A Review of Summoning the Demon Brat by Vivian Archer

Summoning the Demon Brat by Vivian Archer

Summoning the Demon Brat by Vivian Archer

There are some characters who are Succubi that I just adore. That happens because they are not stereotypical, they have personality, and most importantly, they aren’t what they are expected to be. Being a Succubus does not, at all, have to mean that one has to be evil, cruel, or worse. It’s much more satisfying to have control, know how to use it, and with that, bring pleasures to not just oneself, but the one you are with.

All of that is what I look for in a story, and it’s nice to find a work that has, as a whole, everything I want in a Succubus. The problem comes when the editing takes away from that and it shouldn’t. Ever.

  • Title: Summoning the Demon Brat
  • Author: Vivian Archer
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QEF52MQ
  • Publishing Date: November 29, 2014
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The story tells of:

Isaac is a Summoner, and when his first summoning leaves him on his knees, he knows he’s in trouble. In a pillar of black flame a petite demoness stands in front of him, smiling down. Of course, for pulling her from her awful hellish realm, she wants to give him whatever reward he desires, and she’s pleased to see the reward he wants seems to be her.

Isaac comes into his power and summons a creature from the other worlds that holds power greater than anything anyone has seen. Her name is Lilandra, she’s a Succubus. And she has the power of sexy cuteness. Isaac’s quite doomed… But that might not be such a bad thing for either of them.

From the start, there is a quirkiness to the story that just really worked well. While Isaac is a bit lost at times, and the reason for that when the story comes to a close is just perfect, Lilandra herself sets the tone by far.

Lilandra is not, at all, a stereotypical Succubus. Really she’s the definition of a sexy cute Succubus with a bit of dominance tossed into her character. While her initial appearance sounds really bad, when she is fully described I couldn’t help but smile and just adore her. She has horns, wings and a tail of course, and most interestingly, her tail is an erogenous zone and the author plays that up quite a lot which I just loved dearly. Being a bit smaller than Isaac also ramps up her cuteness and that snowballs into something really special.

She has a impish personality, which suits her well, and that leads to some very interesting moments between herself and Isaac. There always seems to be a smile in her words, a bit of teasing of Isaac, that draws out her character and builds upon that. She does have a dominant streak in her personality, but it isn’t overly mean and it isn’t cruel as a whole. There was only one point in the story where Lilandra makes Isaac do something that I didn’t really like, but that was a fleeting scene that didn’t last long thankfully.

Isaac himself has honour in his personality and that was important in this story I felt. He gives Lilandra something she didn’t expect, and that made him more attractive not just in the physical sense, but emotionally. That bound the two characters together in a way that built up their own personalities. It made what otherwise could have been a story about a Succubus appearing and having sex into something with emotional context to drive the story onwards.

The work is a bit more than a hot flash, mainly for the story and the character development that occurs. When the erotica arrives there is a mix of dominance, submission, magic and a bit of mind control mixed together. The erotica touches on many different sorts of passion, some a bit on the violent side, but not too much so. The scenes are erotic, sensual, emotional. They create something that mixed with Lilandra’s personality and Isaac’s own, brings out something special and unique.

But in spite of all that I loved about this work, there are problems. First and foremost the work needs a serious editing. There are some silly mistakes such has using “he” instead of “she” at four points in the story. Also, there is a disconnect with the location of one specific named character from where they were at the beginning of the story and where they were at the end. At the beginning of the story this character is in the room with Lilandra and Isaac, but unconscious, and at the end of the work they enter the room the following morning. That’s a problem as in-between there is no mention of any of the other characters introduced at the beginning of the work leaving the room. There is also some confusion when Lilandra and Isaac first are face to face. It’s hard to see how Isaac needs to look up to Lilandra when she has to look up to him in the next moment.

There’s just a lot of small little details that bothered me and they shouldn’t have. The story is written well otherwise, the characters I really liked and by the end I just adored Lilandra, her attitude, and what emotions swirl around her. She’s a Succubus that I love very much and as such I think the story just didn’t need to have as many flaws as it did.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The author noted on their Twitter feed that there will be another work in this series, and I really look forward to seeing where Lilandra and Isaac go from where this story ends. Being that Lilandra isn’t exactly what she’s expected to be, I think that will be something to watch unfold. But the author really needs to edit their work a lot more. Too many errors just take away from what otherwise is a story I really enjoyed very much and that shouldn’t have been. Part Two, whenever it happens, I will be looking for.




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    • James on December 5, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Almost any art, when realized, is a bit of an arts-and-crafts project, and failure to attend to the craft can seriously mar the appreciation of the art. It sounds as if Lilandra and Isaac are art–that she is worthy of being a true succubi–but that the craft has left things wanting.

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    • Pocong on December 6, 2014 at 1:03 am

    I can’t be too mad at her for the editing since she’s just starting out and it can be a little weird asking a friend to help edit your erotic novel. Hopefully now that she’s had a little experience she’ll be able to devote more time to it in the next book. I’m very happy to hear that there’s a sequel in the works though! More good Succubus lit is always a good thing.

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2015 at 12:54 am

    Actually quite a few stories… Really do have to catch up with them…


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