Dec 27 2014

A YouTube of Desire Dungeon’s Succubus Ending

I have never heard of the video game called Desire Dungeon that is referred to the video I found on YouTube, but there is, apparently, a Succubus in the game. Now the video doesn’t show any of the game, but it does show the ending in which the Succubus appears and it is that ending, and what the Succubus says, that I thought was interesting in a lot of ways…

And if you cannot see the video here, try this link:


Here’s a screenshot of the Succubus as well, for the record…

Desire Dungeon Succubus

She is really quite cute isn’t she? But it is the story that she tells in the video that I thought was the most interesting thing about her. The ideas she speaks of have, if you think about them, a lot of sense about them and wouldn’t it be a good thing for everyone to get along?

I think it is…




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    A dream inducing succubus . . . quite the story concept . . . and, again, not inherently evil. One just cannot tell a book by its cover.

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    I wouldn’t really call what she’s doing brainwashing. Really, she’s just giving someone an erotic dream that involves monster-girls. It’s not any different than selling porn to people. It’s actually a very clever plan, show humans what the monsters are like outside of battle and they won’t be as willing to go to war with them!

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    And that is something I should remember…


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