lot of that at the beginning.

Good characters, the transformation scenes are vivid, the erotic moment, and there is but one, is well told and feels right between the two characters. But the story is short, the background is a mystery and where the story goes at the end is open. It would be a good opening chapter to a book, actually two or three if the short scenes were expanded on. There needs to be a part two to tell more about Eve and her past. That couldn’t happen in this story, but the tale needs to be told in the next.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

It is an interesting beginning to a concept that I hadn’t really considered before. There are. of course, lots of questions about Eve that need to be answered and with another book that might begin… I’ll look forwards to seeing that and with it I hope a bit less blood and violence and more story and background… There’s a lot to tell I think, it just needs to happen.




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    I hope you are right, Your Majesty, that this is the warm-up to a larger story. It is an interesting concept that sounds like it is worth developing.

    But I wonder why other mythical creatures cannot be sexy on their own, but need to have succubus mixed in . . .

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    At least it isn’t a vampire…


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