Dec 24 2014

A DIY Demoness Costume might not be the best of ideas really…

Female Demon Costume KitI have often wondered what sort of idea might be offered if, for example, a costume shop decided to toss together some various items in whatever way might come to mind and call it a Devil costume… Or something like that anyway…

This idea that is offered on one site is called the Female Demon Costume Kit and it consists of, and you can buy all of these items separately to be clear…

The bustier, the mini-skirt, the thigh-high stockings and the wig which comes with the horns. Shoes are, of course, not included and the ensemble lists for $80 US.

That isn’t a package price either. That is what it would cost to collect all of the items and then put them together as this costume idea. There is no “discount” for buying everything at once which I think is really a poor way to do things, but, I suppose that is how things are…

Really, and truly, there are many other costume pieces that could have been put together to create something a lot less trashy and more sexy than this I believe.

Oh, and add the shoes and this will cost $125.

Really the only thing I like is the wig because it is the one that I mentioned earlier this year that I really did like by far.

But that along cannot save this faux pas of a Devil costume that, in spite of it being a piece meal concept… Does not have a tail either.

There is a rather sexy wet look red dress this particular site sells that would go so well with the wig and putting that with latex like stockings and a pair of red heels would, at least for me, be so much more sexy, not trashy, and would justify the cost… Which actually is slightly less than this mess honestly.

As for this?

One pitchfork out of five.

It will not be under my Christmas tree I promise you…





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    The demonic thing about this costume is that some company could collect so much money for such a mess . . . Your Majesty, not being demonic, need not fall for such nonsense.

    Happy Christmas Eve!

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    One hopes my heart…


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    This one absolutely knows, Your Majesty.

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