Dec 25 2014

Tera’s Christmas Manip – Cum She Told Me

Christmas comes but once a year and it’s sort of a tradition that I try to create something as a Christmas Succubi Manip. This year, for reasons I won’t bore you all with, I didn’t have all that much time.

But there is one to share this year, and it is in no small part to my Heart giving of his words. For this, I thank him for giving his time to help me continue this little tradition of mine…

And so… Cum She Told Me

Manip by me, words by my heart

Cum She Told Me by TeraS and JHB

Cum She Told Me by TeraS and JHB

And the song, the words of which I was gifted with and are thankful in more ways that I can possibly say…

“Cum,” she told me
Her green tail beckoned me
This dream beneath my tree
sent my pulse on a spree:
rum-pa-pum-pum . . .
Her eyes all I could see
(pah-rum-pa-pum-pum) . . .
soon I must cum . . .

She smiled, purred “please”
and I fell to my knees
I thought that I would freeze
but her hand reached to tease
my rum-pa-pum-pum
rum-pa-pum-pum . . .
She unwrapped me to squeeze
Now I may cummmmmm . . .

A Happy Christmas to all, and I hope the season is good to you all… Naughty or Nice…



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